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Reusable Butter Molds - These beautiful, highly detailed molds transform spreadable foods into edible artistry in just minutes. Soft, pliable molds for molding butter, chocolate, cheese or pate. Perfect for every occasion from elegant entertaining to casual dining. Create exciting hors d'oeuvre trays with shapped cheese and pate. Make your own flavored chocolate for desserts of gifts. Dress up your butter with dozens of fancy shapes. So very easy to use: just fill each cavity of the mold tray, chill in the freezer for a few minutes, peel out of the mold and serve or save for later use. Clean molds with warm soapy water.
MOLD SIZE:  5x7 inch - CAVITY SIZE:  approx. 1-1/4 inch molds, 6 cavity  $9.25
The manuf. discontinued these so we can get no more of them.
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Texas #10-128C

Pig #10-121C

Bunny #10-107C

Lamb #10-124C

Windmill #10-132C

Happy Face #10-109C

Cupid's Heart #10-106C

Pinwheel #10-111C

Donkey Democratic #10-138C

Eagle & Stars #10-136C

Star of David #10-126C

Sunshine #10-108C

Elephant  Republican #10-137C

Flower Basket #10-129C

Kola Bear #10-134C
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Deboss designs on butter, fondant, cookies or other soft foods. Each wooden design push punch is
1-1/4 inch diameter. Made in USA. $7.25 each
Stock Desings include:

Make choies from group and add to cart below
Pineapple no longer made
Acorn #1921
Other designs by SPECIAL ORDER include Wheat #1920, Suit of Cards #1923, Clover #1925,
Sailboat #1926, and 3 Flower #1927. Add design and number to the Message Box of your order.
Allow 10-15 extra shipping days
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