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Bakers' Preferred Soft Gel Food Coloring

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Also available for use in Airbrush and in Powdered form
Gel Paste . Liquid Gel  . Squeeze Gels
Purchase any three colors of 20 oz. Baker's Preferred Gel Paste Jars and receive a FREE jar of Purple Gel Paste Color. 
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Baker's Preferred food colors are the best available, formulated from the highest quality pigments. They are designed to offer you flexibility, lasting quality and value.
Gel Paste color ratio = 1/4 tsp. to 10 oz. of buttercream icing
Colors Include: Super Black, Brown, Nut Brown, Burgundy, Royal Blue, Sky Blue, Holiday Green, Leaf Green, Orange, Rose Pink, Bright Red, Super Red, Teal, Violet, Egg yellow, Lemon Yellow.

General Ingredients: Water, U.S. FD&C Certified Colors, Propylene Glycol, Hydrated Silica, Sorbitol, Glycerin, Methyl cellulose, Gum, Vegetable Gum, and Sodium Bicarbonate.

13 oz. Baker's Preferred Liquid Gel Colors

A thick liquid that won't thin your icing 
Instant Paste color ratio = 12 drops to 8 oz. of buttercream icing.
Other colors no longer made in 1 oz.
Discontinued, not many left
$10.00 and up

SQUEEZE Soft Gel Food Coloring by Bakers' Preferred™

Squeeze Gels are formulated for whipped topping and buttercream icing. They offer the ease of use of a liquid with the color intensity of a gel without affecting icing consistency. Individual colors available upon request. Preferred by Bakeries worldwide.

13 oz. Soft Gel Coloring

Bright Red Squeeze Gel SQ-5335, Brown Squeeze Gel SQ-5309, Burgundy Squeeze Gel SQ-5333, Egg Yellow Squeeze Gel SQ-5319, Holiday Green Squeeze Gel SQ-5329, Holiday Red Squeeze Gel SQ-5326, Ivory Squeeze Gel SQ-5328, Leaf Green Squeeze Gel SQ-5301, Lemon Yellow Squeeze Gel SQ-5304, Mauve Squeeze Gel SQ-5312, Orange Squeeze Gel SQ-5303, Peach Squeeze Gel SQ-5338, Pine Green Squeeze Gel SQ-5337, Pink Neon Squeeze Gel #SQ-5342, Pink Squeeze Gel SQ-5302, Purple Squeeze Gel SQ-5305, Red Red Squeeze Gel SQ-5306, Royal Blue Squeeze Gel SQ-5318, Sky Blue Squeeze Gel SQ-5310, Super Black Squeeze Gel SQ-5317, Super Red Squeeze Gel SQ-5316, Teal Squeeze Gel SQ-5336, Violet Squeeze Gel SQ-5314. 
$8.74 each

Squeeze Gel Kit

includes 12 colors 13.5 oz bottles
Colors: green, pink, lemon yellow, purple, red red, brown, 
blue, super black, super red, egg yellow, teal and royal blue.
#SQ-SK $94.20

20 oz. Baker's Preferred Gel Paste Jars
Colors: Bakers Rose, Bright Red, Brown, Burgundy, Egg Yellow, Holiday Green, Holiday Red, Hot Pink, Ivory, Leaf Green, Lemon Yellow, Nut Brown, Orange, Peach, Purple, Rose Pink, Royal Blue, Sky Blue, Super Black, Super Red, Teal, Violet.