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Disney Fairies Friends Stampers Petite DecoSet - includes a cool stamper on the bottom of each fairy. Includes Rosetta (pink fairy), Fawn (orange fairy), Tinker Bell (green fairy), Silvermist (blue fairy), and Iridessa (yellow fairy). 3 inch #12820 $19.95 These items not sold separately.
Signature Characters
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Dora | Barbie | Spider-Man | Tinker Bell | Thomas | Aurora  | Cinderella | Belle
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Disney Princess Jewel
Cupcake Rings
assorted only
#13293 12/ $3.00

Disney Princess Royal Cupcake 
assorted only
#12728 12/ $2.59

Disney Princess Cupcake 
Combo Pack
24 baking cups; 24 picks.
#415-8880 $2.49

Princess Jeweliette Rings
12/ $3.00

144/ $28.80

Disney Princess Light Up DecoSet
Includes 3 princess figures 
and one light up base to feature
the favorite princess.
#96892/16892 $8.75

Princess Cake Pops

 Princess dress and crown Pans
Pantastic cake pans

Tea Party Porcelain Set
Pieces as shown
Ice 9x13 inch cake white, airbrush top. 
Add icing borders, tip 225 drop flowers 
with tip 349 leaves and tip 3 writing.
2 to 3" with flower design
#CK-354C $5.95
click picture to enlarge
Disney Princess Royal Crown Signature Cupcake Platter
Includes 12 party rings, DecoPlacs and Base for standard cupcakes and 5" cake. 
Serving 18. Fits our 19x14x6 inch cake box D0196RS. more info
#15860 $11.95
Disney Princess Garden Royalty DecoSet
Includes collectable figures on benches. 
Ice 9x13 inch cake white. 
Airbrush grass. 
Pipe garden wall tip 10, trees and bushes tip 133. 
Pipe tip 2 flowers in bushes and trees. 
Pipe petal flowers tip 102 and drop flowers tip 3 directly on cake. 
Add tip 2 centers. 
Pipe roses tip 102 using flower nail then add to cake. 
Pipe tip 352 leaves. 
Add tip 2 red dot accents. 
Pipe bottom border tip 199. Place on DecoSet and serve.
#33061/14114 $7.95
click picture to enlarge

Ideas are on the box
Romantic Castle Cake Set
Create a fairy tale for your special celebrations, with an enchanting 
castle cake every guest will love. Everything you need to transform 
your tiered cake into a fantasy castle is included: 3 sizes of detailed 
turret towers with removable peak pieces, 6 lattice windows, a 
paneled door and main roof peak. 
BOXED SET: 32 piece set includes 12 turrets in 3 sizes with removable 
peak pieces, 6 small windows, 1 door and a porch awning. Instruction 
booklet and patterns. 10 inch and 6 inch, 2 layer cakes pictured. 
#301-910 Set / $20.99

10 inch Pink Foil Cake Board ONLY...if you want to remake it.
(included in Disney Castle Cake Kit above)
#6605 $3.59
Disney Princess Castle DecoSet
Includes castle carrying case and four Disney Princess characters. 
A perfect keepsake item!
Pan | Food Coloring | Tips | Tip #789 | Couplers | Dec. Bags
| Buttercream Icings | Spatulas | Cobblestone Mat |
Airbrush & Colors (or canned spray color
Directions: Cut and stack two 9x13 inch sheet cakes. 
Ice white using cake icer tip #789. 
Create grass texture using 8 inch angled spatula. 
After icing is dry to touch, press cobblestone design into icing 
using Cobblestone Impression Mat 35-2630. 
Airbrush cake colors. 
Add castle and figures impressions then set aside. 
Pipe tip 3 brown tree trunks, tip 2 green foliage,
tip 133 hedges, tip 2 violet cobblestone outline, 
tip 8 pink top and bottom borders. Pipe tip 2 blossoms, 
tip 104 roses and tip 2 green vines with tip 352 leaves. 
Add decoset. Serves 25
#31824/12817 $16.95
You can download and print these instructions:
Decorating Instructions
Instructions card with LG picture

10x10 inch 
 #FT-20640 $4.59
Other cake drums sizes
Disney Princess Cupcake Stand Kit
A party is always in the making when you have the Princess Cupcake Stand Kit on hand! In minutes, you can create a bright and colorful 3-tier cupcake stand with a fun decorative topper. Your cupcakes will look perfect for the party with the coordinating baking cups and Fun Pix included.
Kit includes:
• 3-Tier Cupcake Stand
• 24 Standard Baking Cups
• 24 Fun Pix®
• Instructions
#1510-8881 $9.99

Fairies, Enchanted
Or cutters & things here

Disney's Enchanted Movie
Giselle Cupcake Rings
assorted designs
#10274 12/ $3.00

Disney Fairies Aren't Real? 
Edible Image
#44528 $7.00

Disney's Enchanted Movie - Giselle DecoSet
includes figure and backdrop
#96889 $8.75

Castle Edible Picture
7.5 x 11 inch Help
#17190 $9.95

Disney Fairies Cupscapes™ 
Cupcake Stand Kit
It’s an instant Disney Fairies party,
with a bright 3-tier cupcake
stand, fun decorative topper, 
colorful baking cups and 
Fun Pix®. 
Includes 12 x 15 in. high stand, 
and 24 each
2 in. diameter cups 
and 3.5 in. high picks. 
Holds up to 24 cupcakes.
#1510-1003 $9.99

Checkout this idea for this kit!

Garden Fairy Cake Kit
Kit includes:
1 Resin Garden Fairy
2 Butterflies
6 Flowers
Bake and ice cake white buttercream.
Add tip 349 green for the leaves
Light Pink tip 3 writing
PINK: tip 18 top border, tip 32 bottom border
#CK-384C $6.99

Another cake idea

Fantasy Fairy 
Edible Picture Help
#42388 $6.99

CAKE! - Airbrush various flowers, 
add sprinkle candies. Use tip 233
for flower centers.


Environmently friendly 
Fairy cupcake cups
Available here

Disney Fairies Flowers 
Edible Designer Prints Help
3 strips (1 sheet) 
#44470 $7.35

Fairy Wish Edible Image
6 1/4 inch Help
#45228 $2.69

Princess Jewelietee Cake Kit
Includes three Princess keepsake figurines.
#CK-542C $8.50

Princess Cake Kit
Includes Arch, trees, crowns, butterflies, pink flags
#JTC-6123 $8.99
Licensed Designer Edible Side Print Strips
Add character to your cakes with these exclusive Designer Print Strips. Features the most popular characters. Made from sugar, 100% edible. Made in the U.S.A. Easy to use and quick application. Just trim and apply! 3 strips (1 sheet) are needed to complete an 8 inch cake. OTHER DESIGNER PRINTS
click picture to enlarge
Ice Treat, add image. Add Sprinkle: Hearts and Sea Sequins

Disney Princess Garden Designer Prints 
3 strips (1 sheet) #44518 $6.59
INSTRUCTIONS for Edible Pictures
click picture to enlarge - check all items, change quantity then drop into shopping cart at the same time.

Edible Image Help
#41903 $4.00

Princess Birthday 
Edible Image
Help 6.25" 
#45092 $2.65 qty

Princess Petites 
Edible Image
Perfect for cookies or other treats.
Help 1-1/2 inch
#45800 16 per sheet 
$3.19 qty

Princess Designer Prints
Edible Picture Help
3 sheets were used for above cake
2.5" x 10.25" strip
3 strips (1 of each)
#45094 $3.69

Princess Royal Icing Decorations
These sweet icing decorations are
great toppers for cupcakes, brownies,
crisped rice treats. They also make 
great accents for cake borders and
trims. 12-pc. set includes: 4 hearts,
4 crowns with hearts and 4 crowns 
with stars. Certified Kosher. 
$5.99 qty

Disney Princess Sprinkle Set
Plastic bottles for convenient pouring
and storing. Help
$4.99 qty

Quest for Camelot
Edible Image Help
#38222 $3.25 $1.25

Hula Girl Edible Image
6 1/2 x 6 3/4 inch Help
#43263 $2.69 Qty

Flip Flops 
Edible Image Help
#43324 $3.00

Precious Moments
Edible Image Help
#32695 $6.50

Rockin' Hottie 
Edible Image Help
#45089 $2.49

Girls Rock 
Edible Image Help
6 1/4"
45176 $2.69

Happy Birthday Princess Caucasian
Edible Theme Print 7x9"
#45018-144 $3.95

Happy Birthday Princess, Tan Skin
Edible Theme Print 7x9 inch 
#45018-145 $3.95

Pink Camo Background 
7x9 inch 
More Backgrounds Here

Sweet 16 Girl Things 
Edible Theme Print
6x9 inch
#45018-149 $3.95

Sweet 16 (sixteen) Lace 
Edible Theme Print
6x9 inch
#45018-150 $3.95

Sweet 16 Heart with Wings 
Edible Theme Print
6x9 inch
#45018-151 $3.95

Princess Background
Cookie Edible Picture 
2 inch 12 piece 
#45018-451C $3.95

Disney Princesses Fairytale Edible Image
Designed for 8 inch or larger area.
#14277 $6.59



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 More Edible Pictures

Princess Crowns and Hearts 
on Pink Wide Strips 
Edible Picture 
2 3/4 x 6 3/8 inch 3 per sheet
#45015-203 $3.95

Princess and the Frog Wide Strips 
Edible Picture 
2 3/4 x 6 1/4 inch 3 per sheet
#45015-204 $3.95

enlarged for image at left
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Story Book Edible Pictures
How fun these will be at your child's birthday or school parties! 
Peel from baking and place on moist icing. Add novelty characters and birthday or party message. 

7.5 x 11 inch
#17145 $9.95

Man in the Moon Castle
7.5 x 11 inch
#17144 $9.95

Water World 
7.5 x 11 inch
#17185 $3.95

Story Book House 
7.5 x 11 inch
#17140 $9.95
Princess Jeweliette CCF Edible
7.5x10 inch each sheet  #CCF-PJ $5.49
Choose one of four different designs:

UPPER LEFT:  3 Princess

UPPER RIGHT: Princess with Castle

LOWER LEFT: Design with YOUR Photo
send jpg image that you took to

LOWER RIGHT: Princess orange dress with Castle

click picture to enlarge
PRINCESS PASSAGE  click enlarges
An Original Party Masterpiece! This cupcake stand has a castle with shelves to display cupcakes and includes a Personalized Panel to share a special message. It's also a game! The colorful die and game board help the freestanding pretty princesses find their way back to the castle. 
Contains all parts shown. Cupcakes not included. #PKCC-4 $19.99 per set
Cold Porcelain Princess with Tiara & Wand White Dress
Discontinued, only one left!
#MD6010 $27.50
click picture to enlarge

Small things really do come in Small Packages! Each Petite Signature Cake arrives with a surprise feature, stickers or other fun things. Cakes can be constructed of a two layer 4 inch cake, small bundt cake, jumbo cupcakes or our petite doll cake pan. I prefer the Mini Wonder mold pan. Doll top  is approx. 3" on a pick to push into cake
4 inch Rnd | bundt | cupcake | Mini Wonder mold
Other characters shown: 
Barbie | Dora | Barbie | Spider-Man
Tinker Bell | Thomas

Mini Petite Signature Cake 
Dome Container 
6 inch diameter base, tapered to
4 3/4 inch diameter x 6 inch tall
Fits a 6 inch cake board 
(sold separately here)
Includes dome and base. #12458
$1.15 each

12/ $12.48


instructions load slow
Cinderella Petite Signature Cake Pick
Petite Signature Cake Pick
Comes with glitter stickers
#30039 $3.99

Belle at the Ball

instructions load slow
Belle at the Ball Petite Signature Cake Pick
Petite Signature Cake Pick
Comes with glitter stickers
#30043 $3.99

Decorating steps

instructions load slow
Aurora Magical Splendor Petite Signature Cake Pick
Petite Signature Cake Pick
Comes with glitter stickers
#30047 $3.99

Disney Princess Treat Bags 4x9-1/2", 16 pc w/ twistie ties 
#1912-7475 $2.29


PrincessFavor Bags
4-1/2 x 1-3/4 x 4-3/4 inch
4pc Velcro close
#1904-1213 $2.09


Princess Cupcake Combo Pack
Includes: 24 each 2in. diameter baking cups and 3in. high paper party picks
#415-1313 $2.19 


Disney Princess Party Bags
Bags w/hand hold 6 1/2 x 9" Plastic
#JTC-BPRINC, 8 for $2.99 


Princess Paper Napkins
9 7/8 x 9 7/8" 
#JTC-PR1  16/$2.99
2 pks left


Princess Paper Cups
9 7/8 x 9 7/8"
#JTC-PR2  8/$2.99
2 pks left


Disney Fairies Baking Cups
Standard size, paper. 2 in. diameter.
#415-5115 50 /$1.79


Tinkerbell decorations

Glamour Girl Party Invitations
Shoe shaped! Start your party 
off on the right foot with festive 
invitations. Contains eight 
invitations with envelopes. 
Measure 4" x 5.5". 
#495023 8/$3.60


Disney Fairies Treat Bags
Fill with candy, cookies and other goodies; great for gifts and surprises, too!
Includes 16 4 x 9.5 in. bags with twist ties.
#1912-5115 16/ $2.09


Disney Princess Heart
Shaped Plates
#1PL2354 8/$2.99
one left


Disney Princess Napkins
#1BEV2354 8/ $2.99
one left


Princess Party Bags 
4x9.5" 20 count 

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Other cupcake wrappers

Princess Cupcake Wraps' n Pix
Size: 2". diameter; picks 
3.75" high
Includes: 12 cupcake wraps 
and 24 pix.
Place cupcake inside 
Fun Cupcake Wrap. 
Swirl ice tip 32 and 
sprinkle on sanding sugars.
Add Pix  #415-1561  12/ $3.49


Princess Cupcake Wraps 
48pc #WRAP-240 $14.95


Fairy Princess
Try our filigree laser cut Cupcake Wrappers. Simply add your baked cupcake, still in the baking liner to the inside and decorate! These open bottomed wrappers will make an exciting treat to any party. Designed for standard sized muffin liners. Use tip 4B for a quick swirl of ridged icing. Add sprinkles or other candies for a festive appearance. 
#7147 12 piece $7.99


Products: Food Coloring | Decorating Tips | Icing | Decorating bags
Cake Boards | Doilies or foil | Cake Boxes | Spatulas
 'Frog Products: Frog Candy Mold | Frog Cookie Cutter | Frog Cookie Stamp | Frog Mint Mold | Frog Candle | Frog Cupcake Pick
| Frog cake HERE - IDEA Pict.
*Candy Tray Idea*
Use Candy Molds: 
Castle Candy Molds 2-1/2x3-1/4 inch 3 cavity mold 
#K-72 $1.99 Qty
Princess w/ Moon sck 2x3-1/4 inch 3 cavity mold
#AO-1109 $1.99
Princess Pretzel mold 2 1/2 x 1 5/8 x 3/8 deep #K-93 
1.99 Qty
Doves and Crown mold is no longer available
Candy Making Inst.
Click for morer castle or Fantasy molds
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Princess Cake Kit
Included mirror and phone
#CK-447c $8.75
Princess cake kit
includes Crown and wand,
very 'glittery'
#CK-268 $6.75

Princess RINGS
12 pc 
#P-10 $1.99

Castle w/ rainbow
#FC-5 $.79

Flower Barrettes
1-1/4 inch assorted yellow, 
pink, blue, and purple great
for flowers on a birthday 
cake that the
birthday girl & friends 
can play with later 
#BAR-1 6 pc $1.09

5 1/2  inch
#2389 $1.09

Castle w/Turrets
TOPPER, 6 x 6 3/4"

Frog Prince & Princess 
with Heart 
12 pc 
#2889 $1.99
assorted styles #W-17
12/ $1.99

Butterfly Rings
12 pc 
#BF-4 $1.99

Trees Here
to make your 
scenery cake complete!

Fairy Cupcake Picks
assorted 3 inch 12 pc 
#F-60 $1.99

"Birthday (crown) Princess" Cupcake Stand Kit
12x15 inch includes: 24 - 2" diameter cups 
and 24 - 3" high picks. 
Holds up to 24 cupcakes
#1510-1008 $9.99 

Princess Cake Stand Kit
Includes: 11-1/2 x 3-1/4 inch cake stand, 10in diameter cake board, 8 - 4 x 9-1/2 in. treat bags w/ties, instruction sheet.
#1509-1008 $9.99 

Disney Princess Icon Candle Set 
includes 6 per set #11747
$3.89 qty

Little Princess DecoSet
Ice 9x13 inch cake, white butcrm. airbrush* top. Mark circle areas with cookie cutter. Pipe tip 104 scallops. Pipe tip 32 bottom, tip 18 top borders. Pipe tip 2 message and hearts. Add DecoSet.
$5.35 qty
*or used canned spray
The Princess Xtreme Mouse Pad
7x8 inch

Dark Hair:
#CK-282AA $7.99

Blonde Hair:
#CK-282 $7.99

Princess with Tiara & Flower Bouquet Figurines
Peter Pan
Tinker Bell
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click picture to enlarge

Princess Carriage Cake Pan
Create a birthday celebration fit for a princess! Give it the royal treatment with dazzling windows and wheels decorated in her favorite colors. Or, decorate a classic carriage cake for the bridal shower, with flowers and accentsto match your colors. One-mix pan 
13.75 x 12 x 2 in. deep. Aluminum.
#2105-1027 $12.99

Chocolate Mold, Princess set: 
Crown, scepter, jewels
largest 2-3/4x5-1/2x9/16 deep
Weight: .6 & 2 #K-136 $1.99
Other Fanatsy chocolate molds
hard candy molds(jewels etc)
Chocolate to use

Fairy Tale Lollipop Mold
3 designs, 3 cavities
#2115-1033 $1.99 

Princess Wand Cookie Cutter
3 inch tinplate 
#2217 $.69 

Porcelain 15th & 16th
inst. & prod.
Cinderella and Prince DecoSet
includes two figures, castle pick 
#96884 $8.75

Princess Pretty DecoSet
Includes mirror, crown and bracelet
Ice 8x11 cake white. Airbrush pin shading. (Or use canned spray color) Add tip 21 top and bottom borders. Add tip 124 roses, tip 4 blossoms and tip 352 leaves. Add tip 3 birthday message in center. Add DecoSet.
#30260 $5.99

Cinderella in heart shape Candle  3-1/4" pink, 
lavender, blue, gold, 
yellow and white 

Coach with Prince & Princess & Horse set includes white 
pumpkin type coach pulled
by 2 white horses, princess 
and prince
Styles may vary

Disney PrincessParty Topper
Cinderella only, 2 inch 6 pc 
#2113-7475 $3.99

Coach with Princess & 
Prince Cake Kit
includes coach with horses,
Prince & Princess, 2 trees, 
HB-day script
#CK-110 $5.23

Princess Things 
Cupcake Picks
includes clear slipper, 
wand, and tiara 
assorted 2-1/4"
#W-12 12/$1.99

WHITE Slipper/shoe
3" #2808B
2/ $.79
48/ $18.96
great for filling with tiny flowers! Nice for table favors...PICTURE

Cinderella's Glass Slipper
I love Shoes DecoSet
Includes slipper with jewel. 
Style may vary slightly.
#31227 $6.99
More Cinderella 1 -2

Cinderella Cake Pan
Holds one cake mix or recipe
Instructions included
#2105-7475 Collectable

Disney Princess Cinderlla 
Wishes do Come True
Edible Image
Designed for 8 inch or larger area.
#14005 $6.59
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Sleeping Beauty
Black Raven Novelty

Castle PopTop Cake Kit
also includes Happy Birthday script and sprinkles 
#K-108 $.99
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Snow White
Snow White cake idea

The Seven Dwarfs 
"Be Merry"
Edible Picture
#41522 $6.75
INSTRUCTIONS for edible Pictures 

Princess and The 7 Dwarfs 
Cake Kit
#CK-17 $4.67
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Pochahontas Pan
with facemaker and
complete instructions
2105-3700 $39.99 1 left

Facemaker for
Pochahontas Pan
#504-3700 $7.98

Pochahontas Cookie Cutter 
4 pc set
with recipe
#2304-3700 $6.00

Pochahontas Shaped-candle
2 1/4" high, hand-painted 
clean burning
#2811-3700 $5.99 each
 Pocahontas Cake Kit
Includes Governor Ratcliffe, Percy, and two trees.
Discontinued, one left!
#POCA1 $4.50
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Princess cakes are easy using our Designer Stencils!

Princess Lace #2
This is a beautiful side scroll design that measures 5.8 inch H x 9.75 inch W. This design is part of our Princess Lace set. The different designs can be ordered as a set (C414) or ordered individually. See also (C415, C417 & C409.) This stencil is made out of 10 mil, durable food-grade plastic.
Designer Stencils!
Plastic bottom with lace on top
Softens and enhances the look of your cake.
Tuck it just under the edge of the cakes 
5ft. $3.79 or 60ft. $27.99
White or Pink
More ruffle here
How to Make a Princess Instructions

How to model, form, dress gum paste doll. 
Explains in detail how to form the arms, legs, hands, torso etc.

Spanish and English translations included. Full color, 9 pages, stapled.
#CECILIA $2.00

prices subject to change without notice.