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Link to BELL flat molds

Bell: See the crimper used to decorate the plain bell.
See the yellow tool #43-09 used to pull the flat bell into
a rounded effect once it is on the cake.

Link to bell molds shown above
Bells are an integral part of so many of our special occasions, therefore decorated sugar and molded bells are ideal all year round.
The FMM Bell Set includes three sizes of molds creating bells approximately 25mm, 45mm and 55mm in height. They also come complete with matching dividers, giving the opportunity of making half bell shapes.

Casting Sugar

We call this 'sugar molding' - This is a very simple technique that quite honestly anyone of any age can enjoy. The principle is exactly the same as making 'sand castles', therefore all that is required is slightly damp granulated sugar.

Bells - Whole

1. Pour some granulated sugar into a small bowl, add a few drops of water and mix together well. The sugar should not be wet or start to dissolve, just damp enough to hold its shape.
2. Make sure that the mold is clean before packing the damp sugar well into the bell. Smooth off the top with a knife to ensure that it is level.
3. Carefully turn the bell over onto either a board or piece of foam. To release the bell, tap the top of the mold and lift off carefully
4. Leave to dry. The length of time will depend upon the size of bell and temperature. An average time for the small bells is approximately 2 hours and the larger ones overnight. Do not attempt to remove the sugar bell from the board etc. until completely dry.

Bells - Half

5. Fit the appropriate divider firmly into the bell mold.
6. Fill one half of the bell with damp sugar and press in firmly.
7. Gently remove the divider, complete with the shaped half sugar bell and place onto a board or piece of foam.
8. Use a small knife to gently ease and slide the bell off the divider onto the board. Leave to dry

Bells - Hollow

9. Pack the mold with sugar.
10. Choose a bell mold that is the next size down and push firmly into the packed sugar.
11. Remove the internal mold before releasing the sugar bell. Allow to dry.
12. The smallest bell can be hollowed with a spoon or knife just before it is completely dried out.

Bells - Colored

13. The bells can be colored using any form of food color, but it is always best to color the sugar before adding any water as any liquid in the color will affect the moisture content of the sugar.
14. Simply blend, mix or rub the color through the sugar to ensure an even distribution.

Molded Paste Bells

Bells can be molded from a variety of pastes including:- Sugar Paste, Mexican Paste, Flower Paste, Gum Paste or a blend of pastes. The choice of paste will depend upon how the bells are to be incorporated into the design of the cake.

Bells -Whole

1. Mold a piece of paste into a smooth ball and then into a sausage shape that will fit into the bell mold. It is best to have a piece of paste that is slightly longer than the mold.
2. Dust the paste, not the mold, generously with cornstarch.
3. Place the paste into the mold and use the fingers to work and shape out the hollow center. It will depend as to how much of the inside of the bell will be visible as to the degree of the hollow required. It is essential to ensure that the paste can be released from the mold, so keep checking by removing and dusting if necessary.
4. Trim the edge of the paste with a knife. To obtain a neat finish use the fingertips to gently roll and curve the edges.
5. To release the bell tap one edge of the mold on the work surface. Place onto a piece of foam to dry.

Bells - Half

6. The dividers enable the whole bells to be cut equally into halves, so begin by making a molded sugar bell but do not remove from the mold.
7. Choose the appropriate divider and fit into the bell ensuring that it is centered. Remove the divider complete with the two half bells.
8. To achieve the best finish trim the edges. The half bells can also be replaced into the molds if necessary.
9. Half bells can be used immediately if required.

Bells -Top decoration

10. When joining two bells together to make a top decoration it is best to use a gum glue blended with a gum or flower paste.
11. Support the bells until they are dry by placing a ball of paste under each one. These balls of paste can also be used when transporting the cake, but don't forget to remove them prior to displaying.

Bells - Hanging

1. Both molded and cast sugar bells can be used as hanging decorations, just make sure that before the bells have dried a fine hole is pierced right through the bell with a needle or something similar.
2. The easiest way to thread a ribbon or cord through is also with a needle.

Link to BELL sugar molds
Link to bell molds shown above