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Consumer Commodity ORM-D Level 3 Aerosol Can Spray is not available  when shipping by 3 week day, 2 week day, International Express, USPS,  or Express shipping methods. Only available to the U.S. 48 states by  UPS Ground ONLY. If you request this item shipped by any other method  than UPS Ground it will not be shipped and a refund less 3%  cancellation fee applied to your payment.



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in a Aerosol can. Shake can, hold at a 45 degree angle, spray 6-8" away from item. 
One can covers more than a dozen 8" cakes plus dozens of cookies, sugar and fabric.
This is a wide spray; if a thin line is required use stencils.
Colors: 1.5 oz - 2 oz.
Qty * May need to have several coats to achieve a dark color Qty
BLACK #710-5506 $4.19 ORANGE #710-5507 $4.19
BLUE #710-5501 $4.19 PURPLE #710-5504 $4.19
GREEN #710-5503 $4.19 YELLOW #710-5502 $4.19
RED #710-5500 $4.19 PINK #710-5505 $4.19
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Edible Sprays

Adds a brilliant luster shine to almost anything. Including buttercream or fondant cakes, cupcakes, cookies, candies and even almond paste! Covers around twelve 8x3 cakes, 6 dozen standard cupcakes, 8 dozen 3 inch cookies or several pounds of bite size candies. Change the color depth by adding several coats, allow to dry between coats. Due to Federal Regulations this product must ship parcel post only and can not be shipped internationally.
Good ideas for using these | Tips for Best use of the | Aerosol Sprays
SILVER Metallic Spray 
#34-3635, 2 oz $10.25
GOLD Metallic Spray 
#710-5520 1.5 oz. $4.89
PEARL Spray 
 2 oz. $13.29
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PME Edible Lustre Spray

Create stunning Lustre effects with this easy to use Lustre Spray Colour.
Add a wonderful new dimension of styling and elegance to your Celebration Cakes, Chocolates, Cup Cakes, Cookies and Desserts. 
Use this Lustre Spray colour to Highlight, Enhance and Decorate a wide range of decorative materials including: Sugarpaste, Chocolate, Buttercream, Almond Paste, Flower Paste & Gum Paste. 
For best effects shake can well before using and hold about 6" (15mm) away from item. 100ml. 
Due to Federal Regulations this product can ONLY be shipped by ground services to the continental 48 U.S. States. 2 weekday, 3 weekday shipping is not available.
Piping Gold
Lustre Sprays are shiny

GOLD Lustre Spray 
$13.29 each

BRONZE Lustre Spray 
$13.29 each

BLUE Lustre Spay
$5.25 each

BABY BLUE Lustre Spray 
$5.25 each

RED Lustre Spray 
$5.25 each

GREEN Lustre Spray 
$5.25 each
2/ $10.50

PINK Lustre Spray 
$5.25 each

$13.29 each

Silver #34-699LS 
$13.29 each

PEARL Lustre Spray 
$13.29 each

Marble Fondant, then spray it with edible lustre spray, to create a shimmer water effect. Ariel is made from gumpaste.
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Edible Lustre Spray SETS
Shipping to the U.S. 48 states ONLY using UPS Ground ONLY

3 PME  Edible Lustre Spray Set
Includes bronze, gold and pearl
#34-FLS $39.87 Qty

8 PME Edible Lustre Spray Set
Includes red, green, blue, bronze, 
gold, pearl, pink and baby blue
#34-8LS $63.12 Qty

Baby PME Lustre Spray Set
includes pink and baby blue
#34-BLS $10.50 Qty

Primary PME Lustre Spray Set
includes red, green and blue
#34-PLS $15.75 Qty
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Lacquer Spray Edible 12oz. / 340 gram aerosol spray
Edible Confectionery Spray used to place a brilliant shine on chocolate, 
marzipan, sugar showpieces and nougatine as well as other edible items.
Eliminates fingerprint marks and slight imperfections.
Lacquer spray neutral in smell and taste.
Protection from humidity.
Quick drying 
#78-8240 $59.95
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prices subject to change without notice