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1. Your choice of filling - mine are below.
2. Once you have the filling you want, then you need the egg candy mold:
#90-2602 HERE
3. You will also need compound coating chocolate - NO other type for molds! HERE

To make the eggs:
1. Put melted chocolate into the egg mold cavities, tilt the mold so chocolate coats the shell. Invert over wax paper, a cake rack or prop with flexible cups (flex cup to remove - chocolate is re-usable). Let excess chocolate drain out. When chocolate turns 'rubbery' looking and is no longer shiny, turn the mold over and, using an ANGLED (small one best) spatula, scrape off the drippings. You may need to repeat this process if the walls need to be thicker.

2. Fill mold almost to the top with your filling. Cover with melted chocolate, taking care to be sure there aren't any holes uncovered.
TIP: A handy thing...use a 6 or 8 ounce squeeze bottle for this. Melt chocolate and fill bottle, dump when finished. You can't melt chocolate in these bottles!

3. Place in freezer to harden the chocolate. May take 10-15 minutes. You can tell when the chocolate releases from the mold by just looking at it underneath. Invert over towel for cushioning. Decorate with 5x5 inch candy foil square!
These should fit into the smallest 1/4 pound egg box of your choice.
TIP: One flavor filling to one color foil - codes them!

Peanut Butter Cups w/ dry Fondant #1
 Categories: Candies
      Yield: 10 servings

     18 oz Peanut butter
    1/2 c  Butter, melted
      1 lb Dry candy fondant *

Mix all ingredients, shape into balls and dip in coating chocolate or Coat candy mold with chocolate for a shell and make fancy candies.
Source: newsletter Mar '89

* Dry Candy Fondant available
Merckens® coating/dipping chocolate available HERE

'DOLORES' CREAMY PEANUT BUTTER FILLING... for filled candies Note: Make up one day ahead so it can mellow and ripen. Combine ingredients in mixer bowl. Beat on medium until well blended and creamy. Consistency is soft and creamy. This mixture should be placed into a decorating bag, tip #12. Is too soft to form a ball. Melt dipping chocolate. Make shells in candy mold cavities, pipe filling into mold through decorating bag, tip #12, then cover and seal with chocolate. Chill and un-mold. Will keep in cool dry place up to 3-4 weeks. Source: I developed it.
NOTE: Add invertase if keeping longer than 3 or weeks. It will help them not to dry out.

* Dry Candy Fondant available
Merckens® coating/dipping chocolate available HERE

COCONUT CENTER... Coconut Creams with or without the almond (Something like the famous Almond Bar) In a small pan, heat the corn syrup to quite hot, but do not boil. Then pour into bowl containing the coconut and mix thoroughly with a spoon or spatula, cover with wax paper and set aside for one hour so that the coconut will become well saturated with the corn syrup. Wet hands and roll into balls. Excellent as a bon bon filling or used in almond candy mold or candy bar mold. Nice to dip in white or pink coating. For Valentine's Day, I dip white or pink, then drizzle on red coating. NOTE: finely chopped nuts and/or almonds or cherries may be added to this mixture for variety.

* Dry Macaroon coconut available HERE

DOLORES' UN-COOKED MARSHMALLOW Soak gelatin in the cold water; set aside. In a saucepan, combine warm water sugar and invert sugar. Heat, but do not boil. When heated so that mixture just starts to bubble around the edges, remove from stove. Pour into a large mixer bowl; add soaked gelatin, corn syrup and vanilla slowly and whip till white and doubled in bulk. Pour finished mixture into a buttered pan, or oiled candy molds, ect. Let stand 24 hours, cut in squares. Ideas: Cut and roll in coconut, dip shapes in chocolate, ect. To form bunnies and chicks, increase gelatin to 3 1/2 tablespoons.

Shared by Margo
     Marshmallow cream
     2 1/4 cup of invert sugar, divided
     4 1/2 tablespoon dried egg whites
     2 1/4 cup light corn syrup
     1 teaspoon clear vanilla

     In a mixing bowl, combine 1 1/8 cups of the invert sugar with the dried egg whites; whip at low speed of electric mixer to blend. Set aside. In a saucepan, combine remaining invert sugar & corn syrup. Heat to approximately 210'. Slowly add heated syrup to egg white mixture & beat on high until light & very white. Add vanilla. Store in covered container & use in any recipe calling for marshmallow cream. Makes appox. 3 1/2 quarts.

BASIC CREAM CENTER... the easy no-cook kind


Mix first 2 ingredients and let set overnight < or for several hours > tightly covered. Add cream & whip with heavy duty mixer or by hand. Divide dough into separate bowls. <I divide into 3 different batches with 3 flavors>. Makes nice batch of each. For each batch, add whatever color/flavor, etc. you like.

Below are some combinations:

Chocolate covered cherries < cream type: > wrap creme center mix around a well drained maraschino cherry... be sure the cherry is SEALED in the dough, chill & dip in chocolate Be sure to dip as soon as removing from fridge. The acid in the cherry causes it to cordial < liquefying > quickly.

OKAY - you want to make it from scratch - this is easy!
COOKED FONDANT ...This one is more of a challenge and fun to do Combine butter, sugar, Coffee Rich, Cream & Cream Of Tartar in a heavy saucepan. Stir until sugar is well moistened. Place on high heat. Bring to boil then cover mixture for 2-3 minutes (to prevent sugar crystals from forming). Uncover & place thermometer in boiling mixture. COOK WITHOUT STIRRING. Wipe any crystals from sides of pan. Cook to exactly 236 degrees.

Immediately pour out onto a marble slab. When heat is no longer coming from the mass of candy... test it with your finger tips or wrist... when the dents made with your fingers remain for a little time instead of filling in immediately & candy is luke warm, candy is ready to work. Work fondant with candy paddle until it sets up.

Allow it to rest 15 minutes, covered. Then knead it until perfectly smooth. Like magic, the "crumbs will turn to wonderful creamy candy! Form into a big ball, place on Saran wrap & into a bowl that can be tightly sealed.

This fondant is best if kept a day or so before using, but may be used right away.
HINTS: For stiffer fondant, cook 1-2 degrees more. Freezing makes it sticky.
* Marble slab available HERE

Enjoy and Happy Easter! Dolores