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Practice with Tips: 104, 5
Icing Consistency: Medium Royal Icing
Bag Position: For Petals, 45° at 3:00 (9:00); For center, 90°. Hold Tip: For petals, wide end lightly touching 1/4 inch away from center of nail, narrow end pointing out to outer edge; for center, hold slightly above flower.

1. Dot center of flower nail with icing as guide for flower center. Starting at any point near outer edge of nail, squeeze and move tip towards center icing dot. Stop pressure, pull tip away.

2. Repeat for a total of 12 or more petals.

3. Add tip 5 flower center and press to flatten. For pollen effect, dampen your finger, dip in crushed Cake Sparkles™, then press on center.

Try these combinations on your daisies—yellow petals with yellow or blue centers, violet or blue petals with yellow centers, peach petals with orange centers. Highlight the center with Cake Sparkles™ or colored sugars which are extra fine texture.

Prepare two parchment decorating bags with tip 104 in each, one half parchment with tip 1
Fill each bag half full with medium consistency royal icing
Tips: 104, 1
Icing: Medium Consistency; yellow and violet for petals, yellow for center

Nail: in left (right) hand
Bag: 45° angle at 3:00 (9:00) for petals; 90° angle for center
Tips: for petals: wide end of tip lightly touching center of nail, narrow end pointing out and raised 1/4 inch above nail surface.
For center: slightly above flower
Completed Flower Size: as large as the top of your flower nail.


Using medium pressure, move tip out to edge of nail to form first curved petal. Spin nail letting the spin of nail form petal. Relax pressure as you move back to starting point. Stop, lift tip away. Repeat for second petal. These two petals should cover half of your flower nail.
Add two shorter curved petals on top of first two petals.
Add a single bottom petal using a gentle back and forth motion to create a ruffled effect. Add tip 1 teardrop center. Dry in medium Flower Former.
Adding Color to Pansies
Color Striping
For another variety of pansy, use the Color Striping technique. Brush a stripe of violet icing color down the side of parchment paper bag and fill with yellow icing. Be certain to turn tip 104 so the color stripe will come out the narrow end. Use the Color Striping technique when making the primrose and violet, too.

Pansies also can be painted with a fine art brush dipped in icing color. If color does not flow easily onto flower, dip brush into color, then into a small amount of Wilton Clear Vanilla Extract to thin color slightly before painting. For best results, point royal icing pansies after flower has dried and before adding teardrop center.

Notes from Dolores