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A nice cake idea for the wildlife enthusiast is a duck pond.

Bake 9x13" cake. Base ice a quarter sheet cake with white icing, and airbrush a round yellow moon in the center of the cake.

COLORS: Outline the moon with orange, and airbrush the remainder of the sky blue.

Use the airbrush to add green grass tip 233, leaving the space directly under the moon free from color.

Use a small angled spatula to spread blue icing under the moon for a pond. Add clear piping gel over the blue icing to shine like water

Pipe cattails with writing tip No. 4 and pale ivory and dark brown or chocolate fudge icing.

Add blades of grass using two shades of green with grass tip No. 233 and leaf tip No. 352.

Place plastic trees, ducks and edible rocks on the cake.

With the same color blue icing as used for the pond, use star tip No. 16 to pipe the top and bottom borders.

The bottom border is a repeating “el” pattern and the top border is a reverse shell.

Add an inscription across the moon in dark brown icing.

Mallard Ducks  3" D-18 Order


For fishermen, a simple fishing scene is easy to create.

With an airbrush, spray a background scene on a base iced cake.

Begin by spraying brown mountains, and add a touch of green on top of the mountains for a tree line.

Then, spray the sky blue, and add a lake at the bottom of the cake.

To give a hint of dawn or dusk, lightly airbrush pink in the sky.

In the foreground around the lake, spray green trees, shrubs and grass.

With open tip No. 4 and chocolate fudge icing, fill in the trees, and pipe a fisherman in a boat and water waves.

Add an inscription with tip No. 4 and chocolate icing.

Pipe the borders with star tip No. 22 and chocolate icing.

The top border is a triple “e,” reverse triple “e” pattern and the bottom border is a shell pattern.

If you get to making a lot of these we do carry a wonderful stencil to use for this.