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I have saved these from magazines, brochures and catalogs. I hope they will help you with ideas when you
Want to make to make a gingerbread house for your family!
I do not have patterns.. Try making your own - you'll be surprised how easy it really is!
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Christmas 2011
They had a lot of fun, a lot of laughs...and memories to last forever.
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This is my great granddaughter making her gingerbread house. 
Nova is 2 years old. It was fun but most fun was to eat the candy.

My daughter Joyce, (their grandma), had the 3 girls over to make gingerbread houses. She had an apron and hat for each. She spread a plastic tablecloth over the table for easy cleanup.

She got caught!
Dixie (3 1/2 years) Added marshmallow trees. But couldn't wait to eat one. She is leaning in really close and you can see her biting off the top of her tree.

She was so proud. She just had to hold her house all the way home. She almost fell asleep but made it all the way home holding her house. 

Shelby (7 years) is really proud of her house. She is being very careful to put the decorations in all the right places.

Here are all 3 girls just getting started.
Left to right: Dixie, Shelby, Nova

Fairy Tail Cottage Instructions

Santa's Reindeer Stable instructions

GB Cutouts instructions

Elf's House instructions

Joyce's GB edible box instructions

Small GB Houses instructions

Old Country Home instructions

Assembly instructions

From a Michael's Brochure

From the Marshall Fields Catalog


Mr & Mrs Claus & Elves

Gingerbread house shared by Michelle
I'm not really TRYING to
sell one; since for the right motivation, it's
possible that I *might* be convinced!
Michelle Mullin

Cute idea. Put kids in the windows!

Artisan Gingerbread House
Use small tips to keep this dainty look!
  • Old Country Home
  • Gingerbread Santa box
  • A Fairy Tail Cottage w/directions

  • 2 Gingerbread Houses I've made:
      Photo One
      Photo Two
    Joyce's Gingerbread houses:
  • House 1  -  For little boys
  • House 2  -  For Santa's reindeer
  • Church
  • .
  • Small no-bake gingerbread houses made of cookies and graham crackers w/directions
  • A simple Gingerbread house 
  • Little Red School House 
  • Below is a super special Christmas card I got 12/02 from a friend. I will always treasure it! Sharing with all of you...see, this can be done! Dolores

    I found a recipe for a gingerbread house on your website.  I used your recipe and your patterns to make my very FIRST gingerbread house, at age 23.  I guess you're never too old.  My mom and I had so much fun (and some pain) making the gingerbread house. It was awesome spending time with her and working on the house.  It currently is sitting as a centerpiece for our dining room table.  Our gingerbread house is even featured on our
    family's christmas card this year.  I've attached a photo of our christmas card, which, of course, includes a photo of the house.  Please feel free to use this photo and my email on your website as you see fit.  Thanks for helping out a guy and his mom who hadn't a CLUE about how to make a gingerbread house.


    By Dolores
    I used patterns from a book no longer available
    Chord for lights here. Windows are hard candy inserted before baking. Decorations are done using royal icing. Santa on chimney is figure piped.

    By Dolores
    I used patterns from a book no longer available
    Chord for lights here. Windows are hard candy inserted before baking. Santa on chimney is figure piped.

    It is a very simple design...however, it looks like the front of my church in Whitney Texas
    Our Savior Linda W.

    door is a cookie iced red,
    jelly watermelon candies for shutters.
    cute little figure-piped snowman
    What You Need:
    Foil to make silo dome 
    Cookie cutters of farm animals 
    2 14x11-inch pieces of white cardboard 
    Pastry bag with writing tip and star tip 
    Floral clay 
    6-inch length of cardboard tube from foil or plastic wrap 
    White or yellow string to make hay bales 
    Patterns - requires Adobe

    No instructions, sorry

    By Williams-Sonoma 2008
    Gingerbread manor is an edible architectural wonder. Meticulously built and decorated by hand so that no two are quite alike, the all-natural gingerbread structure is bedecked with gumdrops and peppermint balls. Delightfully surprising details like the royal-icing window shutters, entryway lanterns and personalized doormat bring the house to life. The door mat can be personalized with a name of up to eight letters. 26" x 20 1/4" x 18 1/2" high. $249.95!
    It should be very easy to make a pattern to do this one.

    No instructions, sorry

    King's Arms Tavern 

    Bootmaker's House

    Wyte House

    Nicholson Store 

    Neiman Marcus $150.00 (2008)

    Martha Stewart Living 2008

    Personalize it!

    Gingerbread Lighthouse
    To make this round, bake the gb on heavy duty foil and as soon as you remove from oven, leay ot over something you can find in the shape and let it cool that way. I have no patterns.

    Front-Right side

    Front-Left side

    Back - Barbara (Inlow) Whipp 2009

    House 1 Instructions

    By Barbara (Inlow) Whipp 2011
    Barbara is teaching our Gingerbread House classes this year!

    By Barbara (Inlow) Whipp 2011
    SUGARCRAFT GINGERBREAD HOUSE 2011 (Includes instructions) 

    Grow Park Inn Gingerbread House
    From a contest maybe 2008
    Hope this helps:
    To make it round! Bake it on aluminum foil. Use a cookie sheet or a big cardboard to transfer it to and from the oven. Then as soon as you remove from the oven, have something round to hurry and drape it over. Even if it doesn't get perfect right then, leave it awhile and it probably will bend on over. As for the 'something' to bend it over, I have no ideas!

    I always did mine that way as a routine. I rolled and cut on foil, slide a cardboard under to transfer to oven, slip the cardboard out and bake it on the foil - HEAVY DUTY FOIL - ONLY! Dolores

    Haunted Gingerbread House
    Bring the spirits to life with this very spooky gingerbread house. Everyone will howl at this Halloween-themed version of the classic, even as they pluck off a ghost or ghoul for a fun snack. 
    CDecorating ideas. Click pictures to enlarge


    HINTS FOR USING SUGAR VEIL SET from the maker of the Sugar Veil pen
    Thought you might be interested in seeing holiday gingerbread people wearing SugarVeil skirts, sweaters, glasses, hair, etc. (techniques from the new Dessert Garnishes DVD you carry). Michele at SugarVeil
    A few helpful tips for the SugarVeil Icing you have in stock.
    1. When piping, use 1/3 c. boiling water to 1 c. SugarVeil (this is less water than noted on bag)
    2. Pipe finely using a "0" or "1" tip - even a hairline of Sugarveil can be peeled from greased parchment
    3. If lines are sticky, they are not yet "set"
    4. When the mixture is made the day before, and the lines are piped finely, setting time is usually short, but to speed setting time:
    * Prepare mixture 1-2 days prior to use
    * Place in 100 degree oven, or oven with light/pilot light on [note: since my oven temp minimum is 175 degrees, I place the SugarVeil decorations on the stovetop while the oven is on 175 degrees]
    * Place in a food dehydrator
    * Place in the path of a fan or a heated air duct **
    * Use a dehumidifier in room * Apply in finer lines * Increase ambient temperature of room
    * Use heat lamp overhead (this also adds a patina sheen) Hope this is helpful
    also, FYI - I've been decorating and dressing gingerbread men with SugarVeil and even cutting out their clothes from solid sheets of SugarVeil (as shown in the new Dessert Garnishes DVD you carry) smoothed on a Silpat or greased parchment - so cute and works great!. 
    I just wanted to take the opportunity to thank you for selling the pre-baked/pre-cut gingerbread house that I purchased at your store a few weeks ago.

    Almost 30 years ago, my sister and I attended a class taught by then-local home economist Beverly Nye. Using her recipe and pattern pieces, my mom and I annually baked and decorated a gingerbread house, much like the one I purchased at your store. Mom always baked and cut the pieces (the very difficult part) and I did the decorating (the fun part). In the years since my daughter was born, lack of time had put an end to this tradition, and in the past couple of years my mom has not been in good enough health to make the pieces for me. My eight year old, however, became intrigued with the idea of assembling one thanks to the Food Network. When we came to your store on December 9th to purchase some decorating sugars, I spotted the pieces and decided $12.50 was a terrific price, as I could not bake one any cheaper.
    I am pleased to say that the pieces went together perfectly and my daughter and I had a wonderful time making the house. I do hope you will continue to sell the pieces in future years as I will come there to buy them! Thank you so much for helping me to reestablish this tradition.
    Shari S
    Mason, Ohio
    Gingerbread Jamboree

    Standard Cupcakes 'N More® Dessert Stand
    Holiday Mini Cutter Set (gingerbread boy used)
    Standard Muffin Pan
    White Standard Baking Cups
    Tip: 3
    Cookie Sheet
    Cooling Grid
    Rolling Pin
    Buttercream Icing
    Grandma's Gingerbread Recipe
    favorite gingerbread cake mix
    spice drops
    mini candy-coated chocolates
    Roll out dough. Cut, bake and cool 23 gingerbread boy cookies. Pipe tip 3 dot and outline facial features. Bake and cool 23 gingerbread cupcakes. Ice fluffy and position gingerbread boy cookies and candies.

    RECIPE: Grandma's Gingerbread Recipe by Wilton
    5 to 5 ½ cups all-purpose flour
    1 teaspoon baking soda
    1 teaspoon salt
    2 teaspoons powdered ginger
    2 teaspoons ground cinnamon
    1 teaspoon ground nutmeg
    1 teaspoon ground cloves
    1 cup solid vegetable shortening
    1 cup granulated sugar
    1 1/4 cups unsulphured molasses*
    2 eggs, beaten

    Preheat oven 375°F. Thoroughly mix flour, baking soda, salt and spices. Melt shortening in large saucepan. Cool slightly. Add sugar, molasses and eggs; mix well. Add four cups of the dry ingredients and mix again.
    Turn mixture onto lightly floured surface. Knead in remaining dry ingredients by hand. Add a little more flour, if necessary, to make the dough firm. Roll out on a lightly floured surface to a 1/4 inch thickness and cut out cookies with Gingerbread Boy and Girl Cookie Cutters. Bake 6-10 minutes for small to medium size cookies and 10-15 minutes for large cookies.

    If you're not going to use your gingerbread right away, wrap dough in plastic and refrigerate. Refrigerated dough will keep for a week, but be sure to remove it 3 hours prior to rolling so it softens and is workable.

    *Substitute 1 1/4 cups light corn syrup for molasses to make Blonde Gingerbread.
    Makes 40 medium-sized cookies.

    Royal Icing to Decorate your Gingerbread Creations by Wilton
    Ingredients: Yields 3 cups of icing.
    3 level tablespoons Meringue Powder
    4 cups sifted confectioners' sugar (approx. 1 lb.)
    6 tablespoons water
    Beat all ingredients at low speed for 7-10 minutes (10-12 minutes at high speed for portable mixer) until icing forms peaks.

    With royal icing, pipe outlines and facial features using Tip 3 and Disposable Decorating Bags. Use Icing Colors to create different looks. Attach candy canes with royal icing.

    Gift Tags
    Pipe outlines and facial features using Tip 3. Attach real ribbon bow with royal icing. Cut a tag from lightweight cardboard and punch a hole to attach to bow.

    Place Cards
    Ice area where the name will go. Add name and trim with Tip 2. Pipe outlines and facial features using Tip 3. Bake a small triangle shaped gingerbread piece to prop gingerbread cookies up. Prop upright by attaching triangle to back of gingerbread cookies using royal icing.


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