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  • NEW people faces... the whole family! Below 
  • BOOK: "WEDDING CAKE WORKBOOK" by Dolores McCann - contains a chapter on how to make dolls. Includes some dress patterns, instructions for doing the face and much more in good detail.
  • Flavorings can be added as desired. (Be sure to allow for this when adding your liquids).

    Other Pages: Asstd 1 | Asstd 2 | Beads | Calyx | Daisies | Dolls | Fairies | Impression | Lace | Lace Mats | Lilies | Numbers | People/clothes | Push Molds | Orchids | Pearls | Roses | script
    .Tools:1 - Pads-Pins - Patchwork - Crimpers - Embossers - Frills - Veiners
    A FEW TIPS FOR YOU | books and Video
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    Katias Fondant Women Torso Molds
    A translucent resin 3 dimensional mold perfect for creating your own gumpaste people. Face detail is perfect. Mold includes button knobs to make sure your figure lines up perfect. Open hole at bottom allows for excess gumpaste to escape.
    PEOPLE MOLDS: Knead gumpaste to pliable. Dust both sides of mold with cornstarch. Place fondant log shape into one side of mold. Line up mold buttons and squeeze. Excess gumpaste will come out of bottom. Cut fondant flush. Insert a toothpick and press into a foam skirt form to dry. Remove from mold. Or model limbs free hand and attached with thinned royal icing, water, or gum glue. Add clothes, facial features and hair. If you have hot hands, or are working in a warm room, or are using a very soft batch of gumpaste, and are experiencing sticking, place the filled mold in the freezer for a couple minutes to firm up the gumpaste and speed the removal process.

    Woman Torso #1 3D Mold by Katias
    1 1/2 x 4 1/2 inch
    #KFLS06 $25.00

    Woman Torso #2 3D Mold by Katias
    1 3/8 x 4 3/4 inch
    #KFLS07 $25.00
    See clothes molds and stitching tools
    Instructions Online

    Gum Paste Family 3D Mold Set 
    Includes toddler, child, woman & male 3D
    figures. Hard plastic two piece molds for 
    molding bust, legs and arms. Mold sides
    include buttons for matching the 2 pieces
    together. Facial features are embossed
    along with torso shaping. Our graduate girl
    pictured at the top of this page was made
    using these molds. Similar to Wilton set 
    417-441 from the 60's. Instruction Booklet
    included. Approx. 4 to 8 inch tall people.
    IDEA: Create an Emmy award Oscar Statue
    using these molds & our confectionery
    chocolate. Brush on gold highlighter dust 
    or cover with our gold puffing foil. 
    #43-641PM  $45.95
    IDEA: create an emmy 
    award using this mold & chocolate.
    Use gold highlighter dust
    or gold puffing foil to cover.

    Make this cake with our molds!

    Instructional People Booklet ONLY
    Instructions booklet #60-1014
    for using our Gum Paste Family 3D mold 
    set (#43-641PM).

    Woman 3D mold set
    Need only this one,
    available individually.
    Others available in sets only.
    #PM637 $19.75
    The CelShapes People Booklet
    -is a compilation of methods to make a number of the figures originally created by Margaret Ford in 1993, 
    They featured in 'The Little
    People' booklet. Unfortunately , this title is now out of print. This new booklet revises the information from that publication, to assist
    you with the making and dressing of the  figures produced with the 
    CelShapes Fairies mould (CM08).

    #BV21 $8.50
    click pictures to enlarge
     Modeling Balls for Gumpaste People Faces
    Paper balls suitable for Large, Medium and Small heads in our HPM Resin Triple Moulds. 
    See clothes molds and stitching tools

    Modeling Face Balls All Size Assortment
    Size: 4 small 16mm, 4 medium 20mm
    and 4 large 25mm, 12 piece
    #HPMB01   #3.59

    Modeling Face Balls Medium 
    Size: 20mm, 12 piece
    #HPMB02 $3.59

    Modeling Face Balls Mini 
    Size: 10mm
    #HPMB04 10 piece $3.59

    Young Adult Head and Breastplate
    This resin mould contains both a head and a breastplate. 
    This Special Edition is a smaller version of  mould (HPM12), 
    which has been used to create beautiful ballerinas, 
    mermaids and angels. It can be used in conjunction 
    with Special Edition Limb Mould (HPM22) or 
    Child Lower Limb Mould (HPM10) for a child or 
    Adult Lower Limb Mould (HPM11) for a young adult. 
    Alternatively you can follow the techniques shown 
    on the 'Simply Modeling' DVD / Video for making 
    your own limbs. This mould is also used in the book
    'Fairy Folk and Little People'. Instructions included.
    Head - 2cm, Overall length 4cm
    #HPM12 $14.95

    Young Adult/Child Head & Breastplate
    This resin mould is used throughout the
    'Simply Modeling' DVD / Video where June Twelves 
    helps make modelling easy and enjoyable by sharing 
    with you her innovative techniques whilst making 
    a simple childlike figure with a sporty theme followed 
    by a dancing 1920's lady. It can be used in 
    conjunction with the Adult Lower Limb Mould (HPM11
    and has a range of accompanying patterns which
    are also used in the DVD / Video.
    #HPM12 $14.95

    Miniature Young Adult/Child 
    Limbs set of 2 molds
    1 7/8 and 2 1/2" HPM22 $28.50

    Clown Adult lower limbs Mold
    Quick and simple adult lower limbs, this 2 part
    mould enable you to create detailed miniature
    hands, shoes and boots. The mould contains 
    2 pairs of hands (man and woman) up to the 
    mid forearm and one pair of boots and one pair 
    of shoes up to the mid lower leg.
    Arms: 40mm long Legs: 58mm long Holly Products moulds are made of a hard, food 
    safe resin with a non-stick surface. 
    Almost any medium can be used.
    by Holly Products #HPM11 $28.50
    See clothes molds and stitching tools

    Miniature female head & breastplate
    #HPM14 $15.65

    People Body Kit
    Kit includes: hair(2 colors), pins, 
    and chanelle covered pipe cleaners
    #HPBK $7.59

    Adult Head
    7/16, 1 1/2, 1 3/4"
    #HPM03 $17.99

    Miniature Adult Man & Woman
    1" and 1 1/4"
    #HPM09 $24.00

    Victorian Girl 
    1, 1 1/4, 1 7/16"
    #HPM06 $17.99


    Face Clear Resin Mold Press 1x1.5x0.75in deep
    SCR19 $6.00

    Use this intricate mold when adding 
    a big skirt and when you don't need
    to make legs.
      Measures Approx. 4.25" H. 
    #HDMWT  $19.95

    Victorian Boy
    7/16, 1 1/16, 1 5/8"
    #HP205/HPM05 $17.99
    Makes this
     Art Deco Mucha Face Silicone Push Mold
    Inspired by the French new Art Nouveau
    19th century style of decorative arts 
    popular during 1890 thru 1910. 
    Inspiring natural forms harmonizing 
    natural environment and the 
    philosophy of ordinary life.
    1.25 x 2 inch
    #MF5 $13.95
    Baby Everything
    Baby Everything
    Baby Everything
    The CLOWN molds center and right - Directions in book Mad About Clowns below
    Reference file online

    Clown cutters, white plastic
    Used to cut shaped from sugar paste,
    marzipan, flower modelling pastes
    Med. 60mm #CL558 $4.00

    X-lrg 130mm #CL559/43-559CL $5.50

    2 3/8, 5 1/8" #CL560 $8.75

    Clown Head 3 cavity 
    HP Triple Sized Moulds Character 
    Clown Head
    A fun little face which is sure to 
    make anyone smile, and with
    the clown in overalls pattern or the 
    'Mad about Clowns' book you 
    can have endless fun creating 
    clowns full of character. This mould 
    would also be useful for a 
    character man's face. 
    by Holly Products #HPM04 $18.00
    Above clown uses HPM11 and HPM13 molds below
    Clown Head Mini Mold
    A new clown face again 1/12th scale. 
    Includes instructions to make 
    adjustable flexible figures.
    by Holly Products #HPM13 $15.65

    Clown Face
    by Holly Products
    #HP212 $17.99
    Clear 7x10 molds 
    for chocolate or gumpaste etc.
    Instructional People Mold Booklet will help too
    Make true 3-dimensional gumpaste and sugarpaste figures. Figures are created by 
    molding and assembling front & back torsos, legs, arms, and feet. Clear plastic mold sheets, 7-1/4" x 9-1/2".
    See clothes molds and stitching tools
    .Click picture to enlarge pictures

    Cupie Baby 3D Mold
    full standing body, one hand by mouth and other on tummy TIP: cut legs apart with gum paste scissors to make legs in sitting position
    $1.99 QTY

    Young Child 3D
    includes a full figure older & younger person 5-3/4" Tall
    $3.00 QTY

    3D Baby 
    includes legs & arms separate from body 
    $3.00 QTY

    Man 3D
    includes a full figure older & 
    younger person 7 5/8" tall
    $3.00 QTY

    Woman 3D
     a full figure older & younger 
    person 7 1/2" tall
    $3.00 QTY
    Use silicone molds for cake decorating, soap making, candle making,  fondant, pulled sugar, 
    gum paste, hard candy, royal icing, cold porcelain, Candy Clay, marzipan, bread dough, candies, pastillage, 
    chocolate, butter, ice, gelatin, plaster, isomalt, polymer clay and more! Resistant to rips and tears.
    Instructional People Mold Booklet will help too
    More here  | and Flowers
    Use molds for cake decorating, soap making, candle making, candy, chocolate, pastillage, cold porcelain, marzipan, butter, ice, gelatin, plaster, gumpaste, and more! To create a character push mold face, lightly dust a push mold with baby powder to keep it from sticking. Next, a smooth cone shape was formed from the clay and pressed into the mold. When pulling the clay out, "Martha's" face appeared. To make the face look older, first use thick knitting needles to open the doll's nostrils. With thinner needles, open up the area around the eyes. Then, using  forefinger and thumb, make wrinkles by scrunching the face. Also add seed beads for eyes, and applied blush to the cheeks. 


    Victorian Faces
    includes six faces and four
    theme words by AMACO(R)
    #12313 $7.39
    Use silicone molds for cake decorating, soap making, candle making,  fondant, pulled sugar, 
    gum paste, hard candy, royal icing, cold porcelain, Candy Clay, marzipan, bread dough, candies, pastillage, 
    chocolate, butter, ice, gelatin, plaster, isomalt, polymer clay and more! Resistant to rips and tears.
    More People" molds HERE
    .click pictures to enlarge

    King Tutankhamen 
    1 5/8" #NM-070 $18.00
    By Sunflower

    FACE No. 9 
    Daniel John 
    1 1/4" 
    #12192J $4.99

    Cameo Faces
    1 5/8 inch By Sunflower
    #SM-055 $14.00

    Girl  Face
    1 1/16 - 1 3/8 inch
    By Sunflower
    #NM-172 $8.00
    video "Simply Modeling"
    Reference file online
    clothes molds and stitching tools
    Click picture to enlarge pictures

    Small Man & Woman 
    #HPM21 $5.95

    Bride & Groom Tuxedo
    #HPP112 $5.95

    Summer Bride 
    #HPP13 $5.95

     1920's Female
    #HPP23 $5.95

    This pattern compatible with
    the Young Adult and the 

     Boy & Girl in Dungarees
    #HPP15 $5.95

     Snow Children
    #HPP04 5.95

      Victorian Boys
    #HPM03 $5.95

     Victorian Girls
    #HPM02 $5.95

     Christening Robes & Bonnets
    #HPP01 $5.95

     Indian Children
    #HPP16 $5.95

     Miniature Boys & Girls
    (3 outfits in 1 pattern)
    #HPP20 $5.95

    cover your fondant/gumpaste cut-outs until 
    ready to form to help keep soft and pliable 
    Available here
    Great for cookies, fondant, gumpaste or crafts
    clothes molds and stitching tools
    .Click picture to enlarge pictures. Make choice and drop in cart bottom of this group

    Party Dress Gumpaste Cutter
    The party dress!! imaginative
    use of the cutter for the top 
    and sides of the cake. You can
    create many different styles by
    introducing textures, making
    cuts into the paste and by
    adding a frill, you have a
    ballerina dress! Use modelling
    paste or if you want to staand
    the dress upright-Mexican
    paste. Suggestions for creating
    different effects using the side
    design roller textures, raw silk
    roller,chocolate stencil sheet
    and Funky flower mould. Size 
    of cutter is 10cm in length and
    4cm at the widest point.
    Instructions included.
    #CLS23 $15.95

    Country Hat
    silicone mold
    2 3/4" $27.00

    Hat w/roses
    silicone mold
    2 1/2" $27.00

    Summer Hat Push mold, 2"
    Non-flexible type - SILICONE
    #MMSHAT $11.50

    Button Collection 
    Intricate Silicone Mold 
    1 inch
    #SMBTTN $34.95

    Long gown, sleeveless
    5 1/2" R-12 $10.99

    Bustier Intricate Silicone Mold 
    3 inch
    #BUSTIER $32.95

    Shirt #2
    3 1/4 x 2 1/2w.
    #CPB47 $6.99

    6 1/8"
    CPB070 $12.99

    Ballerina l
    3" #SM-005 $60.00

    Ballerina ll, Silicone
    2 1/2" #NM-059 $60.00
    Jewelry - Gems
    Use silicone molds for cake decorating, soap making, candle making,  fondant, pulled sugar, 
    gum paste, hard candy, royal icing, cold porcelain, Candy Clay, marzipan, bread dough, candies, pastillage, 
    chocolate, butter, ice, gelatin, plaster, isomalt, polymer clay and more! Resistant to rips and tears.

    Silicone Assorted 
    Pearl Gems
    1/8 x 1/2 x 1/8"
    GP105 $9.00

    Diamond I 
    1-1/4 x 1-1/4" 
    #NM-148 $24.00

    Diamond II Silicone 
    3/4 x 3/4" #NM-149 $18.00

    Silicone Assorted Gem 
    Set 1: 3/4 x 1 1/4 x 1/4
    GP101 $21.00

    Creative Technique Collection - Edible Jewelry Booklet
    ` Your vinyl portfolio booklet
    ` Completed design on front
    ` Alternate designs on back
    ` Detailed techniques inside.
    #CTC02 $7.95

    Silicone Assorted 
    Large half pearls
    1/2 x 1 x 1/4"
    GP104 $15.00

    Jewelry I Assortment
    1, 1-1/2, 5"
    #NM-147 $28.00

    Diamond IV Push Mold 
    3/4 - 1 3/8"
    #NM-159 $24.00

    Other Jewel molds:
    hard candy
    Chocolate molds

    Jewelry Flex Form
    5/8x1-1/4, 5/8x1-7/16"
    #FF101 $17.55

    Silicone Assorted Gem 
    Set 2: 1/8 x 3/4 x 1/8"
    GP102 $14.00

    Silicone Assorted Gem 
    Set 3: 1/8 x 3/4 x 1/8"
    GP103 $16.00

    Flex-Form Mold Gems
    5 1/4" x 3 1/2"
    FGEM07 $30.00

    Flex-Form Mold Jewels
    5 1/4" x 3 1/2"
    FGEM06 $25.00

    Jeweled Frame Ring 
    Intricate Silicone Mold 
    2.25 x 3.5 inch 
    #SMJF $25.95

    Diamond 3D 
    Intricate Silicone Mold 
    2.5 x 1.75 inch
    #MEDIAL $34.95

    Diamond Tiny Small 5 cavity 
    Intricate Silicone Mold 
    1 inch
    #TNYDIAL $45.95

    Diamond 3D Extra Small 2 piece 
    Intricate Silicone Mold 
    1.5 inch
    #XTRDIAL $45.95

    Jeweled Cross 2
    Intricate Silicone Mold 
    2 inch
    #SMJC2 $14.95

    Large Diamond 3 inch Intricate Silicone Mold
    Use for making sugar, gumpaste or chocolate
    candy. Mold is made of food-grade silicone. 
    Safe to use up to 400F temperature. 
    Mold can also be used for making 
    soaps, wax, candy and any projects 
    that may need a silicone mold. 
    Measures 3 Wide x 2 High"
    #LRGDIAL $48.95

    Small Diamond 2 inch Silicone Mold
    Use for Poured Sugar, Chocolate, Gumpaste, Isomalt, Fondant and other mediums. Can withstand up to 450F temperature. Measures approx 2" W x 1" H.
    #SMDIAL $28.95
    Roll out gumpaste, lay it on the dusted mold and roll over with rolling pin to cut. 
    Glue seams using water. 
    .Click picture to enlarge pictures

      2 Cavities. 3/4" and 1" ht. 
    SMSTD   $14.95

    Tracing Wheel Tiny 
    Perfect for adding stitching lines to clothes.
    1/4 inch, stainless steel
    #HPT16 $15.95

    Make this hard job easy!
    Great for making small or 
    life-sized purses. 12" L 
    SMZM $15.95
    These are very popular and ideal for embossing a small pattern on your work.
    Each set contains 6 designs. 
    Each pattern head is deep line cut with no annoying surrounds to spoil your work. 
    A 45 mm barrel makes them easy to use and helps to imprint a clear design. 
    Some designs may be inter linked to make a boarder.
    Perfect for fairy, baby or doll clothes, lace, etc.

    SET 1
    Small Flowers
    #HPE01 $14.85

    discontinued, not many left

    SET 2 
    Side Designs
    Includes geometric, fleur-de-lis leaves and flowers.
    #HPE $14.85

    SET 3
    Side Designs
    #HPM03 $14.85

    Set 5 
    Micro Designs
    Includes butterfly and other flower designs
    #HPE01 $14.85

    SET 6
    Summer Countryside 
    #HPM06 $14.85

    SET 7
    Countryside Borders
    Includes oak leaf and acorn, toadstool, blackberry, leaves and ladybird, daisy, and busy bee.
    #HPE07 $14.85

    SET 4
    #HPM04 $14.85

    SET 8
    Winter Countryside
    #HPE08 $14.85

    SET 12
    Includes bear on wheels, teething ring, ABC block, soother, rattle, and pull duck.
    #HPE12 $14.85

    SET 9
    Spring Countryside
    #HPE09 $14.85

    SET 10 
    Flower Embroidery
    Includes left and right hand images.
    #HPE10 #14.85

    SET 11
    Vine & Berry Embroidery
    #HPE11 $14.85

    SET 13
    #HPE13 $14.85

    SET 14

    back of book
    "Making Babies"
    by June Twelves
    paperback. Includes complete directions, pictures and lots of patterns. Baby head press molds below #21PB01 $9.95
    NOTE: We have their molds used in this book. I will note "By Holly Products" so you will know
    Cutters sold HERE: 
    Garett Frill HERE
    and carnation cutter HERE

    Perfect for gumpaste figures also
    by Vi Whittington
    This booklet has patterns and instructions for both adults and children, including gowns, skits, shirts, jackets, a clown suit and much more. The patterns fit dolls make from our molds #43-9410, #43-9415 and #43-9420. Although instructions given are for candy coating, the patterns can be used for gumpaste dolls also. With your imagination, you can alter the patterns from this booklet for any person you make. If you want to make a Doctor, use the groom's pants and make the rock and roll star's jacket slightly longer for a lab coat. To use for candy coating: Pour peach coating chocolate into people candy molds. Chill candy people and you are ready to dress them! Dress dolls in ‘chocolate leather (recipe in book).  Patterns for clothes included. This book makes it easy. I've done this and it really is easy and have had my gumpaste dolls for years and still in the very same condition as when I made them. Make your bride and groom to resemble the happy couple! Dress them in style to match. Unfortunately this book has been discontinued but Sugarcraft has permission to copy it for resale. Copy is not perfect but the patterns are wonderful.8.5 x 11", 26 page, spiral soft back #43-9425 $7.65
    Gum Paste Figures and Fashions
    by Geraldine Kidwell - 48 pages explaining in great detail how to make dolls out of gumpaste. Geraldine studies with the master, Marithe' Alvarado of Mexico City. I learned almost everything I know about making gumpaste dolls from Geraldine. She is SO sharing. (Past pres. of ICES too!). Includes recipes, clothes and several pictures of dolls for examples. She is the master. 11x15 inches #4501140045 $9.95
    Mad About Clowns Book - by Holly Products. This modeling book has full page color and is dual sugar and cold porcelain. Mad About Clowns provides specialist interest, detailed step by step feature on modeling techniques: heads, bodies, limbs, hands and feet.  It contains 7 projects with templates and patterns and was written to be used in conjunction with the Character Clown Head Mold #HP212 above. #HPB02/086337-00013 $9.95
    VIDEO: 'Simply Modeling' By June Twelves, 4 times Gold Medalist in the modelling world, shares with you her innovative techniques to make your sugarpaste modelling simple. $19.99
    INFORMATION: People and fun characters are usually made from gumpaste. Make a bridal couple for a wedding cake,  make a comical character for Novelty cakes, graduate for that special graduate, etc.. Gumpaste dries very hard. You can preserve them with a non-edible spray purchased from a craft store, matte finish or glossy, depending on if you want shine or not. These can also be made using Cold Porcelain, available HERE. Ready-made gumpaste LINK.
    BASIC DIRECTIONS: Mold the person in one of the molds below, unmold and move arms & legs around for pose. Let dry for 4-5 days. Assemble with royal icing, and let dry a day or two more. Dress your figures in gumpaste clothes. Roll out, cut and secure to the figure with water. For heavier items, such as sleeves, use a thin mixture of gumpaste & water as a glue.
    IT DOESN'T HAVE TO BE GUMPASTE EITHER! Marzipan (recipe) or Ready made Rolled fondant or (recipe) or even "Candy Clay" using Compound coating chocolate ...see book: "Candy People & Patterns" by Vi Whittington below for instructions. Any of these can be used for a more edible, palatable figure when great detail is not needed. Another item you could use for this is Choco-pan (Tastes just like Tootsie Rolls!).
    NEW! Gumpaste People Mold set similar to the one I used for this doll (click)


    I have been asked many times if the figures on my cakes are made from molds.

    This started me thinking, if I could make molds, from the figures I have made, how quick and easy it would be to reproduce sugar crafted figures – not pieces that look manufactured by machines. This would be a new concept in molds for sugarcraft.

    These new molds will produce figures that look hand made, making it quick and easy for beginners. The experienced cake decorator will be able to alter and adapt the finished figures for their own designs.

    About The Molds
    The molds are made from high quality silicone and will not rip or tear under normal use. Before using, wash in warm, soapy water. To dry quickly for re-use, use kitchen paper. Every mold includes full instructions giving the size of the piece of paste to use in grams and which colors to use to finish.

    Using the Molds
    Dust liberally with cornstarch, shake, then turn over and tap out excess. Check the size piece of paste you will need on the instruction sheet with the mold. Roll into a smooth ball then flatten slightly into a shape similar to the mold making it easy to push into all areas. Press into the shape. The paste should be flat and level with the mold and should not be over the edge. If you have too much paste it can be trimmed with the PME mold paste trimmer, (if paste moves when doing this you could have double imprints so remove paste and start again). Use a sawing action usually from the center of the paste to try to avoid lifting it.
    When ready to remove, twist mold slightly, turn over and flex. If you have any difficulty, see hints and tips.

    Hints and Tips

    I have found the best combination to use gumpaste or half flower paste half fondant.

    Marzipan can be used but if too soft tylose powder can be added until the correct consistency is reached.

    Choco-pan is excellent if you require a chocolate paste.

    Always dust the mold with cornstarch then tap out excess.

    If you are not getting enough detail, check that you are pressing in firmly and your paste is not too stiff. Deep and detailed areas e.g. bride’s headdress in wedding car mold can be corrected by placing a small piece of paste in first.

    If the figure is not releasing easily, check no.1, 2 & 4 above. Beginners may find it easier to divide the molds into sections i.e. the teddy bear can have the head and body molded separately and then joined together on the cake.

    Icing can be colored with paste color before placing in the mold. I like to dust the figures then paint in any detail where needed. A selection of different size dusting and paintbrushes will be useful.

    Always rub powder color well into brushes on kitchen paper, making sure there is NO loose powder before applying to figure.
    Some figures have very small eyes. The best way to color is to dip the tip of a cocktail stick into black paste colour, then touch sparingly onto face. Practice this on some spare icing first. The black paste colour should be like a thick liquid and not set. Only mark the eyes when the face has been colored.

    Alternatively the figures can be painted. Again use dust colors (not paste) and mix with isopropyl alcohol (thinning solution) for best results. Good results will not be achieved with vodka or gin. Experiment with consistency of colors and brush size on spare paste before applying.


    A cake using these dolls that I made for my daughter's graduation LINK

  • Use flesh (or Flesh Tone) food coloring LINK
  • I used real makeup for the faces
  • Insert skewers or toothpicks between upper & lower torso then adhere with a mixture of gumpaste thinned with water to a paste consistency.
  • The book that is the most help is "Instructional People Mold Booklet" LINK
  • Roll out clothes with your small gumpaste rolling pin. Cut as with making real clothes.

  • Make creases in the icing for the hair.
    CANDY CLAY   (From my message board HERE)

    Shared by Melanie Mc.     I can't remember who originally posted it (sorry, because I like to give credit to authors). I think there have been several variations posted but maybe someone else will post another one, too.

         1 lb Ivory Coating chocolate
         1/2 Cup glucose
         2 Tbs.. ice cold water

         Gently melt coating. Stir in glucose and mix lightly. Add water. Stir together (don't over mix). Cover w/ plastic wrap and allow to ripen overnight. Next day knead well, cover, and allow to set overnight.

    NOTES :  (From my message board)
    Help with candy clay.

         I'm not too sure what I'm doing wrong, but my candy clay has a lot of corn syrup after I try mixing it. I use the recipe 14 oz candy melts and 1/3  cup light corn syrup. I heat up the candy till it melted and stick it in a kitchen aid then pour in the corn syrup. Am I supposed to heat up both  ingredients and then mix it? Thanks anyone for their help!    Kanani

    When I make candy clay I melt the candy then add the corn syrup all in one pot just stir it with a wooden spoon it will come together then pour on  wax paper and let sit. Don't over stir or the fat in the candy will start to separate. Lisa

    I think that was my problem I was over stirring. It was like the corn syrup wouldn't mix in with the melted candy. Thanks so much! I'll try again.     Kanani

    I recently attended a demo at our day of sharing in Missouri and learned "milk" the clay until all the oil is out of it, I have made the flowers this  way and the old way with all the oil, I much prefer the new way. You can air brush the flowers or use dusting powders. They look like gumpaste  when the oil is removed. Try both ways, The "milked" clay does take a lot of squeezing. but you will be pleasantly surprised. Janette

    Are you talking just squeezing out the oil in the candy?  And if you are when do you do this when you make the candy or after its set? Lisa

    I'm wondering how you do that? Is there instruction somewhere or a recipe that called for how to do that? Thanks!     Kanani

    When you stir the syrup in it you start squeezing and squeezing until all the oil is gone. I will feel very stiff, When you are ready to use it knead it with your hands until warmed up or heat in microwave for a second or two. Jane

         Marzipan cooked
         3 cups sugar
         1 cup water
         4 cups ground blanched almonds

         For cooked Marzipan add the sugar to the water in a saucepan and cook until the sugar is dissolved. Add the almonds and cook it until the batter stops sticking to the pan. Remove from heat and place onto a marble slap, wooden board or a sheet pan. While still warm knead first with a wooden spatula and then by hand until smooth. Store in an airtight container or plastic bag.

    Marzipan tools HERE (or here for premade Marzipan too)

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