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Help or more info for rolled fondant icings
The Home Confectionery Guide Book #R72 
by The Guttman Company. Shows many mold ideas for making mints, hard tac, etc.   A wealth of information with lots of how-to pictures, recipes and directions for making 'real' candy. All products shown in the book are available at Sugarcraft. Many items and tools are exclusive 'Guttman' supplies! 8.5 x 11"  spiral bound

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Always use a candy thermometer to cook mixtures. Great to cover apples, popcorn, nuts, peanut butter bars, divinity, taffy, or nougats. Candy crunches can be made from these mixes as well. Just add 1 dram of our 70+ Flavorings
Hard Candy mix by CK Products
Simply add water, color and flavor of your choice.
Add citric acid for a tarter taste.
Instructions included.
#75-4301 12 oz. $2.19
Picture left: Pour hard candy in cookies and bake them.
Or, put hard candy pieces in centers and then bake.
Gourmet SUGAR FREE Hard Candy Mix by LorAnn
Simply add water, color and flavor of your choice. Add citric acid for a tarter taste. LorAnn’s Sugar-Free Hard Candy Mix is made from two unique sugar replacers, Isomalt and Splenda. Combined with LorAnn’s Gourmet Flavorings you can make great tasting hard candy with half the calories of sugar. Isomalt, the primary ingredient, is exclusively made from beet sugar. It's tooth friendly. it's also suitable for diabetics as it does not increase blood glucose or insulin levels. Splenda is the only non caloric sweetener made from sugar. It tastes like sugar with no unpleasant aftertaste. Makes 1 1/2 pounds of hard candy.
Instructions included. 20 oz. $8.99
Candy Apple Magic(c)
A red powder mix. Ready to cook for coating candy apples with that red shiny hard coating! Just add granulated sugar and water; cook to 290 degrees. Other flavors available  #8011240 $4.55 
Hi-Sweet - a Karo TM syrup replacement. Helps to keep hard candy from getting sticky in humid weather. Hi-Sweet Powdered Corn Syrup
New and improved with a finer consistency to reduce graining.
3.5 oz. 99¢

1 lb. $3.25
Jewels Break-Up Rock Candy Kit - Kit includes: Butter Rum 
and Raspberry Flavoring Oils, 2 reusable molds tempered
for high heat, and 2 packets professional grade powdered 
corn syrup. Cook sugar recipe with candy thermometer, 
pour into greased molds and watch your jewels harden.
Flip mold over to release and eat! 
#4290-0000 $10.95

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Tools & Equipment for making cooked candies
The original lollipop machines made 40 lollipops in one minute. At that rate it would take 592 days to make enough lollipops to cover the 2,153 miles between Sugar Hill, Ga. and Sugar City, Idaho. Today’s machines produce 5,900 lollipops per minute.
Small Funnel - A must for pouring hard candy. Controls flow so you can disperse the hot mix quicker. Sit funnel in a glass jar for easy pouring. Does not hold full recipe.
4 1/2 x 3 1/2 in. with hand stopper 
#F15A/81-20 $11.75
Large Funnel - A must for pouring hard candy. Controls flow so you can disperse the hot mix quicker. Sit funnel in a glass jar for easy pouring.
5 1/2 x 4 1/4 in. with hand stopper
This is the one I use for hard tac
#F17/81-25 $15.75
Easy Pour Funnel with push button trigger stopper
5 x 4 i nch, nylon
I like this one for warming caramel and F17 for hard candy
#1904-552 $4.49
Professional Stainless Steel Funnel with handle
includes 12 inch nylon stick stopper
Large 2 quart capacity, comes with with Nylon stick only
#A-400 $295.95
Special order, no refund, allow 4-5 weeks
Professional Funnel Stand 
for use with our #A-400
Special order, no refund, allow 4-5 weeks
#A-1123 $47.00
YUMMY! Jelly / Orange Slice kit  - white trough and one tray 
Until you have eaten this homemade jellie candy, you really can't believe how good it is!
Picture at left shows the set. Picture above shows it when finished.
3/4" x 3 1/2"  #CM4 $15.00 
MORE PICTURES: Jelly slices another, another, another, recipes
Marble Pastry Slab  Use to pour out hot candy. 16 x 20"
PLEASE NOTE:  Regrettably, we can not guarantee delivery of this product. IF shipper drops it, it may arrive broken to you. Damages would be reportable for reimbursement to you of course. #3829 $45.00
Stainless Steel Bars to fit above marble perfectly. Put in place and spray with cooking spray along with the marble. Your candy won't run off the marble. When cool, just lift the bars aside. No mess! You get 2 16" and 2 18" x 1" thick which fit together on the outer edge of the marble perfectly. Older candy makers seem to know about these... we have them made for you!
#1618MB $129.95 set of 4. 12 lb.
Stands for sucker molds below, 2 stands These are designed to be used for heavy-duty 2 piece white hard candy molds
#C9 $2.99
Hard Partition Tool S73 1/2" squares, 64 pieces, white heavy plastic, use wax paper squares for wrapping. Can remove some to the plastic divisions for various sizes of candy. 
#80-503/S73 $14.95
a handy utensil for candy making, wooden top, stainless steel cutter, 5 x 4" 
#5724 $3.99
Caramel Rolling Pin Cutter
Caramel Cutter can have the widths of the blades adjusted for a variety of sizes. Replacement blades are also available upont request. Available upon request. Allow 4-6 week delivery or additional shipping fees will apply. #A-1218  $271.95
Candy Paddle-Scrapers here
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National Lollipop day is celebrated on July 20th. The word lollipop is used in many different songs including “Lollipop Guild” featured in the movie “The Wizard of Oz,” the Chordettes “Lollipop” and “The Good Ship Lollipop” from a 1934 Shirley Temple movie called “Bright Eyes”.
Always check your thermometer daily when cooking candy!
Flat Candy Thermometer - For tempering real chocolate, and for cooked candies. This one really works! The clip keeps the thermometer off the bottom of the pan for a true reading and i may be used for stirring. This precision thermometer is essential for making hard candy, nougat, fudge and more. Simply clamp to side of bowl or pan; the bulb is held securely without touching sides for precise readings. Easy-to-read numbers help you keep track of changing temperatures at a glance. Measures from 100 degrees to 400 degrees F and 20 degrees to 200 degrees C. Stainless steel construction.
Use and Care
#5983/57151904-1200 $14.99

Round Tube Glass Thermometer
an 8" good little thermometer but make sure it doesn't touch the bottom of pan or it will read the burner and your candy will over-cook. Always test against boiling water before using. Clip included. #5710 $5.39

Tempering Chocolate Thermometer
includes storage case 
#80-250 $11.00

Molds suitable for withstanding heat for cooked candies start here