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Sweet Peas

Icing Sweet Peas:

Center Petal. side petals...note that the large ruffly petal is missing. Add that one first using tip 104 bag held almost vertical to surface, and twist your wrist a lot, to ruffle it slightly.

Icing: stiff consistency
Tip: 104


Bag: 45° angle 6:00
Tip: wide end touching surface, narrow end straight up

Squeeze, raising tip slightly.
Stop squeezing, lower tip.
Pull away.
Hold the bag at 45° angle 6:00, with the wide end of the tip against the surface and the narrow end pointing straight up. Squeeze the bag and lift the tip slightly off the surface (about 1/4 inch) as the icing curls. Continue to squeeze without changing position.

Stop squeezing, and return the tip to the surface. Pull tip away.

Side Petals

Bag 45° angle at 4:30 (left), 7:30 (right)
Tip: wide end touching surface, narrow end straight up

Squeeze, lifting tip slightly
Stop squeezing, lower tip
Pull away.
Repeat for other side.
Position your bag as for the center petal, but slightly to the left of it. Follow the same procedure as you did for the center petal, squeezing and while the petal curls, you lift the tip, stopping your pressure and lowering the tip back to the surface before pulling away. Repeat for the right side petal, holding the tip to the right of the center petal.

Icing: thin consistency
Tip: 3


Bag 45° angle 6:00
Tip: in base of center petal

Squeeze, letting icing build up.
Relax pressure, drawing down and away.
Stop squeezing, pull away.
Hold the bag at 45° angle 6:00. Touch the base of your flower with tip. Squeeze, letting the icing build up. Slowly draw the tip toward you, relaxing the pressure as you move away from the flower. Stop and pull out and away.

Note: Sweet peas bloom in almost all colors, ranging from white and cream to crimson and lavender. Have fun with your color choices! Your sweet peas may or may not have sepals.