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Design Tip #2
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Using Geraldine's Impression Mat 
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A Few Simple Steps 
Step 1 Lightly Grease the Smooth side of the impression mat with vegetable shortening. Spray oil is acceptable but be sure to wipe off any excess.
Step 2 Coat the cake with a very thin coating of buttercream, alcohol, or boiled apricot jam and allow to firm.
Step 3 Knead the sugarpaste very well and roll out to the desired thickness (we recommend 1/8 inch to a maximum of 3/16 inch) on a sprinkling of powdered sugar. Frequently lift and turn the Sugarpaste using the roll-a-towel method until the desired size is achieved.
Step 4 When the Sugarpaste is rolled to the desired size and thickness, lift the Sugarpaste using the roll-a-towel method and dust the counter with powdered sugar then lay the Sugarpaste back down onto your work surface (This will avoid sticking later).
Step 5 Lay the impression mat - smooth greased side down - on the Sugarpaste and roll firmly over the top impressing the mat into the Sugarpaste to ensure a good definition of the pattern marks.
Step 6 At this point any desired colour should be added. This can be done either by dusting powdered luster colours over the mat or airbrushing over the entire surface. To maintain colour coverage only on the pattern ensure the mat is still down on the Sugarpaste.
Step 7 Lift the impression mat and Sugarpaste together using the roll-a-towel method and place on the cake. Be sure to roll across the top of the cake to remove the air trapped between the cake and the Sugarpaste. Carefully peel the impression from the Sugarpaste.
Step 8 Lift the Sugarpaste away from the side of the cake like a skirt with one hand and smooth down the side with the other. Do not use smoothers as the pattern may be erased.
Step 9 Trim away the excess Sugarpaste from around the base of cake.
Impression mat cake samples accented with sugar flowers or N.T. Paste flowers

Instructions by Earlene Her mats here
The impression mats are designed to use with a crusting buttercream icing.

They can be used with fondant covered cakes - if using with fondant the imprint must be made immediately after the fondant icing is applied and smoothed on each cake tier.

The impression mats are designed to press against the dry icing as you roll it around the cake. Don’t try to bend them to fit the cake shape.

Begin your imprint about 1 inch from the edge of the mat to prevent imprinting the vertical edge of the mat.

To continue the design around the cake - match the prior imprinted design and continue pressing lightly to continue the design around the cake.

Dusting the mat lightly with cornstrarch will help prevent sticking to the cake. Wiping the mat clean after each use will also help prevent sticking to the buttercream icing.

The impression mats can be used on either side. Imprinted design - press with the protruding design toward the cake. Embossed design - press firmly with the protruding design away from the cake.

All impression mats were designed to allow you the creativity to enhance those designs as you choose. Dots imprinted can be piped or a fondant pearl applied. Three small dots piped. Hearts piped. Tiny flowers applied and etc.

Line mats can be used as is for lines totally around the cake or cut into shapes and imprinted and worked into other designs.

Diamond mats can be enhanced with dots, crosses, hearts and etc. New diamond mat sizes can also be used as sets. 1 1/2” diamond on base cake - 1 1/4” diamond on middle cake and 1” diamond on top cake.

New Scroll mats are designed to give you a basic shape to imprint and overpipe adding your own touches or emboss and use to look like you have piped that design. You then have a choice to add to that design or use it as is. 6 widths in the scroll design give you a full set to use on your various size cake tiers.

Wash in mild soapy water, DO NOT PUT in the dishwasher.