Making your own Lollipops is EASY & FUN!
Follow the recipe and instructions included on each set of these unique
Quick Release Lollipop Mold Sets and you will discover just how EASY
and FUN making homemade lollipops can be!

Each sets includes 10 metal forms, clamps & instructions

These sets cover seasonal as well as generic and traditional shapes. Rings work equally well for hard candy and molding or dipping chocolate. We stock more than 75 hard candy flavors from traditional to exotic! A rainbow of gel food colors to capture the eye and all the other supplies you will need to create delicious and colorful lollipops!
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Quantity  Approx. 1 inch in size $7.99 per set Quantity
Animals #ANM Heart Tiny #THM
Bear #SBM Heart Combo #HCM $7.99
Christmas #CHM Horse  #HOM 
Car & Train #CTM Lips & Hearts #LHM has been discontinued. If you wish to purchase 10 packages, we may yet still be able to special order them for you
Daisy & Tulip #DTM  DISCONTINUED Mini Set #MSM
Shamrock #SHM Round Tiny 3/4 inch #TRM
Easter #EAM Round Large #LRM 1 1/2"
Heart Small #HRM Round Combo #RCM 1 and 1 1/2"
Halloween #HAM Round Small 1 inch #SRM
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MORE DESIGNS Approx. 1 inch in size $7.99 per set
Turkey #TYM
Variety #VAM
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  • First, place the clips on the tabs of the molds.
  • Next, insert a lollipop stick between the tabs of the molds; 4-1/2 inch size is fine.
  • Make sure the lollipop stick extends into the mold opening at least one quarter of the way.
  • Cook, color and flavor the mixture according to the directions then pour the mixture into the molds.
  • If you desire, you can add any commercial candy to the top of the freshly poured lollipops to add character!
  • After about 5 minutes the lollipops are cool enough to unmold. Just lift off the clip and the mold pops open.
  • After all the clips are removed, lift the molds off the lollipops.

  • Mini Tartlet Forms 12 abstract designs, 6 each, 2 to 2-1/2 inch tinplate 72 pc
    #4840  $18.00 QTY

    Below have been DISCONTINUED, not many left, we will ship only one per person
    It appears this manufacturer is not remaking many of these when they run out of stock. I'm sorry, but there is nothing we can do. Order early, don't be disappointed!
    Metal Sucker molds 
    INDIVIDUAL-#5210 Baseball Catcher $1.99 each 
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