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Citric Acid
A must for those fruity flavors of hard tack. A natural fruit acid added to hard candy and creams. 
Citric acid will enhance all LorAnn fruit flavors. 
One-eighth teaspoon per 2 cups of sugar, 1/4 tsp. for a great pop of flavor.
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Crystals 4 oz. #76-204 $23.19
Crystals 1 lb. #76-200 $5.95

Cocoa Butter
Our FDA approved colored cocoa butters are the most vibrant colors available. Each color is scientifically formulated to produce a smooth and creamy texture with the assurance consistent, perfect coloring. Squeeze bottle with flip-top lid.
Click for information and ideas for use.
DISSCLAIMER: COCOA BUTTER WILL melt in hot weather. Sugarcraft will not be held responsible for melting or replacement, if ordered during hot weather. Cocoa Butter although is dating is required, does not go "bad". The date merely  reflects storage conditions and taste. Once opened Cocoa Butter should  be stored in a humidity controlled area.
FYI: Colored Cocoa butter may arrive separated. Simply warm and stir  or shake before using.
DVD Instructions
Christine's Compact Craft Iron
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Plain Cocoa Butter
Available June through August, No refund, No replacement, No exchange
1 oz. bar #6050-0500 $1.99

4 oz. jar #6050-0800 $9.95

16 oz. jar #6050-1000  $18.95

Here for Colored Liquid Cocoa Butter (special order)
Coconut Oil (Solid - NOT FLAVORING)
Coconut Oil is probably the most popular soap making oil. This oil adds volumes of lather to a soap making recipe. It is also used in massage oil recipes and for a solid, spa bath oil. Doubles as a massage lotion or skin moisturizer. It melts at body temperature, and is also suitable as a shaving moisturizer. Small amounts of the solid coconut oil can be melted down in the microwave and poured into small tins for use as a lip balm.
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4 oz. $4.59 #2140-0800
16 oz $10.00 #2140-1000

Confectioners Glaze
a sealing liquid for candies or gingerbread houses. 
Used to give shine also.
Must use Solvent to clean brush or airbrush unit.
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Confectioners Glaze 8 oz. #78-8200 $11.75
Solvent a must for cleaning your brush out when using Confectioners Glaze 8 oz. #78-8205 $4.45
Clear Edible Glaze Spray 100ml PME
Add shine and protection to your creation with this clear spray. Use on candy, fondant, gum paste, chocolate, etc. Not eligible to ship by air freight (USA Ground or Rush ONLY).
Available by March 2013
Invert Sugar- (Also called Nulomoline) Invert sugar is created by combining a SUGAR SYRUP with a small amount of acid (such as CREAM OF TARTAR or lemon juice) and heating. This inverts, or breaks down, the SUCROSE into its two components,  GLUCOSE and FRUCTOSE, thereby reducing the size of the sugar crystals. Because of its fine crystal structure, invert sugar produces a smoother product and is used in making candies such as fondant, and some syrups. The process of making jams and jellies automatically produces invert sugar by combining the natural acid in the fruit with granulated sugar and heating the mixture. Homemade Marshmallow
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Liquid Invert Sugar
1.25 lb #76-6002 $5.85
Liquid Invert Sugar 
#76-6011 GALLON   $29.95
Liquid Invert Sugar (Freshvert) 
50 lb. #81440 $59.95
(about 9 lb.)

Special Order, 
allow 10-15 extra shipping days
Invertase, also known as beta-fructofuranosidase - Used to make smoother fondant and cordials. Mainly used in confections where fructose is preferred over sucrose because it is sweeter and does not crystallize as easily. Once the candy is manufactured, it needs at least a couple of days to a couple of weeks in storage so that the invertase can do its work. For best results keep refrigerated. Add about 1/4 teas. per pound of fondant center #76-6501
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Invertase 2 oz. 
#76-6502 $2.89
Gallon $61.95

ISOMALT - a natural sugar substitute, a type of sugar alcohol, which is primarily used for its sugar-like physical properties  - the only sugar replacer made from pure sugar beet that tastes as naturally sweet as sugar. In a ratio of 1:1 ISOMALT can replace sugar in confectionery and food to obtain a low in calories, low glycemic or toothfriendly product. Technological advantages such as low hygroscopicity enable to produce non-sticky candies. Products made with isomalt have the same texture and appearance as those made with sugar. Ideal for creating "Emerald" effect jewels. Isomalt has been developed for use in sugar sculpture and pulled sugar decorations. Bride using isomalt crystals - poured into our cookie cutter #RM1034
Jewel Recipes and more

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Isomalt Crystals 16 oz #76-8001 $4.19
Isomalt Crystals 5 lb #76-8005 $22.30


Purchase ANY Hard Candy Mold (abov) plus ANY package of Isomalt Crystals (#76-8001 or 76-8005)
and get an Edible (Isomalt) Jewels Made in a Microwave Instructional Sheet Free.
#EIJM $0.00
 CakePlay Isomalt Nibs
CakePlay’s convenient pre-cooked Isomalt Sticks let you start decorating in just a few minutes. Simply melt the number of isomalt sticks you need in the microwave, and you’re ready to go! No stress and no mess. We’ve taken away the hassle of working with traditional isomalt to make any decorating project a piece of cake! CakePlay’s pre-cooked isomalt sticks are made with the highest-purity isomalt available. The color and clarity of this isomalt remains true during melting and application. And with CakePlay’s convenient packaging, there’s little to no waste. Simply use the amount of isomalt sticks you need. If you melt a bit too much isomalt, just pour it onto a Silpat® mat, then store in an air-tight container to reuse later on another project. Unused isomalt sticks can be stored in an air-tight container for up to 2 years.
CakePlay’s Isomalt Sticks are better than sugar for professional cake decorating. Here’s why:
 • This pre-cooked isomalt melts in the microwave in just a few seconds. No cooking is required.
 • Sugar burns easily, but isomalt won’t change color when heated.
 • Sugar absorbs more water than isomalt, so it’s more hygroscopic and more difficult to use.
 • Unlike sugar, CakePlay’s isomalt resists crystallization, even after remelting. Just let it cool and you can easily use it again for a different application.
 • Isomalt is less fragile and easier to work with.
 • When properly cooked, tempered, handled and stored, isomalt is more forgiving of high-humidity conditions.
.Color Choices (you get  12 sticks):
Red #76-86002 $11.69
Blue #76-86003 $11.69
Green #76-86004 $11.69
Yellow #76-86005 $11.69
Orange #76-86006 $11.69
Purple #76-86007 $11.69
White #76-86008 $11.69
Black #76-86009 $11.69
Pink #76-86010 $11.69
Lecithin - An oil-like extract from soybeans used to preserve, emulsify and moisturize foods. Many candy makers look for lecithin as an emulsifier in real chocolates, caramel and taffy. Combined with vegetable oils it can be used instead of high calorie oils for greasing pans and sautéing food. Also available in granular form - unflavored granules; a good source of choline, often used as a dietary supplement, thought to be beneficial for heart health, kidney function and mild memory problems associated with aging. Can be added directly to salads, yogurts, frostings, and other foods. Email us for pricing.
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4 oz. liquid jar #6085-0800 $2.39
16 oz. liquid jar #6085-1000 $5.50

A convenient mold and fermentation inhibitor, formulated to help prevent mold growth from within. This water-based preservative is ideal for all candy, fudge, desserts and pastries. Active Ingredient: Potassium Sorbate. General Use Guide: Use 2 teaspoon to 5 lb.. of total batch. NOTE: Potassium Sorbate is already in all of our ready-made candy center products.
NOTES FROM DEAN: We add the potassium sorbate to the water we use to make the fudge. We use 2 TB per 42 lb. of fudge, so it doesn't take whole bunch of it if you are making a pan or two of fudge... even if you put 2 TB for just a small pan, it won't hurt as it is odorless & tasteless.
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1 oz liquid #6070-0500 $3.59
4 oz liquid #6070-0800 $9.95

TARTARIC ACID POWDER - A natural crystalline compound most often found in grapes. Sharper, more biting than Citric Acid. Tartaric acid is the principal acid in wine and is the component that promotes aging and crispness of flavor. In low concentrations (less than 3%) Tartaric Acid work as water-binding agents. Used in the construction of many food applications, textiles, baking powder, tanning, effervescent beverages, fruit esters, ceramics, photography, silvering mirrors, coloring metal, and an acidulant. These include baking powder, cream of tartar, effervescent beverages, fruit esters or on its own as a food acid. Colourless crystals white powder, odorless, with a sour taste. Very soluble in water. Acidum Tartaricum.
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1 oz. #6150-0500 $2.60
3.4 oz. #6150-0800 $5.29
1 lb. #6150-1000 $20.50

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