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Candy FooD Coloring

Used to color chocolate, Candy centers or Hard Candy
Coloring Dusts for Chocolate or Hard Candy
Color Dusts should be applied to the dry surface of the finished chocolate piece after the condensation from the refrigerator or freezer has evaporated.  The dusts can be applied dry with a soft blush brush or q-tip.  They can also be mixed with alcohol based liquids including vanilla extract and painted on to the surface of the chocolate to emphasize detail. 
The palate that can be accessed is enormous depending upon color combinations and the type of chocolate (white or dark) to which the Color Dust is applied. 
Color Dusts are non-toxic and are for decorative use only.  Color dusts are not a food additive and should not be considered as such.  The taste of the chocolate is not affected by Color Dust. Go Here to purchase dusts. 

A tube filled wih chocolate ready to paint in molds or write with

AmeriColor .65 oz. Candy Coloring
A sample size squeeze bottle just perfect for small jobs. Concentrated color perfect for coloring compound confectionery chocolate. Shake well, easy to use, flip up lid. Made in USA. 
Allows you to add soft gel paste colors to chocolate products!
Keep some on hand for small jobs.
Buy white chocolate coating and just add candy color. 
You will always have the color of chocolate that you want.
Green Candy Oil Color .65oz  #CC11 .65oz  $1.99
Black Candy Oil Color .65oz  #CC01 .65 oz  $1.99
Pink Candy Oil Color .65oz  #CC14 .65 oz $1.99
Red Candy Oil Color .65oz  #CC20 .65 oz  $1.99
Blue Candy Oil Color .65oz  #CC02 .65 oz  $1.99
Yellow Candy Oil Color .65oz  #CC07 .65 oz  $1.99
Orange Candy Oil Color .65oz  #CC13 .65oz  $1.99
Navy Blue Candy Oil Color .65oz  #CC34 .65 $1.99
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Flo-Coat Candy Oil Coloring - USAGE

#CCFC.65 Flo-Coat Candy Oil Coloring, .65 oz. $1.69
#CCFLO, Flo-Coat Candy Oil Coloring, 2 oz. $4.39
Candy Colorings - Turn your white Merckens® Coating chocolate into any shade or color you desire! This coloring won't thicken your chocolate the way regular food coloring does. This is great for those “tiny” jobs where you just don't need a full pound of one color chocolate. This is the best coloring to use for tinting chocolate.We will substitute without notification. Oil-based colors ideal for tinting confectioners' coating chocolate. Melt confectioners chocolate, blend one drop of color into melted coating. Gradually adding more color, one drop at a time, until desired shade is reached. 
black twist top 2 oz. #CC01 $3.79
blue twist top 2.2 oz. #CC02 $3.79
green twist top 2.2 oz. #CC11 $3.79
yellow twist top 2 oz. #CCO7 $3.79
red twist top 2 oz. #CC20  $3.79
violet twist top 2.2 oz. bottle #CC22 $3.79
navy Blue 2 oz. #CC34  $3.79
orange twist top  2 oz. #CC13 $3.79
pink twist top  2 oz. #CC14 $3.79
GARDEN 4 pc SET: Concentrated oil-based color that blends beautifully into coating chocolate. Contains violet, pink, green and black; Four 1/4 oz. jars #1913-1298 $4.49
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AmeriMist™ SHEEN Airbrush Colors for Chocolate (For use with an airbrush)- concentrated  coloring perfect for airbrushing on chocolate, non-dairy whipped toppings and icings. Adding sheen colors on chocolate  creates a more polished effect. Eliminate the need to overspray so moisture will not accumulate, water spots will not  appear, and the icing will not breakdown. Add an artisan twist to your chocolate candies using most any airbrush. Airbrush  directly on chocolate pieces after they are molded. You don't need to be an expert airbrusher, but it may take a little  practice. Colors show better once coloring dries, do not overspray. Heavy color may cause coloring to bead up.
Choose color Qty
Gold SHEEN AmeriMist™ .65 oz AB70 $1.59
Silver SHEEN AmeriMist™ .65 oz AB71 $1.59
Pearl SHEEN AmeriMist™ .65 oz AB72 $1.59
Copper SHEEN AmeriMist™ .65 oz AB73 $1.59
Bronze SHEEN AmeriMist™ .65 oz AB74$1.59
Blue A SHEEN meriMist™ .65 oz AB75 $1.59
Green SHEEN AmeriMist™ .65 oz AB76 $1.59
Yellow A SHEEN meriMist™ .65 oz AB77 $1.59
Orange SHEEN AmeriMist™ .65 oz AB78 $1.59
Pink SHEEN AmeriMist™ .65 oz AB79 $1.59
Red SHEEN AmeriMist™ .65 oz AB80 $1.59
Lavender SHEEN AmeriMist™ .65 oz AB81 $1.59
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SET: AmeriMist™ SHEEN 12 Assorted Colors - .65 oz bottles of each color: Sheen Gold, Sheen Silver, Sheen Pearl, Sheen Copper, Sheen Bronze, Sheen Blue, Sheen Green, Sheen Yellow, Sheen Orange, Sheen Pink, Sheen Red, Sheen Lavender #ABSET $19.08
Natural Food Coloring by Chefmaster
Consumers have a keen awareness about food ingredients and are increasingly concerned about the consumption of synthetic coloring. 
Whether its icing, ice cream, snack food, drinks, or baked goods. 
Other sizes available upon request include 2.3 oz. and 10.5 oz.
black food coloring contains caramel color, glycerin, red cabbage color and beet color
brown food color contains glycerin and caramel color.
blue food coloring contains glycerin and red cabbage color
green food coloring contains glycerin, red cabbage color and beta carotene
orange food coloring contains glycerin and beta carotene
pink food coloring contains glycerin and beet color
purple food coloring contains glycerin, red cabbage color and beet color
yellow food coloring contains glycerin and beta carotene
red waiting for manuf. info 
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