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Boo 2! "The Hand" Party Favor

Halloween Party Games: Monster hands can be made by first putting candy corn in the fingertips of clear plastic gloves, then stuffing them with popcorn. A plastic spider ring makes a spooky finishing touch.
Materials: (links take you to needed products)
thin,transparent, Disposable "food handlers gloves" (they have no left or right; are sold by the box or by the roll), 1 glove per item

candy corn (or gum drops), 5 per item

popped corn (make your own, or purchase pre-popped, in Mondo-Sized bags), approx. 2-3 cups per item

twist tie(s) or curling ribbon(s); red and purple are nice n' awful...

Place 1 candy corn "fingernail" or a gumdrop (red? ewwwww....) at the end of each fingertip of the glove.

Carefully stuff each finger of the glove with popcorn, a few kernels at a time, until filled out, and then stuff the main part of the "hand." Don't overstuff; when adequately filled, twist the top of the glove tightly and tie it off/use a twist tie to fasten.
I thought the curling ribbons looked more weird when allowed to just loop the way they do when taken off the reel, vs. actually curled.

Other comments or suggestions to consider:
I wouldn't give these to really little kids, or make them with small Munchkins. For safety reasons, they should be out of reach of small children, and pets (I know cats and dogs who think curling ribbon is Delicious...), and they might not be a monster hit at church parties/un-Halloween parties. But for those of us who still think a little ghoul is slightly cool for Halloween, it's sorta nifty! My neighbor gave me one; it looked wickedly funny! She got her glove from the bulk food section of the grocery store; the same store said they'd sell me a box of them. The gloves come in boxes of 50 or 100, and the clerk I spoke to on the phone could not remember which, but it worked out to 5-10 cents per glove. If you live near a restaurant supply outlet, inquire there.

The same day my friend gave me this glove, I found the same idea on the Net, twice, while cruisin' Halloween topics. I haven't seen the "gumdrop" version made up, but it was mentioned elsewhere. Also mentioned elsewhere was putting a spider ring on the ring finger---whoa! Now we're stylin'...

There's a Very old movie called "The Hand" that is way creepy, in black n' white. Movie and popcorn thingee: whatta concept!!! ;-) Boo!

Idea from

Monster Paws – Using plastic gloves, purchased at beauty supply stores or the deli counter, stick one piece of candy corn at the tip of each finger. Fill the glove with pre-popped popcorn, and tie with curling ribbon, yarn or with a pipe cleaner. Add a little tag with a message, and the hand can be used as a party invitation, table decoration, or favor.
Bone Chillin' Brew

Floating hands: Water
Clear plastic food preparation gloves (available at restaurant supply and other stores)
Rubber bands OR twist ties

2 (64-ounce) bottles punch-flavor 100 percent juice (such as Libby's Juicy Juice), chilled
1 (12-ounce) can frozen lemonade concentrate, slightly thawed
4 (12-ounce) cans lemon-lime soda, chilled

For Floating Hands: Pour water into gloves, adding enough water to fill gloves loosely but not so full that the fingers will not move. Fasten gloves securely with rubber bands or twist ties so no water leaks out. Line a baking sheet with paper towels. Place filled gloves on paper towels. Freeze 3 hours or longer, until firm.

For Punch: Combine 2 bottles juice and undiluted lemonade concentrate in a large punch bowl. Gradually stir in soda. Carefully cut gloves off hands with scissors. Float hands in punch. Makes about 24 (8-ounce) servings.

CHARITY EVENT: we took plastic see-through gloves and filled them with popcorn and included a card that said, “Giving you a HAND for all you do in AWANA.” We went to each room and handed them out to the workers.
MAKE A TURKEY: Another project is to make turkeys from a plastic glove. We use clear plastic gloves from the cafeteria ladies. Made a black dot on thumb for an eye. Filled the thumb with red tissue paper for the head and other colors for the fingers to look like feathers. The rest of the glove is filled with popcorn....tied it closed with a small orange pipe cleaner to look like feet. Hot glued a candy corn candy for a beak.

Using disposable gloves, put candy corn in tip of all fingers and thumb (for fingernails). Then fill remaining spaces with popcorn. Tie with string or yarn or use rubber bands. Decorate with spider rings on the fingers. The kids love these!! :) 

Halloween Scary Hands - Inexpensive, easy, fun
Sep 29 '01

The Bottom Line If you need an easy, fun, and inexpensive idea for Halloween, then this is the MAX!

If you want a low-cost, easy project for Halloween goody bags or for class parties for the BOO season, then this is my all-time favorite.

I teach public speaking at the college, and my students come up with all sorts of neat ideas for demonstrations. I encourage all my students to be creative and to have fun with the demos. I know that speaking in front of a group can be really hard and stressful for students (and for most everyone). My soft, fun approach has worked really well for students and has given me loads of great ideas to share with others. My students are always pleased when I enjoy the projects they share and pass those on.

This idea comes from Loni. She learned how to make Spooky Hands when she worked with a Senior Citizen group in recreation. Although this project was initially a senior fun project, it is good with all ages (and even pre school aged). In fact, I had a great time making a spooky hand in class during the 4-6 minute demonstration, and I gave my hand to my boss so that his wife could make these with her special needs kids.

Here is what you need:

1. Plastic gloves*
2. Candy corn
3. Popped popcorn
4. Ribbon

*For the plastic gloves, you need clear gloves (non latex) and not powdered. These are food service type gloves that are similar to the ones at the doctor’s office. These bare- bones (excuse the Halloween pun) gloves are the very low cost gloves. You can get these at some pharmacies and some grocery stores. My student got her gloves from Subway. I want to thank Subway sub shop for helping out on a student project.

Take the gloves and put a candy corn in the tip of each finger. These are the fingernails. Even if they shift around, they still look like fingernails.

Next, put popcorn in the gloves (any type of popped corn is fine including microwave popcorn). This is the hardest part. Take your time. Slide popcorn into each finger space with easy pushes. You do not want to crush the popcorn. Continue to fill until you have the gloves filled with about an inch of space at the top of the glove.

Pull the top of the glove together and tie off with ribbon. You can also use yarn. Orange or black ribbons/yarn work well for Halloween.

These are the basic Scary Hands from my class from Loni. They are inexpensive to make, look cute, and the treats are tasty.

I did brainstorm with some of the neighbors. Here are a couple of ideas from friends who have made these and others who are planning to make the hands.

If you want multicultural hands, then you can use chocolate covered corn or cheese corn. Another idea is to use malted milk balls in place of popcorn for the main hand. These are African-American hands. Other hand mixes can include lemon balls with the yellow color and red hots for a reddish color. One thing to keep in mind with the harder candies is that the heavier pieces may push down and around the fingernails.

If you want worts on the hands, then put gum drops in . . .just a few. This would be last minute as you don’t want the wetter gum drops to wilt the popcorn.

The most advanced move on the hands if to add a spider ring. These are inexpensive. Check with oriental trading company (also on line) to get the rings. One of the local Gma’s made the ring version. You have to work the popcorn around the ring on one finger to get the ring on, but it is really cute if you add the ring.

These are great projects for Halloween. Little kids can make them. Adults have fun with them too. It only takes a few minutes to make a Scary Hand, so you can make a whole lot and give them out to trick-or-treaters or make them for a class party. Eli is making these for his class later this month. I am inviting some of his friends to help out. I can’t hardly wait! This is one of the best projects I’ve seen in a long time. Thanks to Loni for sharing this idea.

One more Halloween quickie with those plastic gloves. Fill the gloves with kool aid and freeze. Take the glove off carefully. Just start a tear and peel off. Float those in the punch bowel. A good combo is red punch with grape (purple) hands floating in the bowel. Kids really get a kick out of the hand shaped ice bobbing up and down.