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Sometimes the writing is the focal point of the entire cake design. It is important that you learn to write well with icing tips.

Basics Freehand:
 1. Place your cake straight with the table so you won't write down hill. Your eyes see the table lines and if the cake is not sitting straight with the table (usually placed so you write downward) you may write downhill.
2. Not too much icing in the bag. Use the ‘rule’ small tip openings, small amount of icing in your bag.
3. Use thinner icing in small writing tips. You can thin with Karo syrup or piping gel, for elasticity.
4. This is easier, plus fancy too; write white 1st, then go trace on top with colored icing, same tip.
5. Usually use either #2-3-4 tips to write, but small star tips are also good on larger cakes.
6. Tip 44 is great for calligraphy-style writing, or for business names, etc.
7. To center your writing on your cake you can BLOCK IT:
8. Do the CENTER letter 1st, then write to your right, then to the left for the 1st letters of the word. (Be sure to remember to count spaces as if they were words too).
9. You can write with piping gel. It comes out thicker from the tube, than does icing, so use smaller tips. Also avail. in tubes.
10. The reason icing letters don't stick and sometimes loosen, is when icing is too stiff and the cake is moved - cardboard bends, making icing break. Solution, thin down your icing. It was too thick.
11. You could lay a string above where you want to write, for guidelines, even add a small spatula mark.
12. If you do goof it, add a few "motion" lines, dots, or zigzags on the letters to camouflage.
13. If you smooth the cake with a paper towel, it is easier to "fix" when you must scrape off writing.
14. Even when doing "cursive" or script writing, you  can STILL do one letter at a time as if you are printing. Much easier to stay straight.
15. For character cakes, you can write on the foil-covered cardboard...use thinned icing or it will flake off!

From Earlene Moore - "WRITING"
TECHNIQUE - Slightly flatten the end of your tip (tip #2 is most useful, adjust up or down depending on size of lettering) so you will have more of a calligraphy effect when you write. Hold bag between your thumb and front side of your finger for more control of your speed and pressure.

PRACTICE As usual with anything if you don't use it you lose it, it is helpful to practice before you begin by writing the message on wax paper first. This gives you a feel for your arm movement and gives you time to make any adjustments if you aren't happy with the results.

· SIZE - Carefully judge placement and size before any other decorating begins. Transfer ideas to tissue paper and lay on cake to see if it fits before proceeding.
· ICING - Be sure your icing has proper consistency, too stiff and your lines will break or buckle, too soft and it will run. Consider using royal you might find it easier.
· TO FILL BAG (I use 1/2 of a small parchment, just cut your parchment triangles into smaller triangles and roll as usual, this works well for small amounts while doing any decorating) place approximately one tablespoon of icing in the middle of a square of (cheap) soft plastic wrap, wrap up and place smooth side down in bottom of bag near tip, break plastic with hand pressure when ready to start.

PRACTICE! no substitute! Try writing congratulations, anniversary, etc...words with many syllables. The Wilton practice board is great for this.    <<<And never breath while writing>>> 

You still have to lean your bag to the right and also move left to right. It takes practice but can be accomplished.

     And then, if all else fails, try using a writing imprinter.

To use the imprinter, ice cake and just press the imprinter on.
From Dolores at:


FROM KTHY F.: I print out the inscription on the computer and use a Kopykake projector that shines the image on the cake. Then just trace it with your frosting. It helps get the words centered on the cake too. If you use a frosting that crusts you can print the inscription in the exact size you want it on the cake. Place the paper over a piece of styrofoam and poke holes along the lines with a T-pin or corsage pin. It leaves raised dots on the back that can be used to imprint the words on the front or on the side of a cake. Pictures too. If you use a frosting that stays soft you could try the same method after chilling the cake.

From DENISENH: Best way is to use gumpaste and roll it extra thin. Then impress with alphabet cutters.