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Cake developed by Wilton Ind.
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Your Fanta-seas Come True!



One week in advance: using royal icing and tip 1B, make 60 star flowers (20 of each color: orange, rose and violet). Add tip 7 yellow dot centers. Make extras to allow for breakage and let dry.

Tint a 2 in. diameter ball of Rolled Fondant copper (light skintone). Roll out on surface dusted with cornstarch. Using perimeter cutters, cut out a boy and girl, position on cornstarch-dusted cake board to dry. Using royal icing, pipe tip 2 dot and string facial features and hair. Outline and pipe-in clothes with tip 2; add dot and stripe details. Divide remaining fondant in half and tint brown and green. Using brown fondant: Cut out monkey. Dry on cornstarch-dusted cake board. Using royal icing, pipe tip 2 face in ivory (smooth with finger dipped in cornstarch). Add tip 2 outline and dot details; add tip 4 pipe-in banana. To make tail: curve a 5 in. piece of wire, hook the end, cover 3 in. in rolled fondant. Let dry and attach the wire to body of monkey using royal icing. Cover remaining brown fondant airtight in plastic wrap and reserve for later use. Using green fondant: Cut 16 palm leaves. Add veins to leaves using veining tool in Confectionery Tool

Set. Fold aluminum foil into arches and position leaves on foil, let dry 3 days. Wrap florist wire in floral tape and attach to leaves with Royal icing. Let dry.

Glue plate legs onto 14 in. plate. Position 1-layer 12 in. round tier on plate, ice in buttercream icing and prepare for stacked construction.

Cut hole in center using Cake Corer Tube. Cut hole in 8 in. cake board, position 1-layer 6 in. tier on board and ice, spreading icing heavily to end of board. Sprinkle with ground almonds while icing is still moist. Stack tiers. Spatula ice 12 in. tier fluffy to resemble waves. Attach the two 6-1â2 columns together, and attach to plate with bottom column bolt. Roll out remaining brown fondant and cut 58 bark shapes. Attach shapes to column using brushstrokes of water beginning at the bottom, bending shapes to fit. Arrange palm leaves and insert wires into column. Hang monkey on one wired leaf. Position boy and girl, securing with dots of icing, if necessary. Position flowers and pipe tip 68 buttercream leaves.

Serves 18.