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One taste of our delicious ready-to-go pastry fillings and you'll be hooked! The delicious fillings are available in a variety of flavors and taste great between layers of cakes, used as a pie filling, in cookie and candy recipes, and for ice cream toppings. Below are some great instructions and ideas using the filling. An unopened tube of filling will keep 6 months unopened and 6 months after it's opened in the refrigerator. One sleeve of pastry filling equals 3 cups.

Available Pastry Fillings.
Pastry Fillings In Pies
Keep sleeves of pastry fillings and ready-to-go pie crusts on hand.  Simply squirt one tube of pastry filling into the pie crust and top with whipped topping for a 5 minute dessert that is sure to please everyone. For a lot more recipes and ideas used in pies including the mini tarts, click below.
More about Pastry Fillings in Pies 
Pastry Between Cakes
Using pastry filling between cakes gives excellant flavor and adds moisture. It is also an ideal filling for cake rolls. Some of our favorite combinations are: yellow cake with lemon filling, chocolate cake with raspberry filling on one layer and Bavarian cream on an additional layer, white cake with strawberry filling; the possibilities are endless!
More about Pastry Fillings in Pies
Pastry Fillings In Cookies use pastry fillings in  thumbprint and sandwich cookies. The sandwich cookie is made by simply taking 2 cookies made from your favorite sugar cookie recipe and putting the pastry filling between for a sweet, delicious cookie. 
Pastry Fillings As a Candy Center
For a delicious 2-layer candy center, mix up fondant using dry fondant and the recipe included on the package. Add 3 Tablespoons icing fruit. Line your candy mold. Fill 1/3 way full with fondant/ icing fruit mixture and squirt pastry filling over the top. Seal with chocolate and put in freezer until set. Our favorite filled candy treat: Raspberry Icing Fruit and Raspberry Pastry Filling Combination.
Candy Centers 
Pastry Fillings For Ice Cream
Use pastry filling "as-is" on top of ice cream for a great way to use up unused fillings, or for a unique topping not found in grocery stores. To create your own flavored milkshake:
Mix 2 cups softened ice cream with 1/2 cup
filling in a blender. Add a small amount of
milk if too thick. 
Gourmet fillings ready to use as filling in your cakes.
STORING: Store in the refrigerator after opening. An opened tube will keep 6 months in the refrigerator. I usually tie the end off with a rubber band and then put them in Tupperware. Some ladies have frozen them with success.
Amount of Pastry Filling Needed -  This is the approximate amount of filling needed. Different fillings may vary slightly. Heart shaped cakes may take a little less filling than rounds, square shaped cakes may take a little more than rounds. One sleeve of filling equals 3 cups.
5"     1/4  cup
6"     1/3 cup
7"     2/3 cup
8"     3/4 cup
9"     1 cup
10"    1 1/4 cup
11"     1 1/2 cup
12"     1 3/4 cup
14"     2 1/3 cup
8"    3 cups
16"     3 2/3 cups
18"     5 2/3 cups
Sheet Cakes 
9 x 13    1/2 cup
10 x 15     2 cups
12 x 18     3 1/3 cup

TO USE: Torte cake wth cake leveler, lifting off top with cake lifter or board. Use decoraor's bag with an open coupler, fill with any buttercream icing. Make a "wall" around the outer edge. This holds the filling in and it is very important not to have gaps where it can ooze out. Cut the end off the Pasty Filling bag and add as much filling as you like. I wouldn't spread it too thick for wedding cakes in case the layers may shift. Spread with angled spatula. Return top layer of cake. Ice as normal or use the cake icer tip.
  • Apricot: strain / coat cake for rolled fondant
  • Banana Creme: add sliced bananas for pie filling
  • Coconut: I coated a rolled fondant cake with this & used as filling too
  • Cream Cheese: add to icing for cream cheese icing
  • Pineapple: Add icing to it for a special taste!
  • Red Raspberry: great with yellow cake
  • Strawberry: great with white cake
  • All flavers: Mix with icing for a filling
  • All flavers: Use as a mouse
  • All flavers: Good as pie filling
  • All flavers: Spread on toast, english muffins, etc.

  • For fruit flavors, spread a thin coating of buttercream icing on, then make the 'wall' and add your filling.
  • Bake in cupcakes, bunt cakes, etc. Just fill with batter, add spots of filling and cut through with knife.
  • Fill pastries, tarts, etc.
  • Pour Amaretto liqueur over a torte cake. Suggestion: Raspberry filling with Raspberry liqueur.
  • Chocolates: make chocolate shell; add creme center, top with filling, add chocolate to close candy piece. 




  • Lightly mix but not thoroughly and add to candy center cremes
  • Use two different flavors inside one cake, like cream cheese with strawberry. YUM!
  • Want cream cheese icing without the bacteria danger? Just mix cream cheese filling with your icing... about 1 cup per single icing recipe containing 2 lb conf. sugar.

  • Pina Colada Filling Combine some pineapple filling, bavarian cream, grated coconut (from Charlotte)
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