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for all your decorating needs!
a must for decorating cakes
You'll find how much easier a turntable will make your life.
Use for all your small cakes as well as the tied cakes.

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15 in. Wooden Sturdy laminated
with ball bearings 15"
laminate styles vary
Sugarcraft's choice in non electric turntables!
#35-100 $16.50

Trim 'n Turn® PLUS Cake Turntable
Decorate with more convenience and c
ontrol with the Trim ´n Turn PLUS. 
Its smooth-turning performance puts
your cake in the ideal position for
decorating beautiful borders and 
icing sides perfectly smooth.
• Non-slip base is raised for better control.
• Arched sides for easy lifting.
• Removable 12 in. platform 
for easy cleaning.
• Hidden ball-bearing track 
for smooth turning.
• Holds cakes up to 11 in. with 
platform visible — holds larger 
cakes if needed.
#307-303 $14.99

Professional Metal 
like the bakers use. Stainless steel top, porcelain bottom 
sold out

Cake Stand & Turntable 
12 inch non-slip Pads 2 pc 
- don't let that cake slip!
#620 $5.59

Turntable by PME
230mm dia. 80mm high. 
It has non-slip feet and 
non-slip grips on the top
it461 white $28.00
PME tilted turntable 
230mm dia x 140mm high. 
20 degree tilt.
Easy tilting, robust design, 
wipe clean, non
slip top and base, anti-wobble top.
#43-460TT $80.00

JEM tilted turntable 
a pink plastic tilting turntable to help 
decorate cake sides. Packs flat. Supports 
jars when inverted. Also doubles as a 
pattern marker with 6 different designs. 
#43-6257 $19.99
Deluxe Convertible Turntable
14x14 with 16x16 elevated $36.50.
    Allow 10-15 extra shipping days 
for special order.
MDF Wooden Turntable
14" Round with 10x10 inch base,
1/2" thick white
#TT-11 $15.00
Mini Tiered Turntable
6" top with 9" reversible base, 1/2" 
laminated white wooden. Good for small 
cakes and also for hard to reach decorations 
on larger long as your cake is well 
supported on a firm board.
#TT-10 $40.00

80mm high, 315mm dia. It has anti-slip 
feet and does not move on the 
work surface. Comes complete 
with grip mat on the top
#43-462BT $33.50 

Turntable by FMM - ideal for sugarcraft, confectionery, bakery, catering, floristry, crafts and display. 9 inch round w/position markings, durable and robust, smooth turning action ,non-slip feet both top and bottom, twelve design/portion indicators and food grade easy to clean surface
#CUTIRT/81462 $32.50 

Tilting Turntable by FMM 
Ideal for confectionery, bakery, catering,
floristry, crafts and displaying. Plastic with
non-slip mat. #CUTTRRTL/861479 $74.95
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Deluxe Convertible Turntables
a white laminate 1/2 inch thick wooden reverse for round or rectangle cakes
14x20 in Rectangle 
with 14 inch Round
#TT-1 $36.50

14 inch Round
with 10 inch Round
#TT-3  $39.95

10x14 inch Rectangle 
with 10 inch Round
#TT-5  $32.50

Electric Turntables, American & International
Electric KAROUSEL Turntables, American & International
Reversable directions for left or right-handed decorators. Speed varies from so slow you can barely see it move, to faster than you can decorate. Smooth operation makes this a must-have tool!
The revolving cake table & cake stand! This electronic variable speed turntable cuts down on decorating time by 1/3, and even more when decorating Wedding Cakes. In addition to using this beautiful white turntable for decorating, hundreds of bakers and cake decorators are renting this to customers to give an exciting new look to their wedding cakes. Image, a revolving cake at a wedding, showing all sides of the cake instead of one. It catches the attention of all the guests, as well as the bride and groom. A new alternative to the fountain cake. KAROUSEL changes direction at the flick of a switch for right or left handed decorators. Ball bearings allow free turning in either direction, even with the power off. You set the speed and direction, leaving both hands free to create perfect borders and trim. Vary the speed from 0 to 9 RPM. Sturdy construction allows cakes up to 50 kgs., to be decorated or displayed. As many of you already know who have seen me demonstrate, I value my electric turntable very highly. Words cannot begin to describe the value I attach to owning one of these! It cuts my time in half!
#T1000 $171.95
This item will be drop shipped from our factory
Europe Plug #T1002 $175.00

Australian Plug #T1004 $175.00

Other countries available upon request.

Battery Operated KAROUSEL Turntable
Same unit as our Electric Model above, only this unit will turn a 50 kg. cake at 2 RPM for many hours. Great for wedding cakes. Nothing catches your eye better than a revolving cake. For a new look in weddings, rent them to your clients instead of a fountain. Allow 10-15 extra shipping days for direct shipment from the manufacturer. 
#T1000-B $155.00

Elegant Mirrored Turntable for your Wedding Cakes

 Rent it to your brides! Make them happy and make yourself some extra money

Mirrored Turntable in Gold trim. Motorized revolving with plug-in on turntable. Perfect for displaying electric fountains or may be used in many other ways. Wonderful at bridal shows! Very impressive. It is every bit as elegant as the picture shows. Mirrors reflect light as it revolved.
temporarily out of stock
Mirrored Turntable GOLD $368.75

prices are subject to change without notice