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 Kosher FondX

Fondx is a premium rolled fondant with a nice marshmallow flavor.  It can easily be colored and flavored. 
Instructions: Crumb coat cakes with buttercream, short freeze or refrigerate iced cakes to achieve harder body. Knead each 2 lb of FondXcel with ¼ Tsp. shortening or Crisco. Do not knead FondXcel with powder sugar or cornstarch. Place kneaded FondXcel in Ziploc back to prevent drying up. Dust clean work area lightly with powdered sugar or inside pouch starch. Roll out FondXcel to about 3/16 inch think for best result. Left gently and center over cake, drape and smooth out top and sides. Remove excess and store in airtight container. When finished store FondXcel in room temperature with tight lid on. 
Made in Indianapolis, Indiana, U.S.A.
Shelf Life: 8 months, Ivory, Certified Kosher
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 FondX White Rolled Fondant
10 lb. $34.94
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 FondX Ivory Rolled Fondant
10 lb. $34.94
Not a Stock Item: By Special Order
- allow 10-15 extra week days for delivery
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Frequently Asked Questions
Where is FondX made?
FondX is made in Indianapolis, Indiana, U.S.A.
   What is the flavor of FondX?
Vanilla flavored with a marshmallow taste.  FondX does not have an overbearing sweetness like other fondants.
   What are the difference between FondX and other Brands? Answer given by Fondx and does not reflect opinions of Sugarcraft.
FondX is a more forgiving rolled fondant.  It is easier to knead, easier to roll out and does not crack when applied onto the cake.  FondX is also the whitest in color amongst all Fondants.  FondX also has the smoothest enjoyable taste, never soapy.
   How many pounds does FondX come in a pail?
FondX is available in 10 lb and 2lb pails.
   How many months will FondX last?
FondX will last 12 months or longer in an un-opened pail.  Please find the appropriate expiration date on the pail.
   How should FondX be stored?
FondX should be stored in room temperature in a bag and in its pail with a tight lid.  Opened FondX should be stored in 2 ZipLock bags and a secure lid on the pail to ensure freshness.
   Can I refrigerate un-used FondX?
Yes, unused FondX can be refrigerated.  Recommended to be stored in 2 ZipLock bags and a secure lid on the pail to ensure freshness.
   Can I refrigerate cake covered FondX?
Yes a FondX covered cake can be refrigerated.  It is best insert the FondXd cake into a cake box before storing in the refrigerator.  The box helps prevent the cake from sweating and color bleeding due to the moisture in the refrigerator.  Subject to shop conditions.
   Is FondX Kosher?
FondX is a Kosher Parve product.
   Is FondX contained Nuts or Gluten?
FondX does not contain either ingredient.
   What is FondX made of?
FondX is made of powdered sugar, corn syrup, assorted gums, shortening, vanilla flavor, glycerin, citric acid and preservative.
   Can FondX be colored?
Yes, FondX will absorb color very nicely. Please use oil base color or gel color. Do NOT use airbrush color.  It is recommended to color the Ivory FondX because it absorbs the color better than the Virgin White FondX.
   Can FondX be mixed with White Chocolate Rolled Fondant?
Yes, FondX will mix well with Sweet Inspiration White Chocolate rolled fondant.  Apply your desired ratios: 50/50, 60/40, or 70/30.  Whichever ratio reaches your desired taste and texture.  This mixing of products will add an amazing flavor and smell to your FondX.  Try it to tell the difference, you will love it!
   How much FondX do I need to wrap a cake?
This will depend on the thickness of the rolled FondX that you would like to wrap the cake with.  We recommended an 1/8 inch thickness.  This is the desired thickness for the consumer to fully enjoy the FondX.  If the FondX is rolled too think, the consumer may less likely eat the icing because it may seem too sweet.  Also the thinner the FondX is rolled; it is less apt to cracking.   Please refer to the table for amount use suggestions:
Table for 1/8" thick of FondX:
4" Round Cake - 1.50 lb.
6" Round Cake - 2.25 lb.
9" Round Cake - 3.00 lb.
12" Round Cake - 5.00 lb.
14" Round Cake - 7.00 lb.
16" Round Cake - 8.50 lb.
18" Round Cake - 11.00 lb.
1/4 Sheet Cake - 3.50 lb.
1/2 Sheet Cake - 8.00 lb.
Full Sheet Cake - 15.00 lb.
   Can FondX be put through a Dough Sheeter?
   FondX is very commonly used through a dough sheeter.  A common practice is to sandwich the FondX in between two fondant mats, then push through the sheeter. (Sheeter is available for cost of $2-4,ooo.oo).  The mats help prevent the FondX from being mistreated by the mechanical rollers.
   Are there easier ways to apply FondX on a cake?

There are a variety of ways to apply FondX onto your cake.

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