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SUGAR MOLDING Also called "Panorama" eggs
The little sceneries inside the eggs are so cute. This was a very traditional Easter decoration to make in years past. The art has been all but lost. Kids are so facinated by the tiny scenes. MAKE YOUR CHILD'S EASTER A SPECIAL TRADITION! This is one of the easiest projects you could do. It takes no skill. Of course you can make fancier eggs as your cake decorating abilities progress, but it is not necassary at all. ROUND molds are also available and perfect for making Christmas ornaments too.


Ideas to use on cakes

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CAKE IDEAS above - for using sugar decorations you can make...just think of the possibilities!
Some items may no longer be available for purchase. Many are by Wilton and they don't seem to keep stocked even for a year. There will be substitutes though, in most cases.
Available for purchase:
BOOK above, right purchase HERE - "Panorama Pagentry" By Mary Beth Enderson - This is one of the very few SO complete Panorama Egg or Sugar molding idea books. 
Includes many ideas and photos. 
This book will be available until stock is depleted. The author has retired.

MASONIC MOLD: #369 1cavity 6 1/2in HERE
BOOK MOLDS: #835R Book/Bible asst 5 cav OR #90-8612 Book/Bible, 1 plain, 1 w/flowers HERE
CROSS MOLD: #1037 Cross 12 cavity HEREGreat for your church or minister's celebration

OR HERE for Miscellaneous MOLDS

Candy molds used for sugar cannot be used for chocolate after using them for sugar...sugar scratches the mold. Scratches will not harm the mold for use with sugar multiple times.

Place the sugar in a large bowl. Color as desired. Add water. Don’t be afraid to add a few drops more if it doesn’t hold together, but don’t get it "wet."

NOTE: The amount of sugar mixture will vary with the size of the mold of course.
   Pack this mixture into the mold and immediately invert it onto a square piece of card board not too much larger than your mold.
   For 3-D (2-sided) molds, fill both sides, as above. Place molds on a cookie sheet. Bake at 200° for about 10 minutes (for a small egg mold), up to 20 minutes for a very large one). The "idea" is to have a nice thin shell, so over-baking just results in a thicker shell. You must experiment a little. All ovens are a bit different too, so yours may require a minute or two more or less than my oven.
   Cool for a few minutes ONLY. Hold the baked sugar piece in your hand and carefully, use a spoon to scoop out all the loose sugar. Invert so the inside can dry. Dry pieces overnight.
   NOTE: "BAKING" is just one way to make the shell harden faster. You coukld also do it this way: Make and turn out as above. Let stand at room temperature overnight. The shell should be hard enough that you can now scoop out the insides as above.

I MADE THE EGG BELOW IN THE ‘Egg’ pan also. Pan available HERE

This egg made in the egg pan wasn't all that difficult either.
I tried some of the tips I'd heard about...
Like adding egg white to my recipe, etc. This made the sugar stick in the pan.
So I used the recipe as above.
I used color flow to pipe all kinds of cute bunnies in different positions and a big cross for inside made of royal icing.
I even piped a blue bird sitting on the cross.
I topped my egg with a cluster of gumpaste dogwood and a bunny peaking out from between the flowers.
Oh yes, and I used the part I had carved out for the peep hole to make shutters! I perched a bunny peaking inside, at the edge of the window.
See pan pictured below 
General directions for any sugar egg:

TO ASSEMBLE: First, use an exacto knife to hollow out "peak" windows in top and bottom halves. You can make a pattern for this so both halves are the same. Also, be sure that both are hollowed out on the SAME side! Place a tiny scenery in bottom half. You can use tip 233 royal icing "grass" and set edible or non-edible items into it. Test to see that top half will still fit, that items aren’t too tall. Add royal icing around edge of bottom half (the same color as your egg) and place the top half on. Decorate with royal icing as desired.

Available on our EASTER page HERE

Pictured below: PANORAMIC EGG KIT ($9.99)...the box picture has changed. The newer version is on my sugar egg page with supplies. It is #2114-1215 HERE

I molded an egg in this pan shown above. 3-D EGG PAN HERE

TIP: When making the sugar egg using this pan, don't dust it cornstarch or anything.
Just be sure its good and dry. I had to do 2-3 tries before I got it just right.
The 'peep hole' I cut out made the shutters.
Keep any 'mistakes' in case you break one side.

Decorating sketch ideas:


Boxed with Easter grass ... you can get EDIBLE grass from our Easter products page.
We sell our smallest eggs for $4.95
Medium for $7.95
Large for $10.95
* You must take into consideration the cost you have involved in making them, in order to set a fair price.
For the decorations, I add our tiny royal icing figures  set in icing grass (tip #233), sprinkle wild flowers on the grass.
I add a few of our icing flowers on top of each.
Keep your decorations small and they'll fit into the box better.
I try to keep them simple and inexpensive. They cost very little to make but are time consuming.
The best part of it is - you can make these months ahead.

* All products for making these eggs are available from Sugarcraft on our General Easter page HERE. Order early!

Below is an article I received with an order....isn't this just so sweet! Bet they are a wonderful family. They keep traditions alive! Makes for much happiness I'm sure. Dolores

My mother bought a sugar egg for me when I was a little girl (I'm 32 now) and I still have it
in my hutch. I didn't even know my daughter had ever paid attention to it until I read her
Easter essay from school. She said, "more than anything, she wanted an egg like her mom has,
because it's so special." She's 6, and you know.. .I have to do this. I looked for three hours
on the internet til I found your store. Could you please deliver all three eggs before Easter
(I have two boys also)? If that's a problem, please call or email and I will pay extra to have
it delivered. Thanks again. This will make Alexandra so very happy!

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