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Cuts, crimps & seals Ravioli, Pierogi, Empanadas & other tarts in one easy step
Include recipe instructions.
#500/7200 Heart $10.00
#508 Bell $8.99
#503/7207 Bear $8.99 #7219 Tree $8.99
#504 Large Fish $13.00 #510 Angel $8.99
#505/7209 Small Fish $12.00 #511 Boy $8.99
#506/7213 Butterfly $10.00 #7225 Triangle $10.00
#515/7231 Apple $8.99
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Tartmasters Sealer Set
Includes 1 Tartmaster Round sealer, 1 Krimpkut sealer, & the book: "Pasta, Pies & Pastries" a $26.00 value
#7232/12020 $24.00

Pasta, Pies & Pastries Book
"Tart Recipes From Around The World"
by Ursula Kaiser 6x9 soft back 116 pages 
#525/#7501 $9.99

3 inch Tartmaster
Small Round Cuts and crimps
2-7/8" round, 2-1/2" high overall, Steel and cast aluminum, Can be disassembled for cleaning. Made in USA. Cuts rounds and crescent shapes. Cuts and seals at the same time. Useful for making ravioli, pierogi, tarts, fried pies, filled donuts and sandwiches.
#573C/#7233 $10.59
5 inch Tartmaster Large Round 
Discontinued, one left!
#7237 $14.99

Krimpkut Sealer w/wooden handle
This Krimp Kut sealer cuts, crimps and seals in one quick motion. 
 Use on bread slices to make party sandwiches and canapes; or with doughs for pies, tarts or ravioli. 
#7239 $8.99

Wood tart tamper
Just press dough down with this tool - Fill tart pan and press with tamper no roll out needed! FAST WAY!
#4146 $3.69

Breezy Tart Marker©
Dip it in flour and press gently, round side first, in dough ball to make an impression, turn Tart Marker around, flat side, dip in flour and press down on dough again to make the cup. Fill & bake. $3.19

Other Tart Pans

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