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OTHER: Bows, ribbons, sprays | Components for making wedding cake decorations


Bridal Decorations

Ceiling decorations
White Flowers on strings
12 feet or cut as needed
2 sets left
#JTC-671069 $6.99

Just Married car flag w/holder
cloth, with 17" flag pole 1 left
#JTC-H1985 $5.99

Art Tissue Bell Streamers
12, 3" red bells
Opens full round for hanging
2 sets left
#JTC-55920-R $1.99

White Doves Tissue Garland
1 set 6 1/2H 9 x 1/2W
1 set left
#JTC-DOVES $3.50

Red Bells Garland
6 1/4W x 8 1/4L
shown white, but are red
1 set left
#JTC-55261-R $1.50

Gumpaste bands or Edible ribbons, are one of the latest trends in wedding cakes. This versatile and easy design element allows for creativity without adding a lot of cost to the cake. Several ribbon designs are demonstrated to show a few of the many possibilities. 

The advantage of using gumpaste is that it can be colored to match the bride’s colors exactly, rather than having to find a fabric ribbon similar to the color. You can use the gumpaste ribbons on both fondant-covered and buttercream-iced cakes. Gumpaste works better than fondant for the bands because it stretches less. With a little practice, the ribbon can be applied by one person without help.

Cover the octagon tiers with cream-colored fondant. The tiers used for this cake are 9, 11, 13 and 15 ins. (Our Corner cut pans were used).

Initial Toppers
Bow and Ribbon cutter

See photo of steps

Icing Monogram

Bead Makers
Plaque markers
Gold and Silver Highlighter dust and how to use it

Champagne Fruit Punch Base-Non-alcoholic
Add 1 part base to 3 parts water or lemon/lime type beverage. Contains sugar, water, natural & artificial flavors, FD&C yellow #5, #5, Benzoate of soda as preservative. 1 quart (32 fluid ounces) - Very popular for showers and weddings. For decorations, add sherbert in brides colors. TIP: Freeze ice cubes in heart shaped tart pans...with food coloring and/or pineapple or other fruit. By Lorann
Champagne Fruit Punch Base-Non-alcoholic #3090 $7.29

Silicone moulds which make a great impression and imported from USA.
Suitable for sugarpaste, flower paste, royal icing, chocolate, butter, marzipan, bread dough, ice,
cold porcelain, polymer clays, plaster, wax, soap etc..
Resistant to rips and tears, and can withstand temperatures from 450°F to the freezer!
Use silicone molds for cake decorating, soap making, candle making,  fondant, pulled sugar, gum paste, hard candy, royal icing, cold porcelain, Candy Clay, marzipan, bread dough, candies, pastillage, chocolate, butter, ice, gelatin, plaster, isomalt, polymer clay and more! Resistant to rips and tears.
.click pictures to enlarge

Baroque Cupids
4 1/4 x 1 1/2"
#M-091 $25.00

Heart w/bouquet
#M-046 $14.00
1 7/8 across

Trellis Lace 
2" #triangle #SM-061 $18.00
Long decorations with Angel
 4 1/4" across x 1 1/8"H
#M-091 $21.00

Cupid carrying bow - Arrow
 2" #NM-100 $18.00

Cupid carrying Pack of Arrows
 2 1/4" #M-0019 $18.00

Wedding Bells
each 6x5cms, 2 x 2 1/2 x 3/4"
#W118 $11.00

Scroll Large Right
 3" #M-022B $17.00

Bridal Couple Push Mold
approx. 1 3/4 x 1 7/8 inch
NM-174 $15.00

Wedding Cake 3-Tier 
1¼ inches across, 1½ inches deep. 
NM-053  $34.00

Little couple
 boy holds a big heart
1 5/8" $14.00

Ring Pillow
2 1/4" square
#SM-082 $24.00

Art Deco Swag
3/4H x 3 3/4W 
#025/M-096  $21.00

Heart with doves
3 x 3 1/2"

Heart - Small, Lace
#SM-064 1 1/2" $9.50

Heart - Large
Lace, Flowers and Leaves
#hearts-lg, 2 1/4" $18.50

Hearts and Scrolls
#44-8226 $4.99
Entire mold: 3 1/4 x 1 3/4"

Heart and Bow
3 1/8" x 1/2" deep 
#SM-007 $60.00

Heart w/ Flowers, Leaves around edge
2 1/8" $18.00

Hearts Assortment 
3/4 to 1-1/4"h 5 cavity
#SM-019 $24.50

Heart-shaped Blossom Lace
SL-062 $21.50

Large Cupid Push Mold 
by Sunflower
3" wide x 2" high, ¾" deep
discontinued, few left
#M-001  $27.00


"Celebration Bells" for all festive occasions that make you want to 'ring your bell'. 24 bells and poem cards are packaged in a distinctive display box. celebration bells #97-944 $10.00

#W173 Nuptual Bubbles - The newest and environmentally safe way to selebrate the bride and groom's special day. 24 bottles are packaged in a distinctive display box. $10.50

Wilton Bridal Showers
Booklet of 8 themes with coordinated ideas 
complete instructions #120-747 $4.99
Other wedding idea books

Balloons Quantity:
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Bridal Puffs HERE
Animal push mold - click
Cherubs HERE
Cupids, doves, swans - see Cherubs

These items  HERE:
Floral Sprays - for making your own ornaments or decorating between cake tiers
Floral Sprays - (Wreath Arch 12")  for making your own ornaments or decorating between cake tiers
Flower Holders: picture: Flower Spikes
Lily of the Valley HERE
Backgrounds, see Components
Gazebos: see Components
Foil Leaves, silver and gold HERE

Wishing well with birds
white 3 1/3" #703850 
1/$.99 Qty

Gold Rings 1"
12/$.55 Qty
48/$1.59 Qty
144/$3.99 Qty

Silver Rings 1"
12/$.55 Qty
48/$1.59 Qty
144/$3.99 Qty

Swan set
clear, 3"
6/$3.39 Qty

Lace Fan
3" white Lace
1/$2.99 Qty

Diamante Crown Tiara Comb - a small, crown shaped 
diamante tiara comb on a silver finish crown. 
Perfect for a child or bridesmaid, 2 inch wide x 
1 1/4 inch high. Each piece has a hair 
fastening comb and high quality silver finish.
Other styles may be available.  Contact Us
#SX044 $9.95
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Ball & Chain - Dove picks - Shoes - Wishing Well - Rings - Stair steps - Swans - Baskets - Heart & Shell Boxes - Pillows - Pearl Hearts - Love Birds - Cherub - Lacy Hearts - Enchanted Coach - Butterflies

Dove picks 1" white 
12 pc $1.49 Qty

Dove picks 2" white 
12 pc $1.69 Qty

WHITE slipper/shoes 3" 
2/$.79 Qty
12/$4.74 Qty
48/$18.96 Qty

Basket NUT CUP w/bells, White, Plastic
3 x 1 1/4 x 1 1/2" #9389B
1/$.25 Qty
48/$10.80 Qty

Pearlized Puffy Bell Picks
With iridescent shades
12 / $1.20 Qty

Giant Cupcake Pan here
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Party Favors
Party Favors above must be special ordered with amount needed.:

Dove w/ bells Tissue Centerpiece
Centerpiece 12 inch high
#96-311W/55331 $2.69
Others available upon request

Plastic Parasols
2 with handles, WHITE
#JTC-505 2/$1.99
Set of 4 with handles, PASTEL PINK
#JTC-UMB 4/$2.75
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Sprinkles,Buttercream Icing, Bags, couplers, Colors, Tips
sugar decorations

Diamond Wedding Ring 
6 piece 
#10267 $1.49

Bridal/Wedding Shower Cake Kit

Coach w/Horses
small white top and wheels #NOV-89 

White Enchanted 
Pumpkin Coach set 
3-1/2" #CP-51-PP1
1/$3.99 Qty
also see PRINCESS

Diamond Ring Picks
Glitters #WR-1
12 / $1.99

2 3/4 x 1 1/4" 

3" Coach and 2 white horses, 
couple riding 2 3/8" 
JTC-102 $6.95 per set

Gold Coach and 1 horse with coachman, 3" 
JTC-103 $1.99 last one

Wedding Icons DecoPics
Assorted designs only
Ice standard cupcake with open couple (no slit) and sprinkle with crushed sanding sugar. Pipe tip 103 rose petals and insert DecoPics.
12/ $1.99
144/ $21.48

Wedding Bell picks
1-1/2x2" white #B35 

Wedding Cake
1 1/2 T x 2 1/2 W
Opens to insert gift
$.99 each
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Ornaments, click HERE
Ornament Components, make your own or add-to HERE
Pearls - click here for the WEDDING page:
Link to Chocolate Spoons/twist ties etc