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Royal Flush Cake

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Food colors, Tips, Couplers, Dec. Bags, Icings, Fondant Icing, Round cake pans, Airbrush & Colors (or canned spray color)
Finishing: Cake cardboards, Deco Foils, Cake Boxes
Royal Flush Cake

This cake is 3 hexagon-shaped tiers: 8 by 6 by 5". Each tier is approximately 3 high.

1. A day ahead of making this cake, roll out white fondant and slightly moisten with plain water. 
Apply the Royal Flush Edible Image® Decorations (Item #45254).

2. Trim the fondant close to the edge using a ribbon insertion tool (Item #43-07PME). 
Let the fondant cards dry overnight.

3. Ice cake and assemble.  

4. Stack the dried fondant playing cards around the cake as shown to simulate a house of cards.

5. Make a triangle of 3 cards on top, so this looks like a 4-tiered cake instead of only three.

6. Finish with white shell border using a #8 plain round tube.

7. Add Playing Card Assortment Dec-Ons® Decorations (Item #40176).

Decorating idea by Kasia Wilk