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JEM Floral Tape & Ribbon Shredder 

used to split florist tape or curling ribbon, raffia, 
polypropylene ribbon when it is too wide and bulky.
Shreds two different sizes. 
#43-6250 $11.45 INSTRUCTIONS

3-in-1 CelShredder

Allows you to cut florist's tape
in varying widths. 
It can be adjusted to half
width, third width and
quarter width. Place roll of tape
in the opening 
and apply pressure, the blades 
will cut through
several layers of tape. 
Cuts about 1/8"
deep all at once.
#43-CC115/CC150 $88.79

Color Tray
 Become a true fondant artist with this convenient tray! Pour in Brush On Color and use Cake or Cookie Stamps or the Brush Set to add vivid designs to fondant cakes.
Would make a nice pallet for dust mixing! #1907-1208 $3.59

Flower Former CONES
for making lily flowers includes 2" tall
wide cone and 3 inch tall pointed cone
2 piece set #CUTFFS $4.75


Atlas Motorized Pasta Machine 
Includes blades to make ravioli, 
lasagna and capellini.
Made in Italy 110v/60hz/100w 
Includes instructions. 
How to make Bow Loop
How to make a mold
#8330 $224.95 

cover your fondant/gumpaste cut-outs until 
ready to form to help keep soft and pliable 
#43-CC145/ME12 $5.25

Gyro disc Kit
- plastic set of 4 #43-380CM $12.99 

Highly recommended by Earlene Moore! This picture shows Earlene using this handy helper (hers has only 3 disks):

Sugarfacts Size Guide
for gumpaste measuring evenly
A plastic guide for correct size of paste
when modeling etc. - referenced in 
Sugar facts and on enclosed moulds
leaflet. 5x8". The openings refer
to the size of paste needed for a
particular flower or item to be 
created Sugarfacts Size Guide 
#BV05/43-CC160 $6.45

Gum Paste Storage Board
Maintain the easy to shape consistency 
of your cut gum paste and fondant pieces
place them under the clear covers of 
this convenient Storage Board until
you are ready to work with them.
Two flaps provide ample space for
storing multiple petals and leaves 
when making flowers like the rose, 
the calla lily or the daisy. 
SIZE: 8 x 10" 
#409-2544 $6.99

Drying Rack
This is a must for anyone who makes gumpaste flowers. This rack stands 7x9-1/2". A must for hanging flowers on wire stems upside down for drying. Assembly required 
#CUTFDS $6.00

Gum Paste Flowers Drying Rack
It is the perfect drying system for gumpaste
flowers! With the Gum Paste Flower Rack,
wired flowers and leaves can hang upside
down, without touching any surface, enabling
them to maintain the ideal shape and petal
position. The 2 level design, with 4 drying
arms on each level, creates an organized
staging area to help you assemble your
flowers conveniently.
#409-2543 $5.99

Acrylic Drying Rack
Dry your flowers in style! 
Very attractive.
So your gumpaste petals won't droop before they dry, hook the wire over the arms of this drying rack to dry. This is super for daisies. The petals are so delicate and drying them upside down will cause the petals to cup naturally.
Base 5 1/2"
Arms 12 1/2" across both
#MC01/TD-2  $29.95

Drying Rack link
I love this for when I make icing flowers!
Flower Drying Pieces
Perfect for drying wired gum paste flowers.
Let wired flower hang over etc.
Random shapes
Random Size Small 
#FKRSSM  $ .50 

Random Size Medium 
#FKRSMD $ .75

Random Size Large 
#FKRSLG  $1.00

CelFormers (Cup) M 
1 3/4 inch cone opening x 2.25 diameter x 3/4 inch tall. Styrofoam.
#ME45 10 piece $15.95 
Polystyrene formers for drying trumpet, lilies, 
calla lilies and bulbous flowers 
10 pc #43-CC170/#CC141 $14.75

4x Half Spheres Former
A Stephen Benison tool
White plastic
This Sphere former is used with his
Teardrop Cutter set to form stunning
cake tops and centerpieces. 
 #FM1 $9.00
"HANDY HOLDER" by JEM. Plastic with
10 supports for a variety of flowers. 
Use concave or convex. Hang florist
wire flower too. Use as a royal icing 
bag support, with nozzle resting on 
foam included. Packs flat. 9x4" 
#43-6253 $15.59

Concave & Convex Shape 
Formers by Parpen - Concave and convex shapers 
perfect for modeling leaves, petals, bow streamers, 
and great for drying royal icing flowers. 
Includes 3 styles. 1-1/4, 3-1/2, 5 inch widths 
x 10-1/2" L. #TMC $5.50

Gum Paste Forming Cups
Curved round shape is ideal for drying gum paste, fondant and royal icing flowers and leaves. Openings in bottom center make it easy to pull wires through and adjust for the perfect drying position. Includes 2.5 and 3 in. diameter cups for drying everything from simple blossoms and briar roses to large daisies. 
#1907-118, set of 6 for $5.49

Link shows use

3x Bottle Neck Former
A Stephen Benison tool
White plastic
This Bottle Neck former is used with 
the his Teardrop Cutter set #18735
to form stunning cake tops and
centerpieces. #FM2 $9.00

Gumpaste 2 Flower Former Tray
12 x 2 x 1 inch
2 cavity
#43-9100 $3.19

Gumpaste 3 Flower Former Tray
12 x 1 x 1/2 inch
3 cavity
#43-9103 $3.19

Gumpaste Wave Flower Former Tray
12 x 2 x 1 inch
2 cavity
#43-9102 $3.19
Wavy Fondant Former 12x12"
Perfect for fondant ribbons, gumpaste people limbs, icing daisies or other cupped decorations. Color and Size varies slightly.
heavy duty poly carbonate sheeting
1 3/4 inch Concave/Convex
#101931 $4.95

Wavy Fondant Former 18x26"
Made in U.S.A 
#101931-2 $8.95

Wave Flower Former Set
Use this convenient connecting platform 
to dry flowers, leaves and other decorations
in royal icing, gum paste or fondant. 
Wave shape makes it easy to dry concave
or convex shapes; large drying area is great 
for ribbons, bows and streamers. 
Set/2 1907-1320 $6.99

 Fondant/Gumpaste Rose Leaf Press Set
Give your cake the perfect finish! Create
a beautifully textured fondant and/or 
gumpaste design in seconds with the 
Fondant Cut & Press. It's easy just 
roll out fondant, gum paste or a 50/50 
mixture, cut with the rectangular cutting 
edge, then place between the two sides 
and press sides together to imprint. 
Includes 2 piece cutter/press, 
Approx. 1,1 1/2, 2" leaves
#1907-1300 $6.99

Link shows use



Polystyrene formers, two styles, 3 sizes. 
For orchids, azaleas, petunias, anemone, 
full blown rose, poppy,
etc. 12 pc #43-CC165/ME17 $12.65
Flower Helpers
Rose bud formers (rose cones)
Use trays to dry your fondant or gumpaste flowers in to keep their shapes.
click pictures to enlarge
FORMER MOLDS - Use in same manner as above molds

1" cupped former 
Former Mold
16 cavity #43-9042 $3.00

Flower Petal Small Cone 
Former Mold
8 cavity #43-9001 $3.00

Flower Petal Medium Cone
Former Mold
8 cavity #43-9002 $3.00

Flower Petal Large Cone
Former Mold
5 cavity #43-9003 $3.00

Flower 2 in. cup
Former Mold
6 cavity #43-9024 $3.00

Flower 1-5/8 in cup
Former Mold
8 cavity #43-9026 $3.00

Flower Concave cup
Former Mold
8 cavity #43-9035 $3.00

Cupped former 3/4"h 
Former Mold
25 cavity #43-9040 $3.00

Klay Press with disks
(formerly known as the Sugarcraft Klay Gun)
"As seen on T.V."
Use with any kind of modeling compound dough or sugarpaste! The patented pump action of the sugarcraft gun
has been designed for working with GumPaste, Mexican Paste, Fondant and Marzipan. 
The unique lever action gives a mechanical assistance when working with these pastes.
Includes 16 Discs great for ribbons, letters, frames, bricks, baskets, vines, grass, ropes and much more. 
For hair, grass and flower stamens use the mesh discs. 
For ribbons, lattice and basket weave use slotted discs. 
For ropes use the clover leaf shaped discs. 
The square and half round discs can be used for bricks and logs. 
Tube measures 3" diam. 
Saw this hint: Add Crisco to gumpaste 
when using this tool so it flows through smoothly.
#SG-KIT $39.49

Tips for use
Candy Clay

Klay Gun (formerly known as the Sugarcraft Klay Gun)
#2225 $18.95

Sugarcraft Gun Craft Extruder
Extra Parts 1
Includes both end caps, spring 
and two inside plates.
#SG-P $15.00

Sugarcraft Gun Craft Extruder
Extra Parts 2
Includes end cap, spring 
and two inside plates.
#SG-P2 $12.95

Sugarcraft Gun Craft Extruder Extra Parts 3
Includes spring and inside plate.
#SG-P3 $9.95

Large Klay Gun
A lightweight twist type Klay Gun for making many different decorative accents. As shown by Geraldine Randlesome. Force fondant, sugar paste, clay, bread dough, or jewelry clay through various shaped openings in an assortment of interchangeable discs. Try any one of the 18 discs for making  hair, grass, rope, logs, bricks, vines, stems, flower stamens, necklace strands, beads, ribbons, pearls and fine to large lines. Allows a flush cut off of the extended clay using a pallet knife. Made with a sturdy die cast zinc alloy that will not burst open or explode at the seam. This non rusting alloy is Lime Green plated for a nice appearance. Measures 6-1/2 inch with a 9/16 inch opening. Tube is 5" in diam. Each disc measures 6/8 inch diameter. Made in China.
#TKGUNL $25.95

Idea cake

Fondant and Gum Paste Course Book
by Wilton - 
Are you ready for something fun and exciting 
that everyone from a 3 year old to the professional decorator
can do? In this course book you will learn to work with fondant
including cake preparation, icing recipes, handling, and storage
for fondant. Learn how to tint and marble. Then roll out and cover  the board as well as the cake! 
And all this in lesson ONE. Then on to lesson 2: Fondant 
embellishments take full advantage of fondant's versatile. 
Learn to make drapes, handkerchief overlay and ribbon garland. 
Lesson 3 shows how easy it is to create gumpaste flowers including daisies, carnations, fantasy flower, 
calyx, and leaves. 
The Grand Finale in lesson 4 will be your most impressive
cake yet. Top your cake with a Fondant Favor
Box using all the techniques you've learned.
Also learn to make fondant borders and 12 different cakes. 
#902-1066 By far the best value in a learn
how-to book... only $6.95
corresponding Fondant and Gum Paste Student Kit (2116-108)

Exotic Sugar Flowers by Alan Dunn
Exciting new collection of over 30 exotic sugar flowers, which 
have never before been published. Superbly colorful 
flowers from all over the world to inspire both the beginner 
and expert cake decorator. Sprays and arrangements 
to adorn a variety of cakes and table decorations. 
Beautiful step-by-step photography captures the detail of each
magnificent flower. 
Learn to make: orchids, peonies, fern, lily, gerbera daisy, tuberose, Brazilian violet trumpet vine, poppy, arum lily, bupleurum, amarylis, caladium, pineapple flower, 
cockleshell orchid, protea, ruscus, slipper orchid, camellia, ladder fern, alstroemeria, fish tail fern, Christmas chili 
peppers, and several finished cakes containing these flowers.
9.5" x 11" Full Color, 160 pages, hardback
Available HERE
* Also check other books by Alan Dunn
I like them because they guide you
step-by-step making a flower and 
putting it together is needed.

11 piece Flower Starter Tools Kit
This Kit includes the following items: 
TMBL - Large Ball Tool 1/2 & 5/8" 
110S Small Blossom Cutter 5/8" 
120M Medium Calla Lily Cutter 2 x 1 7/8" 
122M Medium Carnation Cutter 1 1/2" 
252 Stephanotis Cutter 1 1/8" 
256S Small Quickie Sweet Pea 1 3/4" x 7/8" 
246M Medium Rose Collection:
Calyx: 1 3/8 x 1 3/8" 
Leaf: 1 1/4 x 7/8" 
Petal: 1 3/8 x 1" 
Petal: 1 1/8 x 9/16" 
#300/43-4000 $53.25

Basic Tools Kit
Kit includes: 
#FSPBK - Black Sugar Pearls
#MSP08W - Sugarpaste White 800 grams
#TSCRAP - Plastic Scraper
#CUTRIB/TMR Multi Ribbon Cutter
#380S - Diamond Marker
#130M - Dogwood Medium
#C432 - Ice Blue Blossom Tint
#C305 - Diamond Crimper
#TPK1008 - Palette Knife
#DECSET $59.99

Click to enlarge picture
Sugarcraft Super Kit Set Tools Smoother Cutter Plunger
A fantastic set of items with free 8 Piece Cake 
Modeling Tool Kit including
Set of 3 Veined Gerbera and Sunflower Cutters: 
10mm 43-629DA, 19mm 43-631DA, 27mm 43-632DA
Set of 3 Snowflake Plunger/Cutters:
25mm, 40mm, 55mm #SF708/43-708SF 
Set of 3 Veined Rose Leaf Cutters:
15/16", 1 1/8", 1 9/16" #43-530RL/530RL
Set of 3 Star Plunger/Cutters #SA700
Calla Lily Former Set #417-1109
Set of 3 Daisy Cutters 
Set of 3 Butterfly Cutters #43-910BU
Cake Smoothing Polisher Tool #1302
Fondant Cutter and Embosser 
#5 $38.69

Basic Classes. see HOME page
Basic lessons making and using gumpaste

The Ultimate 26 piece
For serious gumpaste decorators
This collection includes items:
Art of Gumpaste Flower Making
By Geraldine Randlesome
#TPK1008 Palette Knife Blade 2 7/8" 
#TMBL Ball Tool
#TPINL Wonder Non-Stick 11-1/2x9-1/2" 
Board 9"x1" 
Rolling Pin  4 x 1/2" 
#TRUF18 - Ruffle Stick 1/8"
#TFMATM Foam Flower Mat 9x9"
#300 Set above Cutter Set
Veiner #FF001 3x1 5/8" Rose Leaf
Dusting Brush 
Wires: 26 gauge in White & Moss Green
Contains Powdered Food Colors
#C420 - Apple Green, #C427 - Cornflower Blue, #C429 - Egg Yellow, #C431 - Fuchsia Pink, 
#C443 - Red 
* Plus instructions! #GPSET $145.15

other powdered colors here

Sugarcraft Cake Set Smoother Tools Cutter
Embossed Rolling Pin #R2
Set of 10 Cake Decorating Tools by PME 
Fondant Cutter and Embosser #CPE640
Fondant Decorative Cake Marker #1907-1206 
Cake Smoother/Polisher #1302
#6 Set $45.26

a great way to get the most used Flower cutters, plus instructions:
click picture to enlarge

 Plastic Flower Cutters & Embossers Set
6 different flowers. Made in Germany
You can cut out the flower and press the 
veins in so it will look real. All in one set to save cost.
Use the embossers along with other 
flower cutters you may have too.
#FT-36093 $59.95

JEM #2 Flower Cutters Set
petals, lace - accents 75 pc 
by JEM #43-7002 $40.00
Gum Paste Flower Cutter Set
With this set, you will open a new world of decorating possibilities for your cakes! 
Cut petals and leaves used to make exquisite gum paste flowers like those shown here with the great variety of cutters and ejectors included.
Cutters are comfortable to hold, with a contoured top and precise cutting edges. Ejectors cut blossom and hydrangea shapes then imprint beautiful texture on both sides using the custom Impression Strip. The full color step-by-step instruction book inside will help you achieve results that rival nature, even if you have never made gum paste flowers before!
Set includes: 19 cutters Small and Large Calla Lily, Dogwood, Small and 
Large Rose, Small and Medium Daisy, Large Daisy/Gerbera, Narrow and 
Wide Lily, Narrow and Wide Orchid, Orchid Throat, Small and Large Calyx, Hydrangea Leaf, Ivy Leaf, Small and Large Rose Leaf; 4 ejectors Small, Medium and Large Blossom, Hydrangea; 2 accessories Calla Lily Forming Cone, Ejector Impression Strip. Complete Instruction Book.
#2109-0054 $29.99

Mini Assorted Flower & Leaf Cutters
excellent cutters for miniature work. Make roses, daisies, stephanotis and many more from just this one set.
Includes different leaf cutters also. .50 x 1cm, includes storage case. 
Stainless Steel, made in Egypt. #ART665/MC02 $25.00

Button Flower Fondant Cut & Press Set
Fondant & Gum Paste Press 
this press is targeted to simplify the process of making flowers and leaves. Just roll out fondant, cut out rectangle piece of dough 
with the provided template, place in between the two parts and press. Cuts and veins at the same time. Makes approx. 2 1/2" flowers
Link shows use
#1907-1306 $6.99
Deluxe Gum Paste Tool Set
Cut, shape and position delicate gum paste decorations and fondant details with more control using the essential tools in this 7 piece set!

4 dual action tools feature contoured handles with pebbled detail for a sure grip. Each grip has a signature color for easy identification.
Cutting tool - Angled for easy rolling! Straight wheel cuts strips and shapes, ridged wheel imprints quilted detail on gum paste and fondant accents.
Quilling tool - Stainless steel tines wind strips of gum paste for creating dimensional loops that can be shaped into a variety of designs.
Knife/Needle tool - Stainless steel blade for fine cutting and trimming. Needle for releasing air bubbles in rolled out fondant and marking pin holes for positioning cut-outs or garlands.
Cutter brush- Rigid nylon bristles loosen gum paste from cutter edges and detail areas, keeping them clean so your next cut will be as precise as your last. Soft nylon brush removes excess gum paste or fondant around cut-out shapes.
3 classic tools sized especially for handling small gum paste pieces.
Scissors - Cut gum paste shapes and pre-made stamens. Wire cutters above handle cut thin wires for stems.
Tweezers - Wide beveled head is the ideal shape for lifting small petals and leaves.
Palette knife - Angled shape for easy lifting of large decorations.
#1907-1011 $29.99

Fondant & Gum Paste Tool Set - This
Gum Paste Tool set by Wilton is the
perfect Gum Paste Tool set to make your Gum paste flowers or Fondant flowers with. The Fondant Flower making set has the following tools to make Gum Paste or Fondant flowers with: 
This set has a 
large and small Veining tool to make marks thin or wide on your flowers or leaves, Shell Tool and Knife to make elegant impressions on your boarders and trim the knife is used to trim your petals and leaves evenly, 
Large and Small dog bone tool to cup your flower centers for a more open look and shapes and softens 1 petal at a time
A serrated quilting wheel and cutting wheel to make a pretty pattern on your gum paste petals and the cutting wheel is great for cutting stripes of gum paste or fondant with. 
A umbrella tool that creates a rosebud about to bloom and imprints vein marks for easy scoring of your gum paste or fondant.
A scriber and cone tool. The scriber lets you trace patterns and imprints dots on your gum paste flowers. 
The cone tool helps you hollow out flower centers for your stamen placement. 
Large and Small Ball tool which is great for cupping and smoothing any size gum paste or fondant petal with out tearing. 
A palette knife to help you lift petals and help you position flowers in tight areas. 
Modeling stick #1 and #2 to ruffle petals and leaves with and these are also great to use as rolling pins for small amounts of gum paste.
This is a really nice gum paste - Fondant flower making tool kit.
Best of all, these tools are color coded and the come in a nice case for easy storage so you don't lose them. #1907-1107 $29.99  Link shows use

Modeling Characters 
with Gumpaste DVD Kit

This kit will help you make wonderful fun characters using gumpaste to surprise your family and friends. Includes DVD, gumpaste and modeling tool set. Its just like playing with play dough but completely edible.
#990007 $60.90 

 Tools by 
1st 3 rows: These tools show both ends. 
These are not 2 different tools

Bone Modeling Tool
$7.00 #PME1
Use to smooth curves when
modeling and to cup and frill
petals in flower making.
2 in 1 Modeling Tool 
$7.00 #43-10PME
Blade and Shell Modeling Tool
$7.00 43-02PME/PME2/FT-8782
Ball Modeling Tool
$6.65 43-03PME
click pict. for use of

Scallop and Cone 
(or 'stitch') Modeling Tool
Use the Scallop end to cut scalloped edges or to cut circular holes.
Comb end can be used to score parallel lines or to mark dotted lines to represent stitching.
$7.00 PME4/43-04PME
Serrated and Taper Cone Tool
This tool is used to emboss a star pattern or mark divisions in tubular flowers.
The taper cone end is used to  hollow out tubular flowers such as Freesias.
$7.00 PME5

Tape Cones 5/6 Star Modeling Tools. This tool can be used to emboss small star patterns or to mark divisions in tubular flowers such as 5 Star
$7.00 PME8
PME9 Bulbulous
Cone Modeling Tool
#43-09 $7.00
PME Quilting Tool. A handy modeling tool for making fabric designs 
#QT425 7.00

PME Scriber Needle Modeling Tool $7.00
The scriber needle can be used to prick through paper patterns to transfer them to cake surface to mark patterns directly.

#43-6TPME Scriber Needle Thick
(not included in kits) $7.00

SE11 Royal icing blade 16" polished s/s $9.50

Use to enhance the edges on your handmade bows
PME Cutting Wheel
curved with small wheel on each end 
#43-426CW $7.00

Other tools for bows

Ruletero Decorator End Tool from Egypt. A perfect metal tool for working on dolls, clothes, modeling and hollowing. On one end is a point tool for modeling, hollowing details and the opposite end is perfect for smocking or ridge type modeling. 12 x 0.5cm 
#MC722 $9.95

Cutting Wheels
CW426  $7.00

Plastic Veining Tool Set
The perfect set for most jobs!
USD #TV4 $16.49

Marcela's Modeling Tool 5 piece Set - an acrylic colorful set perfect for making bows, clothes, figures, animals, people and cartoon characters. Includes knives, hooks, points and hollowing tools.   #MC05 $14.95

Modeling Blade Modeling Tool 
7 piece set by Ballina 
More information on use
#290084 $9.99

Modeling Tools 
43-123BK Kit of 8 $49.00


Modeling Tool set
This is a basic dual end tool set. Includes shell, dog bone, umbrella, veining, and ball #PR-58/TM5

9 piece/18 shapes Sculpturing Tool Set
Form, shape, mark and imprint flowers, leaves, figures, etc.. Add detail and bring 
your sugarpaste creations to life. 
#4200 $18.00

Modeling Tools 
Miniature Modeling Tools.
This set of PME miniature
modeling tools consists
of 12 Tools in a carrying case.
These are the yellow ones
which I use. 

The Ultimate Modeling 
Tool Set, plastic 
A great set for modeling figures and people. Delicate enough to make impressions and features. 
#ME35 $18.95

JEM Modeling Tool set
This set of 6 tools includes the most useful tools that you will need to create
flowers or fondant creations. The set includes the following; Dog Bone tool, Cone 
& Blade tool, Flower & Leaf 
Modeling tool, Arrow Head
& Small Ball 
tool, Large Ball tool & Shell tool, Round Point tool 
& Auger tool.
#43-6210 $24.95

discontinued, few left

ROUND! Bamboo Picks
Ever try to find round ones?
Great for rolling small and delicate
ruffles and frills approx. 
200 per dispenser jar. 
#400094  $1.99
More Handy Tools - Available here

Gumpaste tools Used to thin edges of flower petals, to cup petals, or to make doll clothes
Some Metal Ball Tools are temporarily out-of-stock. We do not expect another delivery until March 2013.
click to enlarge pictures

Metal Ball Tool Mini
Size: 3/16 inch and 1/8"
#TMB01 $7.25

Metal Ball Tool Medium
1/2" and 5/16" #3
#TMB03 $7.50

Metal Ball Tool Extra Large
3/4" x 3/8"
#TMB05 $11.50


Metal Ball Tool Small
This metal Ball Tool has 
a ball at each end 
A perfect tool for thinning the
edges of gumpaste 
leaves and petals.
Size: 1/4" and 3/16"
#TMB02 $6.95

Thin the petal edges

Metal Set of 3 Ball
sizes 5/8 x 3/16" handle 
included Hollows trumpet flowers
#TMBT3 $19.95

Metal Ball Tool Large
5/8" and 3/8"
#TMB04 $9.49

Clear Acrylic Ball Tool
LARGE 24mm #085009 $9.00

Clear Acrylic Ball Tool
SMALL 20mm #090101 $8.00

INDIVIDUAL FLOWER MODELING TOOLS - click to enlarge pictures

JEM 5 Point #7
(black plastic) used to ream out flower centers more shapely. Center will have realistic veins.
#43-6211 $4.39

JEM Quilling #11
by JEM (black) 
#43-6218 $3.95

JEM Baby Veining Star #9
JEM Tool nine is the "Baby" star tool 
with 5 divisions on one end 
and 6 divisions on the other end.
Used for smaller flowers. $5.99

JEM Small & Medium Ball #10
#43-6216/109SE010 $6.99

JEM Ribbon Insertion #17   $4.25

JEM Narrow Ribbon Insertion #18
JEM Tool #18 plastic 5 mm
#43-6238 $4.25

JEM Flower Veiner #12
or Dresden veiner
#43-6219/109SE012 $6.59

Wooden anger tool
#TWA $4.50

Ball Tool by FMM
#43-C260 $4.50

click pict. for use of
Dog Bone Tool by FMM
#43-C26 $4.50

Flute & Vein by FMM
#43-C262  $4.00

Knife & Scriber
#43-C264 $4.75

7/8 Ridged Cone & Mini Ball 
#43-C263 $4.00

Ceramic Silk Veining
most popular for veining. Also called a dresdon tool
petals Dolores' favorite for the needed texture on Gumpaste flowers. Brings roses, stephanotis etc. to life! By Holly Products. Use this stick to thin your rose petals and get veining at the same time!
#HPT01 $12.95 

Frilling Tool by Holly Products 
Ideal for minimum effort frilling

Ruffle Stick 1/8 x 4 inch non-stick 
#TRUF18 $4.95

Bobble Tool by Holly Products
Great for creating a
mock Broderie Anglais, knitted
and lacy textures
#HPT03 $9.65

Adjustable Dual Blade Cutter
For Ribbons and Ribbon Insertion #TD88 
Gum Paste Scissors
fine stainless steel; large finger holds. 
#43-3012 $6.99

X-Acto Knife 
#TX211 $9.45

Coarse Sanding Pad
2" x 3"
#TSANDC $3.75

Magnify Tweezers
Fine Point Tweezer with Magnifying Lens 
for those hard to see projects. 
Sharp points great for removing 
splinters too! 
Perfect for threading needles.
Lens focus 1 3/4 to 2" from tweezer 
point. Clean in warm or cold water, 
wipe with soft cloth or tissue. 
1 1/4 W x 4 L" Stainless Steel.
#SC006/44802 $4.99

Bent Nose Tweezers 5 1/2" In Length Can be used for flower arranging & smocking #TWBN $13.95

Professional Knife with a Retractable Blade 
9rx #TX212 $17.95

Needle Pin Vise Tool
1 1/4" Metal Needle and Handle. 
Unscrew to access needle.
4 1/2 inch length
#TD44 $7.25

PME7 Knife with Ribbon
Inserter tool. This Sugarcraft 
knife with an angled blade 
can be used for fine cutting purposes.
The ribbon insertion blade is 
used to cut slots in icing then 
used to push the ribbon into the 
slot to simulate a continuos 
ribbon thread. $6.99

#43-7SPME Spare Blades for Sugarcraft 
Knife Scalpel 5 piece $4.00
Palette Knife
a black handle, fine blade for
fine gumpaste work, 6"
#T100 $10.50


Exacto® knife
and Ribbon Insertion Tool
No. 7 and ribbon insertion tool 
#43-07PME $6.99
See usage - PME Daisy

Craft Knife $2.99

Hobby Knife - metal with blade. Great for trimming two piece molded chocolates
#309-HK01/8801 $2.59

Ribbon blades for craft
knife #43-07RPME/PME7R
Set of 5/$4.00

All Metal Palette Knife 7 3/4 inch long pointed flat two ends
Use either end for the job at hand
#P-35765 $9.95

Tracing & Pastry Wheels/Cutters

Use this pastry cutter to cut dough, 
gumpaste, fondant, pastry and other foods.

Quickly cut out dough around patterns 
or make freehand designs. 

Ceramic Texture Tool Set
by Holly Products. Includes petal veining, 
frilling, and bobble 5-1/2" sticks.

Design wheeler - 3 designs 
This handle holds three different wheels,
with 3 heads:
one rounded, one with a wave pattern
and the last with a series of tines 
sticking out from it. 2103-355 
#DW420 $9.30

Roller Ultra Cutter stainless steel
2 1/2" great grip handle. Such a 
perfect size to go in your tool kit. A great
little tool for trimming fondant, cutting 
out gingerbread shapes, cutting ribbons 
and more.
#1322 $10.45

Pounce/Tracing Wheel #12 
Metal 7/16" Wheel with 15 Teeth
-Adds the fine dotted lines to the
edges of ribbon
#TDW/6-102 $15.00

Double Wheel Cutter
Ravioli crimper and pizza cutter. 
with wood handle, includes smooth 
and wavy wheel 1.5" diameter, 
 6-1/2" L
#R117 $11.49

Fluted Roller Ultra Cutter
great for wavy line ribbon or fan cutting,
8 inch, black handle, stainless steel 
#1323 $11.89

Tracing Wheels NICE SET!
1/4" Diameter & 21 Teeth 1/4" Diameter
& 15 Teeth 7/16" Diameter & 15 Teeth 
#TDWS $27.50

Cutting Wheel
Use to enhance the edges on your 
handmade bows
includes 3 interchangeable wheels, 3 styles
#43-420DW $9.30

Fondant Cutter - Embosser Tool Three detachable wheels straight, wavy and ridged for cutting and for embossing of patterns on fondant. Light, easy rolling design cuts at the perfect angle. Comfortable handle also stores wheels. 
Emboss designs in fondant! 
To cut strips, attach the straight-edge cutting wheel of the Cutter/ Embosser just snap the axle into the handle slot. Roll out fondant on the Roll & Cut Mat using grid marks to determine width. Roll the wheel along a ruler to cut perfect strips.
For embossing, attach one of the two pattern wheels wavy or ridged. Roll wheel along strip in any direction.
Wheels create great looking dots or waves to give your fondant cake terrific texture! Remove strips from mat with an angled spatula.
#1907-1206 $4.99

Click to see Spacers
Fondant Ribbon Cutter/Embosser Set
This easy-to-use tool
is the perfect way to add beautiful
textured fondant ribbons, stripes and 
bows to your cake. Just choose the 
cutting and embossing
wheel designs you want, slide the washer, 
core, wheels and spacers on the roller handle, 
and roll on top of your fondant. 
We suggest brushing the assembled
roller with shortening for easy release. 
The perfectly cut ribbon strips are ready 
to place right on your cake! 
Produces ribbon widths from 1/4 to 3 3/4"
when combining spacers. 
#1907-1203 $16.99
Other tools for bows & ribbons

Decorative Fondant Punch
Add exciting 3 dimension 
decorations in
fondant with this easy-to-use tool. In 
seconds, you can punch out fondant
accents with elegant openwork shapes
like diamonds and flowers. 
As you punch,
the disc imprints a detailed design that adds a pretty touch of texture to any cake. 
The comfortable angled handle holds your
choice of 8 design discs.
Also great for adding fondant detail to 
cupcakes and cookies. Discs turn to 
lock in place. 
#1907-1204  $9.99
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Palette Knives - a must for lifting delicate gumpaste flowers!
Can be used for cutting too.
Geraldine's Palette Knife Collection NEW LOWER PRICES available in 5 Styles

Diamond Shaped Offset Trowel Style Spatula (lower one)
Use for fine delicate work. Flexible blades measure 
approximately 1.5" long. Wood handle / carbon steel 
blade. Hand wash and dry. 
Made in Italy. #1363 $5.15 each

Palette Knife
#TPK296/014214-00296 $11.75

Palette Knife Blade Length: 
1 1/8" #TPK1017 $4.25

Palette Knife Blade Length:
2 15/16" #TPK1014 $4.75

Palette Knife Blade Length: 
4 1/4" #TPK1031 $4.75

Palette Knife Blade Length:
2 7/8" Wide Angled Blade
  Geraldine recommends this knife for all
types of work! #TPK1008 $4.25

Tear Drop Offset Trowel Style Spatula (top)
Use for fine delicate work. Flexible blades measure 
approximately 1.5" long. Wood handle / carbon steel blade. 
Hand wash and dry. Made in Italy. #1361 $5.15

Palette Knife Angled Diamond Small
A pointed flexible steel blade. Use for mixing colors, paste, marbling, decorative details or cooking. Easily slide underneath gum paste and fondant pieces. A perfect tool for picking up cut pieces or putting cut piece in place. Manufactured without sharpened cutting edges. 1 3/8 inch blade, 4.5 inch handle.
#TPK1018 $4.25

Palette Knife Blunt Flat
A flexible steel blade. Use for mixing colors, paste, marbling, decorative details or cooking. Easily slide underneath gum paste and fondant pieces. A perfect tool for picking up cut pieces or putting cut piece in place. Manufactured without sharpened cutting edges. 2.5 inch blade, 4.5 inch wooden handle.
#TPK1021 $4.25

Palette Knife Diamond Long
A flexible steel blade. Use for mixing colors, paste, marbling, decorative details or cooking. Easily slide underneath gum paste and fondant pieces. A perfect tool for picking up cut pieces or putting cut piece in place. Manufactured without sharpened cutting edges. 2 5/8 inch blade, 4.5 inch wooden handle.
#TPK1003 $4.25
As pictured; use a fine brush such as #0 or #00 for painting details on flowers. Brush On Color, water or Icing.
Use Size 0: for fine lines. Use Round brush for streamers and dots. Use Square brush for lace look brush embroidery. Draw design with Icing Writer, then pull design outlines toward center with brush. Use the bevel brush to paint pretty free-hand designs
TIP: Use a paintbrush to round off any points on dots or icing balls.
TIP: Keep one brush just for white. You can wash color out well enough.
TIP: To create a fine point on the brush, twist the bristles round in your food coloring paints when painting scenes.
click pictures to enlarge

Dusting Powder
Pump Brush
Dusts and blends dust
on your flowers 
#33-2350  $10.99 

#0 Art Brush
for painting lines
#81-600 $3.59 Tip Brush Dual End - Special two sided brush design cleans both small and large cake decorating tubes. Made of stainless steel and nylon. Made in China. #1661 $3.95

size 00 Sri Lanka
for painting fine lines
(silver handles, white bristles) #81-602 $3.59 

3 pc Sable Art Brushes
size 1, 3, 5 
#81-503/W300/BR1 $2.40

3 pc Sable Art Brushes
size 0, 00, 000
#81-507 $2.99

Flat Brushes Set
4 assorted sizes (blue handles) - Probably the best brush you'll ever own. Great for painting and dry brushing. Made in Thailand. 
#1604 $16.39

CelPics2 Spikes - a 3" plastic
tube for inserting your wired 
gumpaste flower bouquets in
to before adding to the sides
or tops of cakes. Clean and
#43-CC081, 8 pc $7.85 
while supplies last

5 pc Asst. pony hair set
#81-505 $4.99

Artist Brush set
15 assorted sizes, wooden handles, quality natural bristles. Made in China #T-4128  $10.00
Camel hair brush set
2 pointed, 1 small flat, 2 large flat
5 pc $4.29

Paint Brush Round #10 white bristles #P2600 by Currys $6.99

3/8 in brush Torrington®
for smoothing 
#81-998 $3.29

Brush set
 fine bristle brushes.
Round, square and bevel.
#1907-1207 $3.50
Brush #10
for dusting, painting, etc. #P2600 $6.69

Water Brush
for adding controlled amounts 
of water or paint 

The Water brush- A must have for attaching ruffles, drapes, adjoining petals and much more.
Perfect for painting.
Instructions included. 
From teacher Frances McNaughton: They are great for sugar work as they give just the right amount of damp to stick sugar together without making it too wet. If you prefer using rose water in the brush, that works well too.
The fine brush is very useful for correcting when painting detail on small object such as fairy faces.


7 pc Artists Brush Set includes white bristle brush size 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, and 10. Made in China. #VP029-04C $14.99

Dusting Pouches
We asked for it and GOT THEM! Dusting pouches
to dust the work surface when
working with fondant, sugarpaste,
gumpaste or other mediums.
Helps to prevent sticking. 
#417-106 $3.69

Individual Brush
for striping bag 
#81-501 35¢

Brushes for striping
10 for 
#81-900 $1.55
Modeling Smoothers, for working with fondant icings
 Patterned rolling pins
Tilting Turntables HERE
Help when working on sides of cakes and other designs.

Prices are subject to change without notice.