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Men's Decorations for Cake and Cupcakes
What better way to surprise that special man but with a home baked CAKE?!
With our many products you will have a cake that looks like the bakery made it in no time at all.
Although instructions are not always included you can tell easily how the design is made and are always welcome to email our Company for instructions.
Remember Dad's birthday should always start with a cake.
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Tools Cake Kit 
includes 2 assorted power tools 
random selection 
Another Cake Idea
#CK-199 $5.49
Tools SET includes all 4 power tools #T-40 $9.99

Metal Necktie 
Bottomless Pan
Holds 1 cake mix 
2" high by Magic Line
#90037 $12.99 only 1 left

Super Tools TOPPER
3 3/4 x 5 1/2"
Raised plastic. Use alone or with other products
Email for photo
#JTC-P-22 $1.09

Men's Tools Large Novelty
Colorful 6 piece
#JTC-10008 $3.99

Robot Transformer PopTop
plastic contoured picture 6"
primary colors 
#RB-50 79¢

Transformers The Movie

Couch Potato PopTop
on red couch 5-1/2" #CP-10 $.79

Cake Kit
includes Couch PopTop, Happy Birthday script & sprinkles
#K-109 $.99

Carpenter Tools Novelty
assorted colors 
1-3/4 to 2" 12 piece
discontinued, not many left
#NOV-26 $1.29 

Smoker's Pipe Novelty
5 1/2" 
#JTC-009 2/ $1.09

Home Improvement Tools Candles
2-1/4" wretches, hammer and saw 
5 piece
#2811-9136 $3.89

Tool Cake Kit 
includes saw, hammer & 
screwdriver 6 inch 
#CK-370C $4.00

Carpenter Tool Belt
Edible Picture
Cut a dip from cake to resemble pant legs. Ice cake with cake icer tip then apply Edible Picture. Shade pant color using airbrush. Add other details using picks, chocolate shaped items or sugar items.
#42415 $2.69

Barbecue Grill Novelty
#BBQ-1 $2.09

King For a Day PopTop Cake Set
A molded raised plastic Lion Face PopTop, sprinkles and script message
#K-114 99¢

Crown Picks HERE

Field & Stream Snowmobile Cake Kit
includes vehicle, trees and logo sign 
#CK-295 $8.75

Man in Hammock with Trees Novelty
#004200/1945 $2.99

Man in Hammock Kids laughing POP TOP
a flat plastic contoured picture to lay on 
or prop up on a cake, pie, etc. 
discontinued, short supply
#P-16 79¢ 

Men's Shoes Novelty
brown and white only 
3-1/2", 2 pairs
#S-55/502848 $2.25

Handyman Bobble Head Topper
Cake Kit includes 3-1/2" figure &
tool picks shown
#96549 $8.75 

Race Horse Novelty Cake Set
4 piece set 
#JTC-H205 $5.99


Farming Cake and Cupcake Decorations

Animals | Boats | Fence | Trees | Rocks/pebbles | Sprinkles
Click picture to enlarge
John Deer CCF Edible Picture
Choose one of four different designs:
UPPER LEFT: Tractor with Your Photo 
7.5x10 inch each sheet
#CCF-JD/UL $5.49 each

UPPER RIGHT: 3 strips 
2.5x10 inch - Cut Apart To Use
#CCF-JD/UR $5.49 each

Tractor with Face
#CCF-JD/LL $5.49 each

2.5 inch Rounds - Cut Apart To Use
#CCF-JD/LR $5.49 each

John Deere Tractor Cake Kit
Includes tractor, trees and fence.
1st Cake: Ice 9x13 cake, comb sides. Airbrush sky, grass and path. Pipe sun tip 2A, rays tip 2, grass tip 233, rock path tip 5, top and bottom borders tip 32. Add Cake Kit.
Middle Cake: Ice 9x13 cake, comb sides and field. Airbrush grass and field. Pipe grass tip 233, top and bottom borders tip 18. Add Cake Kit.
3rd Cake: Ice 9x13 cake smooth or cover with fondant. Airbrush grass area. Add thicker fondant for field pressing in rows with knife edge or modeling tool. Pipe tip 3 plants. Add ribbon around top edge and Cake Kit.
#CK-382 $8.75

Farm Candles
tractor, chicken, barn and cow
4 piece #2811-9347 $3.89

Tractor & Trailer DecoSet
includes tractor, trailer, fence and sprinkles 
#96984  $7.49 

Farm Cake Novelty Set
includes cow, horse, pig, farmer and fence 
#F-10C $1.99

Red Barn Novelty Rings
12 piece 
#3299 $3.00

IH Farmall McCormick Cub Tractor 
Edible Picture (Eiden's Favorite) 
7.5x10 inch 1 per sheet
#45015-243 $4.95
cupcake size available upon request

Baby Farm Animals Cake Kit
includes cow, chick, horse and pig 
#CK-313C $6.75

2 Story House Novelty 
assorted colors
2 inch
#004190 $1.59

Farm Set Cake Kit
includes barn, tractor, farmer, 
animals, Happy Birthday script
#CK-12C $4.09

Cute Farm Edible Picture
#42387 $2.29

John Deere Green Cap 
Cupcake Picks
12 piece
#JD-2 $2.29

Supplies Needed: Items: 
John Deere tractor
Red barn KIT #CK-223
Tips #233 Grass borders and hay stacks, #350 Leaves, #3 Writing, dots in field
A Decorating Comb (fields) in alternating directions,
Airbrush Colors: Green, Brown (alternating square fields), Icing Colors: White - Ice entire cake, Yellow - Hay and writing, Green - Borders, leaves, dots and writing, Light Brown - Hay
1. Ice entire cake.
2. Comb cake surface to create square fields.
3. Airbrush fields green & brown.
4. Pipe green writing & dots.
5. Pipe yellow writing.
6. Pipe haystacks.
7. Pipe leaves.
8. Pipe brown hay.
9. Pipe borders.
10. Place items.
PS: Don't forget the brown sugar for dirt! Toothpicks with green icing leaves makes a great corn field.

Fishing Cake and Cupcake Decorations

components for kit at left sold out, except for
dolphins & sharks below. You can paint the black 'dolphin' using model car paint.
PANS | ROCKS.. pebbles | SPRINKLES | TREES | Cake Idea
Click picture to enlarge

Fish assorted styles Novelty
#F-456 6/ $1.29

Dolphins Novelty
2-3/4" gray & white, 
6 piece 
#D-301 $1.39

Mini Tropical Fishes Novelty
Brilliant colors, soft bendable tropical fish. 1 1/2L inch #1194 
4 piece $2.19
12 piece $5.91

Tropical Fish assorted colorful Novelty
4 piece
#F-458 $2.39
Cake Idea-1 - Idea-2

Sea Creatures Cupcake Picks
fish, sea horse & crab 
12 piece #F-459 $1.99
144 piece $18.25

Tropical Fish Novelty
Random Selection 3 piece 
#N0388 $2.29

Fishing Cupcake Picks
assorted, 12 piece
#1276 $1.99

Fish Cupcake Picks 
12 piece
#F-454 $1.99

Seashore Puffy Cupcake Picks
#F-455 6/$2.29
Cake Idea

Toy Sea Animals Novelty
Made of soft plastic. Assorted designs. 
Size 2½" L. 
#2377 12 piece $5.25

Sea Life Animals Novelty
Made of soft plastic. Assorted colors. 
Size 2¼" L
12 piece $1.69
36/ $4.05

Assorted Fish Novelty
Please note that colors vary.
Sea Life Fish assorted, 
2" #N0183/002310 12/$2.39

.Click picture to enlarge

Tropical Fish Candles
4 piece 1 1/2" 
#2811-9333 $3.99

Field & Stream BIG FISH Cake Kit
fish with tape measure,
fishing lure picks, emblem
#CK-331C $8.75

Frustrated Fisherman Novelty
4 1/4" 
#2113-2384 $3.79

Fishing Cake Design by KATHY M
"I used your candy rocks, fish, house pan and fisherman, on this 18x24 inch cake. Fisherman
in the water with a big bass jumping out of the water.

Tangled Fisherman Cake Kit
includes fisherman & tree
#CK-188 $6.89
African American 
#CK-188AA $6.89

Sea Life Friends DecoPics
Ice standard cupcake tip 4B then roll edges in yellow crystal sugar. Airbrush random shades. Insert DecoPics. #2703
12/ $1.99
144/ $21.48 
Another Men's Product
Coming Soon! 

B.A.S.S. Trophy Magnet DecoSet
includes bass magnet and sign
Ice 9x13 inch cake. Create waves using 8" angled spatula. Airbrush (or canned spray) rainbow, water and sky. Pipe top border tip 32, water burst tip 8B, waves tip 21, lily pads tip 6, accents tip 2, cattail stems tip 2, cattail tops tip 4, leaves tip 349, water dots tip 2, birds tip 1. Add DecoSet. 
#96680 $8.50

Another Men's Product
Coming Soon!
Click picture to enlarge.

Trophy Fish Edible Picture
#43338/44252 $3.00

Bass Fish Edible Picture
colors may vary
      #45018-Slot95 $3.95

Dolphins Edible Image
#40761 $2.79

Northwest Scene Edible Image
#31749 $2.59

Beach Edible Image
#42319 $2.59

Surf Boards Edible Image
#43556 $2.65

Tropical Fish Edible Image
Make an aquarium!
#40835 $2.49

Field & Stream Edible Picture
#41774 $6.75

Northwest Scene
Edible Picture
#31749 $2.59 

Click picture to enlarge

Hunting Cake and Cupcake Decorations

ANIMALS | BOATS | Sprinkles | GEL FOR WATER | ROCKS.. pebbles | Trees
Click picture to enlarge

Open Season (c) Rings Novelty
12 piece
#OPS-R $3.00

Open Season (c) Edible Picture
#42990 $6.75

Open Season (c) Cake Kit
includes figure and trees 
#CK-390C $8.75

Rough ice cake white, airbrush grass and water fall. Pipe grass tip 234, paw prints and flowers tip 5. Add Cake Kit.

Field & Stream Duck Hunting Cake Kit
includes figure, toy and sign
#CK-361 $8.75

Deer Head Magnet Novelty
4 1/2T inches x 3 1/2W inches.
Make shield shape wall mount and rocks from fondant (sold separately).
Never let him forget the one that got away!
#16575/96575 $8.95
Another Cake Idea

Fun Duck/Bird Hunter with Gun Novelty
5 inch, orange, black, green, white
#006420 $3.99 

Duck Mallard Novelty
Great cake idea
#D-18 $1.79 each

Bird Hunter with dog Novelty
Great scenery item
#002647 $.89

Another Men's Product
Coming Soon! 

Rango Sheriff
Edible Image
#14448  $7.50

Field & Stream (c) HUNTING
#41708 $6.75

Deer Edible Picture
#41028 $4.79

Hunters Camouflage 
Edible Theme Print
6 3/4 x 9 1/4"
#45015-34 $3.69

Hunters Camouflage 
Cookie Edible Picture
2 inch 12 piece
#45015-34c $3.69

Winter Texture Camouflage
Edible Picture
7.5x10 inch
#45015-132 $3.95

Winter Texture Camouflage
Cookie Edible Picture
2 inch 12 piece
#45015-132C $3.95

Wood Lawn Camouflage 
Edible Picture 
6 3/4 x 10 inch
#45015-121 $4.95

Wood Lawn Camouflage Cookie
Edible Picture
2 inch 12 per sheet
#45015-121C $4.95

Jungle Camouflage Edible Strips
3 strips per sheet 
2 x 10 inch
#45050 $3.69

Black & Gray Digital Camouflage 
Edible Picture 
7.5x10 inch
#45015-127 $4.95
cupcake size available upon request

Black & White Urban Digital Camouflage
Edible Picture
7.5x10 inch
#45015-130 $4.95
cupcake size available upon request


Blue Navy Digital Camouflage 
Edible Picture
7.5x10 inch
#45015-131 $4.95
cupcake size available upon request

Desert Camouflage 
Edible strips
3 strips per sheet 
2 x 10 inch
#45066  $3.69

Green Wood Lawn Digital Camouflage 
Edible Picture
7.5x10 inch
#45015-126 $4.95
cupcake size available upon request

Pink Camouflage 
Edible Picture
7.5x10 inch
#45015-1 $3.95
cupcake size available upon request

Red Fire Digital Camouflage 
Edible Picture
7.5x10 inch
#45015-128 $4.95
cupcake size available upon request

Tan Desert Digital Camouflage 
Edible Picture
 7.5x10 inch
#45015-129 $4.95
cupcake size available upon request

Sexy Girl Novelty
6 inch
Caucasian Random hair color #SS-1 $2.59

Ethnic Black Hair #SS-1AA $2.59

Ice 9x13 inch cake and score bed design. Airbrush top. Pipe bed ruffles tip 104, pillow 789, pillow ruffles tip 104, bed spread design tip 3. Make head board from heavy shirt board covered in contact paper. Pipe message tip 3 and adhere to bed with dots of icing. Add Sexy Girl Novelty to center.

Sexy Sue Cake Kit
includes Sexy Girl, champagne glass and 'I'll Drink to That' sign 
#CK-29 $4.59 

...Prices are subject to change without notice