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SPECTRAL PASTE Food Coloring by Sugar Flair

Preferred by European Chefs around the world!
Imported just for you! Super Strong food colours - Mix with alcohol to make an edible paint.
Concentrated colourings from the USA as well as the UK, is important we try to clarify the position with colourings / labelling / legalities / safety etc.  It's not an easy area - there's lots of conflicting advice, not helped by a few jealous competitors who claim it is "illegal" for us to sell US/UK colourings.  Well - no, it's not actually!  The confusion probably starts with "E" numbers . . .  the "E" stands for Europe and this is the European classification system for additives which are approved as safe for use in food.  In the USA you'd see an FD&C number (Food, Drug & Cosmetic Act) doing a similar job, showing that the colouring had been approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration). Very occasionally the American system approves a colouring with the European system does not, and vice versa.  The most well known example is Red 3 which the American FDA regards as completely safe but the European Union only approve for use in glacé cherries.  So without being political, here's the question . . . if the EU think it is safe to eat French glacé cherries, why would it not be safe to eat the same colouring in icing?  America agrees. . 
Sugarflair Colours are completely gluten free, nut-free, GM-free, fat-free and suitable for vegetarian, Halal and perfect for certified Kosher diets. Contains glycerol e422, propylene glycol e551 food color e102, e133
Colors include: Baby Blue, Ice Blue, Navy Blue, Caramel/Ivory, Cornish Cream (egg yellow), Chestnut Brown (reddish), Dark Brown, Licorice (Black), Cream, Bitter lemon (Lime), Eucalyptus Green, Holly Green (Jade), Mint Green (apple), Autumn Leaf (mustard yellow), Christmas Green, Gooseberry Green (Moss), Party Green, Spruce Green (olive), Grape/Violet, Peach, Pink, Dusky Pink (Wine), Claret (plum), Primrose, Christmas Red, Poppy Red, Ruby Red, Melon (lemon yellow).
25 gram jar $8.35 each
28 COLORS $210.00 
Baby Blue, Ice Blue, Navy Blue, Caramel/Ivory, Cornish Cream, Chestnut Brown, Dark Brown, Licorice, Cream, Bitter lemon, Eucalyptus Green, Holly Green, Mint Green, Autumn Leaf, Christmas Green, Gooseberry Green, Party Green, Spruce Green, Grape/Violet, Peach, Pink, Dusky Pink, Claret, Primrose, Christmas Red, Poppy Red, Ruby Red, Melon
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