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Winnie the Pooh - Silly Old Bear

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For a Winnie the Pooh Greeting Card, click here!

TIP: If your little characters from the cake kits won't stand up well on the iced cake, just place them in a 'puddle' of our coating chocolate!

Winnie the Pooh Tier Cake Box
3-D Tier Cake Custom Boxes
 a box that safely holds the specific tier cake kits for easy transport. May be used for other quarter sheet cakes and includes a lift-out board. 10-1/2x14-3/4x8 inch tapered to 18 inch. Box locks closed and includes a hand hold.
Add your own special cake 
#6619 $9.75
Edible pictures: DIRECTIONS HERE All images fit on a 9 x 13 inch cake
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Sunshine Pooh
Edible Image
#41328   $6.75

1" Winnie the Pooh Silly Old Bear
 Deco-On Sugar Decorations
Bees not included, avail here
#15233/44861 15/$4.79

Winnie the Pooh Friends at Play 
Edible Image
#44372 $7.50

Baby Pooh and Friends
Edible Image
#42368   $6.75

Pooh and Clouds
Edible Image
#32788   $6.75
Pooh Paper Products

Winnie The Pooh Party Invitations
Salutations and warm greetings, 
we surely hope you'll come, to celebrate 
the birthday of a special little "one!" It's 
going to be ONE big party and when guests
open this special invitation they will see 
who the party is for, when and where. Honey, 
Bee there! Package of 8 invitations and
#1INV2247 $3.60

Pooh Birthday Balloons
Edible Image
#41752   $6.75

Winnie The Pooh 'HUNNY' Party Bags
hey're shaped like a "Hunny Pot"!
Bags w/hand hold are 6 1/2 x 7 3/4" Plastic
#JTC-BWIN, 8 for $2.99 

Winnie The Pooh Paper Plates (8)
and Napkins Set  (16)
Style may vary
#1PL2292 $6.99
one left
Novelties-Great Cake IDEA HERE
SQUEEZIES - 6 inch We used these with our 'blocks' cake - directions from our private web site and then to Pictures / Baby Block Cake no longer available.

#3082 12/$3.00

Winnie the Pooh Happy
Face Cupcake DecoPlacs
assorted pooh and friend
#12727 12/ $3.00

Baby Pooh Hugging TiggerPooh
3" DecoSet #30130 $9.00

Tigger & Pooh My Friends Icon 
Candle Set
3 inch assorted colors
#11744 6/ $3.49

Pooh & Friends Face RINGS
assorted styles vary 
#1895  12 pc $3.00
discontinued, not many left

Pooh boy and girl
asssorted poses
pink shirt, blue shirt
#JTC-510 $5.99

Pooh Picnic Pt Signature 
Cake Kit 
Pooh is 2 1/4"
#11820 $3.99

Pooh, Piglet and Tigger Fun
DecoSet #30921 $9.00

Another Idea for #31869
click to enlarge


INSTRUCTIONS: using a 9x13 cake, airbrush blue sky. Pipe the brown tree trunk tip 18, green leaves tip 21 and tip 67, white cloud tip 10. Add sugar Sunflowers, sugar bees. Add 'honey' on the sides using golden tinted piping gel, tip 5. Add Bear PopTop and plasic #B-7 butterflies or Edible Butterfiles HERE. Top and bottom white border tip 18. Tip 3 black icing message.
Honey Bear PopTop a contoured plastic embossed with design 
#HBEAR-5 $.79
Bee sugars or Butterfly sugars HERE
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Cake Pans

1971 Winnie The Pooh, 
used w/instructions, aluminum 
#515-401 $39.99

Winnie The Pooh w/Honey Pot
Vintage w/ inst 1 left
used, aluminum
2105-3000 $30.99

Winnie The Pooh Face Pan
 One-mix pan is 11 x 9 1/2 x 2" deep. 
NEW Aluminum.
#2105-3004 $19.99
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Winnie the Pooh Age 1 Candle 3 in
by Wilton
#2811-3102 $4.39
Pooh with Presents Candle
by Wilton
2-3 in. #2811-3100 $3.99
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Prices are subject to change without notice, (c) Sugarcraft, Inc.

Copyrights: Disney. Based on the 'Winnie The Pooh" works.
Copyright A. A. Milne and E H. Shepard.

Rockin' Pooh & Tigger
DECORATING DIRECTIONS for Cake Kit 96783 above:
Airbrush & Colors (or canned spray color) | Spatulas | Tips | Couplers | Dec. Bags | Buttercream Icings | Sheet cake pans  | Food Coloring
1. Airbrush grass Spring Green.
2. Airbrush rainbow Canary Yellow, Deep Pink and Royal Blue.
3. Lightly airbrush sky Royal Blue.
4. Using tip #32, pipe Lemon Yellow shell borders.
5. Using tip #48, pipe Violet fence rails.
6. Using tip #12, pipe Violet fence posts.
7. Using tip #133, pipe Leaf Green grass.
8. Place DecoSet" items on cake.
9. Using tip #6, pipe Deep Pink, Violet and Royal Blue flowers.
10. Using tip #6, pipe Lemon Yellow flower centers.
11. Sprinkle quins.
12. Pipe inscription upon customer's request.

NOTE: If you do not own an airbrush, spread the icing colors on the cake instead. Do blue sky first, then green grass.
Draw out the raibow using tip #48 and icing colors shown, smooth with knife.