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General Novelties

Batman & Batmobile
Cake kit
$8.75 QTY
Cake Idea w/directions: Airbrush was used for the design flat on the cake.

Batman & Cave 
Cake kit
$8.75 QTY
Cake Idea w/directions: Airbrush was used for the design flat on the cake.

Batman Symbol 
Puffy Ring 12 pc 

Batman TM 
Cake Kit
includes figure, base 
and sign
#CK-393 $8.75
$8.75 QTY

Batman cupcake picks
2-1/2" #BAT-16 12 pc 
$2.29 QTY

Batman Begins picks
assorted 3" #BAT-45 12 pc 
$2.29 QTY

Batman Forever Picks
bat emblem in 
black, blue and green trim
2-1/4 inch 
#BAT-9/Bat-8  12 pc
$1.69 QTY

Batman Cake Pan
Vintage NEW aluminum

Batman Topper
Raised plastic
4 1/4" #BAT-30

12 pc #BAT-60

Batman Dark Knight Cake Kit
Includes collectable figures 
and bat symbol.
$9.00 Qty

Batman/Batcycle & Cave
Cake Kit 
$8.75 Qty

Batman Dark Knight Rings 
Perfect for napkin rings,
cupcakes or gifts.
#BAT-205 12 piece 
$3.00 Qty

Batman Poptop
A contoured embossed 
plastic topper
$1.09 Qty

Batman Spoon Topper
A perfect decoration 
and spoon all-in-one!
$2.95 Qty

Batman Cake Kit
Includes Batman Collectable figure,
building top and bat symbol.
$8.75 Qty

Batman & the Joker Lollipop 
6 cavity Chocolate Craft Mold
2x2 inch
Collectable $5.99



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Batman Begins Edible Picture
$6.75 Qty

Batman Beyond Bakery Bites
#BB-1030 $1.99
an edible wafer decoration
on edible pick
12 pc $1.69 Qty
* BULK * Bakery Bites 
144 $18.26 Qty

 The Joker Batman Edible Image
#45143 $5.49 Qty


Batman Edible Image
#46345 $6.50 Qty

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Decorating Tips | Couplers | Decorating Bags | Icings | Pans | Cakeboards | Glitter, edible | Spatulas
Buttercream icing | Ready-To-Use White Rolled Fondant
Instructions for Cake Kit CK-366

Cake Decorating Tips:
Tip 4 for piping the bats and writing
Tip 21 for piping the shell borders

Airbrush Colors:
You could simply use colored icing or draw onto the cake if you do not have an airbrush system. (or use canned spray color)
Yellow for the cake surface
Orange for the cake surface
Red for the cake surface

Food Coloring  or colored icing
White frosting to ice your entire cake
Black for the bats
Red for the borders
Yellow for writing

Cake Decorating Instructions & Assembly: 
Bake and ice your favorite cake. 
Airbrush the sunset from yellow fading into orange, fading into red. 
Pipe the bats using black icing. 
Pipe the writing using yellow icing. 
Pipe the shell borders using red icing. 
Place Batman decoration on cake