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1. Cover 10” layers with Fondant.
2. Airbrush colors Green/Yellow. Leaving the top center brown.
3. Cover (3) 2” fake cakes.
4. Using the Blade/Shell Tool, mark “bark like” lines on the side of the trunk.
5. Airbrush Black. Using a sponge, wipe away Black Airbrush.
6. Airbrush the trunk Brown.
7. Shape a 6” cake to resemble a tree top. Cover in Fondant.
8. Airbrush Green/Yellow.
9. Using buttercream icing, apply leaves to the tree top.
10. Place all items.
11. Using tip #3, pipe grass.
12. Cut scored columns to the appropriate height.
13. Mark fake cake layers, creating a slight indentation. (This will help stabilize the trunk to the cake.)
14. Make the hole for the 6” plate to fit into the top of the trunk.
15. Using icing as “glue”, place the trunk on bottom cake layers. Do the same when attaching the top layers to the trunk.
Leaf Instructions:
1. Roll out thin layer of Fondant or Gum Paste.
2. Using Small Rose Leaf Cutter, cut leaf shapes.
3. Using the Blade/Shell Modeling Tool, mark veins.
4. Shape leaves over crumpled plastic wrap or paper towels.
5. When leaves are set, lay out flat on sheet tray and airbrush.
*Usually takes 24 hours for the Gum Paste/Fondant to set.

Flower Instructions:
1. Roll out thin layer of gum paste or fondant.
2. Using the Small Calyx/Poinsettia cutter, cut flower.
3. Using the Ball Modeling Tool, place flower in the palm of your hand and roll the center of the flower until the desired shape is realized.
4. When flowers are set, airbrush centers Pink.
5. Pipe centers.
*Usually takes 24 hours for the Gum Paste/Fondant to set.
Sculpted Cake

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Supplies Needed
FON-15PW - Fondant - White
FT-20512 - 12” Silver Drum
SPS-6 - SIngle Plate Separator
(3) GC-9S0 - Original Scored Columns - 9”
F-56 - Flower Puffy Picks
DRG-R - Dragonfly Jewel Rings
BF-4 - Butterfly Puffy Jewel Rings
BUG-1 Bug Picks
LBG-1 - Ladybug Puffy Picks
FT-8782 - PME Modeling Tool #2 - Blade/Shell
FT-8783 - PME Modeling Tool #3 - Ball
FT-8850 - Calyx/Poinsettia Cutter - Small
FT-8852 - Rose Leaf Cutter
Decorating Tubes Needed:
SDT-3 - Center of flowers, grass
Airbrush Colors Needed:
AB-5101 Green - Grass, leaves
AB-5104 Yellow - Grass, leaves
AB-5117 Midnight Black - Tree trunk
AB-5134 Nut Brown - Tree trunk, center of cake layer
AB-5119 Pink - Flower centers
Icing Colors Needed:
PL-5401 Leaf Green - Grass
PL-5404 Lemon Yellow - Grass, flower centers