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BOOKS: These books designed for use with the Brown Bag Ceramic Cookie Molds.
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Enjoy Life's Cookies for Everyone! By Leslie Hammond and Betsy Laakso
Enjoy Life's™ Cookies for Everyone! offers allergy-free cookies, brownies and bars that are safe and delicious. Each of the 150 recipes are free of gluten as well as the eight most common allergens, thus taking the guesswork out of determining which recipes are safe—and which are a risk. Culinary expert Leslie Hammond teaches readers how to use naturally allergy-free ingredients and substitutes to add richness, texture, pizzazz and nutritional content to cookies and bars without losing the “yummy” factor. Each recipe is vetted for taste and safety by the Enjoy Life® company, a leader in delicious and healthful allergy-free foods.
Paperback, 240 Pages
#153575 $19.99

Ideals Homemade Cookies by Barbara Grunes
Here's a taste of what awaits you: Drop Cookies: Fruit Swirls, Bear Paws, Anise Drops as well as classic favorites... Exotic and Unusual Cookies: Try Russian Mushroom Cookies, French Tiles, Greek Kourabiedes ... Macaroons and Meringues: Work egg white magic with Hazelnut, Chocolate-Tipped, and Italian varieties ... Bars and Brownies: Cookies with one-pan convenience range from the familiar chocolate (several kinds! ) to Irish Mist and Toffee Crunch. 
Scarce, Out Of Print, Paperback, 64 pages, Ideals Publications (June 1984), 
10.8 x 8.3 x 0.2 inches #8249-3031-2 $13.50 1 copy left,, collectable

The Ultimate Cookie Book
A collection of all types of the best cookie recipes that are family favorites, great 'starter' cookie book. 256 pages, full color 11 1/4 x 8 1/2", hard back, Amounts listed in English & American measurement #104859 $19.95

Cookie Craft by Barbara Williams and Rosemary Williams., hardback, 6 1/4 x  in., truck, house, teapot. Describes the steps involved in creating animal-cracker merry-go-rounds, graham-cracker haunted houses, icecream-cone castles, and other party decorations that are also delicious treats. Directions for creating forty-five party favors and decorations from commercially prepared cookies. $8.95

Paper Making Book
by Brown Bag Paper Art - Designed for use with the Brown Bag Ceramic Cookie Molds. Explore the fascinating art of handmade paper using Brown Bag Molds. Detailed instructions, lots of projects, lavishly illustrated. 8-1/2x9-1/2 inch soft back 94 pages, Nice! Patterns too! #06069 $14.95

Cookie Boxes and Other 3-D Projects
by Autumn Carpenter A fully illustrated, step-by-step guide to several 3-D cookie projects.  Some of the projects include: elegant baby bed, whimsical under-the-sea treasure chest, clever outhouse, beehive box, flower garden cart, Christmas shaped boxes, tiny gingerbread village, and much more!  Beginners will enjoy the easy-to-follow instructions, experienced will be inspired. 8 1/2" x 5 1/2" 32 pages,  full color #60-1577 $5.99

Cookie Decorating
by Autumn Carpenter - This 47 page picture-packed book is great for novice or experienced cookie decorators. Easy-to-follow directions for many types of decorating with beautiful photographs. Each chapter provides a collection of decorated cookies to inspire your creativity. General decorating and baking techniques include: Baking Tools, Decorating Tools, Roll-Out Dough, Molding, Buttercream, Run Sugar, “Watercolor” Painting, Egg Wash Glaze, Fondant, Candy Coating, and more. Fun projects include: Ornaments, Gingerbread Garland, Gingerbread Houses, Giant Cookies, Cookie Bouquets, Cookie Bowls and more.  8 1/2" x 11" 48 pages, full colors #60-1575  $10.88

The Greatest Cookies Ever
Dozens of Delicious, Chewy, Chunky, Fun & Foolproof Recipes by Rose Dunnington. A beautifully designed cover beckons young bakers to hone their craft. Covering equipment tools, reading a recipe; measuring, mixing, working with dough, baking, decorating, and more. In all, more than 70 tempting recipes are included, many with fun names. Offering tips and information about substitutions, preheating, and using an electric mixer, among other topics. Cleanliness, neatness, and safety are discussed and seeking adult help is recommended when appropriate. A welcome feature of this volume is the spiral binding that allows the book to open flat, a plus when trying recipes. The pleasing layout incorporates numerous full-page, sharp photos against pastel backgrounds. Throughout, a diverse group of children are pictured baking, sampling cookies, and happily involved in the processes. Ages 9-12, hardcover, 96 pages, English, 10x9 inches. #60-1671 $9.95 

The Artful Cookie by Aaron Morgan - Thanks to the careful guidance and boundless creativity of Aaron Morgan, an experienced and talented pastry chef, even the most intimidated cook can achieve spectacular results. Most of these 34 cookies use a simple sugar, shortbread, or gingerbread base, so they’re easy to make. Magnificent color photographs and easy-to-follow instructions will have you piping, dipping, and painting these delicacies in no time at all. For pure indulgence, imagine this: luscious chocolate crowns sitting upon a crunch cookie base, covered in a thin layer of mouthwatering white chocolate. Kids will keep on begging for more of the peanut butter and jelly cookie rolls. With so many wonderful treats to make, the cookie jar will never go empty again. 8x8 inch, hard back, 108 pages, full color #904845 $17.95

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The Cookie Book
by Holly Garrison. The cookie compendium with more than 400 recipes for the cookie jar, kids' lunch boxes, afternoon tea, and holiday cookies Cookie recipes are culinary heirlooms as irreplaceable as quilts, silver, and other precious keepsakes. Often cookies were the first thing we learned to bake. For many of us, they're the only thing we still bake. Now Holly Garrison offers the definitive cookie bible for today. The Cookie Book kicks off with a section called "The Cookie Maker's Kitchen." Here you'll find all the cookie-baking basics. Aside from cookie sheets, what do you need to start baking? Turn to the "Tools" chapter to find out. What's the difference between baking powder and baking soda? Check the "Ingredients" chapter. If it's ideas you need, check the "Author's Choice" listings, with suggested cookies for the cookie jar, the lunch box, Christmas gifts, and other occasions. Whatever kind of cookie you're looking for, you'll find it in The Cookie Book.  448 pages, line drawings and index,  8.5 x 11" #60-1659 $25.00

The Book of Cookies,  by Pat Alburey. This book features every kind of cookie. 120 pages, 11 1/4 x 5 3/4", hardback #62-182 $12.99

Fun Cookie Bouquets by Autumn Carpenter. Learn how to create over a DOZEN fabulous cookie bouquets for several occasions. The book begins with recipes, icing techniques and assembling instructions. See how to achieve perfect lettering on your cookies. Next are the eye-catching bouquets.
Each bouquet has easy-to-follow directions. Instructions and ideas for mini bouquets for favors are also included. This book is ideal for all skill levels and is an excellent source of inspiration. 8x11 inch soft back 31 pages. (fish bowl) #60-1579 $8.95

Cookie Bouquets by Casey Lester. Great ideas for lovely bouquets. Contains chapters on supplies, recipes, materials, stencils, patterns and more. 34 pages, full color, 8.5 x 11" soft back #60-1550 $12.59

Cookie & Candy Crafting 1,  by Gail Jaye.   - Christmas desiged treats made from store bought cookies and candies. Included step-by-step color photos for most techniques. Full-size patterns included for Gingerbread house and gingerbread ornaments. soft cover, 22 pgs
#7771, 8 1/2x11" - 24 pages, soft back 
#028995-07771 $3.50

Cookie & Candy Crafting 11,  by Gail Jaye.   - Christmas desiged treats made from store bought cookies and candies. Included step-by-step color photos for most techniques. Full-size patterns included for Gingerbread house and gingerbread ornaments. soft cover, 22 pgs
#7771, 8 1/2x11" - 24 pages, soft back 
#028995-07771 $3.50

Cookie Cutters, 38 Projects & Designs by Delores Tranz and Julie McGuffee. A professional booklet showing many craft ideas for use of cookie cutters. It does include several patterns. All color, 8 1/2x11" - 20 pages, soft-back #50699 $7.99, one left

'Homemade Cookies' by Better Homes and Gardens hardback, 80 pgs, great recipes for: cookie jar favories, no fuss festive, helpful cookie hints for your success. #ISBN-0696-01846-2 $8.99 1 left

Cookies, over 200 Traditions by N. Haugh #62-180 $5.99

Christmas Cookies, Favorite Brand Name Recipes
Vintage 1995 Favorite Brand Name Recipes - Christmas Cookies Cook Book - soft cover book with 95 pages of great cookie recipes. Book is in very good condition - from smoke free home. 5 1/4 x 8 1/4 softback. $5.99, 1 left

'Homemade Cookies' by Better Homes and Gardens 
Publication Date: February 1975 
A must have for the cookie baker! Book features lots of old favorites as well as new recipes. Clear concise instructions and lots of pictures of delicious looking cookies!
I've owned this book for years, and though sadly it's now out of print, it is readily available from used booksellers right here ... . This book has some really wonderful recipes, many of them out-of-the-ordinary, and many traditional ethnic cookies (marked as Swedish or Finnish, and so-on) organized into sections such as bar cookies, drop cookies, refrigerator cookies, shaped cookies, holiday cookies and so on. There are full-color pictures of almost every cookie. The recipes are interspersed with illustrated instructions and tips, and there are sections of the book dedicated to decorating cookies, storing cookies, giving cookies as gifts and how best to pack each type, and a list of recipes in the book which are "good travelers." I highly recommend that anyone who loves making and giving cookies, especially during the holidays, pick up this book. 
7 3/4 x 10 in. #barcookies  $3.75

Cookie Book by Irena Chalmers - "Here are chocolate chip cookies, peanut butter cookies, oatmeal and fudge cookies that are baked not only for children, but for everyone who knows that a house becomes a home when there is a jar filled to the brim with homemade cookies. And there are other kinds of cookies too; there are Delicate, Rolled, Lacy Ginger Cookies, Macaroons and Almond Crusted Butter Bars, Chocolate Truffles laden with Rum, and Pfeffernusse rolled in powdered sugar and left to season for a week. These are for the adults who have learned how to wait for the very best." Irena Chalmers
I am a cookie lover! That's what made me fall in love with baking! Here are a few more cookie recipes from the book:
~ Raspberry Sandwich Cookies
~ Lebkuchen
~ Almond Butter Bars
~ Fudge Cookies
~ Springerle
~ Orange Cream Cheese Cookies
~ Poppy Seed Cookies
Irena is great about these cookbooks because she tells you the "how to's" of making all different type of cookies at the beginning of the book.
Includes diagrams, paperbk, 48 pgs $4.95

Christmas Cookies - Favorite 'brand name' recipes by D.Hines, Hershey, B.Crocker,Bordens, Land o Lakes - These recipes are great! I have made everyone in the book and there was not a "crumbler" in there! I ended up buying more of the books to give away as presents because everyone kept asking for the recipes. The one thing I really love about this book is all the pictures, you get to see what the cookies should look like when they are done. Buy it .. you won't be sorry.
5 1/2 x 8 1/4, last one, 93 pges $4.75 

Homemade Cookies by ideals  (1984). This 64 page paperback contains a fine selection of recipes, including every kind of cookies.  Rich, crumbly, soft, chewy, crisp, flaky--all are in here.  What could be more enticing than a jar of cookies on the counter, a tin of cookies on the shelf, a plate of cookies after school?  Table of Contents: Cookie Hints; Drop Cookies; Bar Cookies; Brownies; Molded, Pressed & Filled Cookies; Rolled & Refrigerated Cookies; Meringues & Macaroons; No-Bake Cookies; Cookies From a Mix; Fried Cookies; Foreign Favorites
paperbk 8 1/2 x 10 1/2 inches last one #8249-3031-2 $7.99

Cookie-Jar Cookbook by Good Housekeeping
Publisher: Consolidated Book Publishers (1971) 
Product Dimensions: 9.1 x 7.3 x 0.2 inches, Paperback: 64 pages 

Better  homes and gardens homemade cookies cookbook - hardback, 96 pages, color 1975. Contents include Bar Cookie Treasure Chest Cookie Jar Classics Special-Day Cookies Making and Giving Cookies. Scarce, Out Of Print
New $8.95

"101 Cookie Recipes" Pull out your cookie sheets and preheat your oven it's time to make cookies! Now baking irresistible sweet treats is easier than ever with this mouthwatering collection of over 101 cookie and brownie recipes. Choose from simple drop cookies, quick-to-fix bars, festive cut-outs, gooey brownies and much more. When you use 101 Cookie Recipes, you'll ever run out of ideas to keep your cookie jar overflowing! Hard Back 192 pages $15.00

The NEW Idea Book - 64 pages of ideas, recipes, and easy instructions for using Brown Bag molds in creative ways. #06607  $6.00
Paper Making Book by Brown Bag Paper Art - Explore the fascinating art of handmade paper using Brown Bag Molds. Detailed instructions, lots of projects, lavishly illustrated. 8-1/2x9-1/2 inch soft back 94 pages #06069  $14.95
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