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* OTHER ADULT IDEAS...and candy molds.... HERE
*For cake or candy ideas website HERE - If you do not find the mold or cake pan needed, send me the picture you find.

  • CAKE 1 Want to make a 'bikini' pan ...but don't have a pan? This will work! (Reverse it for the man) You are going to also need the Mini Wonder Mold pan for the 'boobs'  - I have a picture here> showing only the pan insert. You need to forget that this was meant to be a bunny pan. Per the pictures...disregard the sketches showing how to use 2 heart pans unless you'd rather do that. This is easier and faster. I made the pan. Use an 8 and a 9" heart pan with points together for the body. Save one of the points you cut off for the crotch. Use the petite doll pan for 'boobs'.
  • CAKE 1CAKE:(Link to instructions)
  • CAKE 2 THE CAKE - I am linking this to Janet's cake. She did it really well. She used her airbrush for the shading. (Pan: #SC001 FEMALE BIGGINS  Below).
  • CAKE 4 PERFECT! It is great! By Wendy from the message board. The lace has been added after the cake was iced. She used our Lace Wrap molds. (more lace molds here) Also, I think she used the Ball pan for the boobs. It looks like she cut out a shape from a sheet cake.
  • CAKE 5 *Bra, so lacy and realistic! see lace wrap molds link above
  • CAKE 6 - Boobs probably are petite doll cakes on the "Biggins" pan. I have no directions. Love the 'tattoo'!

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    *Other Ideas:
  • Set of 'Boobs' using our Ball pan...add a cherry for the nipple.
  • Set of 'buns' using our Egg shaped pan...airbrush the 'crack'.
  • Corset Cookies made with heart-shaped cookie cutters, any size you like.

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    Candy and other Molds on this page...many - here are a few:
    Ice sculpture mold
    Ice cube tray
    Jell-o Mold

    Well, the Church removed my cookies from the bake sale ... again.
    I just used a dog bone cookie cutter...
    cut them in half and decorated them!
    I thought they looked rather cute!
    Heart cookie cutters