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Pan, Cookie cutters, pink ribbon, cupcake picks, ribbon sprinkles
***Candy molds***
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Breast Cancer Awareness Cupcake Kit 
An exclusive kit from Sugarcraft!
Because you asked, we have designed a perfect kit for breast cancer awareness fundraisers or cancer-free celebrations. Bake muffins in our pink ribbon standard sized cupcake liners, ice with star tip #32 and decorate with pink sprinkles or add a cupcake Breast Cancer Ribbon Pick.
    * Includes 75 baking cups
    * 12 Breast Cancer Cupcake Picks
    * two 2.5 jars of Assorted Sprinkles
#990005  $8.22 Qty
Order TWELVE Sugarcraft Breast Cancer Awareness 
Cupcake Kits and receive 10% off 
$88.80 Qty

Pink Ribbon Celebration Cupcake Wrappers
Wrap around a pre-baked cupcake in a baking liner. 
Ice and decorate as desired.
12 piece
DMC6302 $9.99 Qty
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Awareness Ribbon
7 x 13 1/4" 49-9402
Amazing hard-plastic pan that is safe 
for baking at up to 375 degrees or for 
microwaving. comes with detailed instructions
$5.99 Qty

Pink Ribbon w/ Handle
metal 5 1/2" 
  50% of the sale of this cutter 
 goes to help fight Breast Cancer
$3.99 Qty

Tie your suckers with this easy to use ribbon. Use scissors to curl ends. Rolls approx. 66 feet 
$ .59 each Qty

Pink Ribbon Cupcake Picks
12 picks
$1.99 Qty

Pink Ribbon 
Standard Baking Cups
75 cups 
#4987 $2.25

Pink Ribbon 4 inch Cutter
plastic, pink 
#2065 $.99

Pink Ribbons AND White 
2.5 oz. $1.99
12 oz. $4.79
6 lb. Carton $19.50

Pink Ribbons Sprinkles (ONLY) 
#H-RIB expect delay for large carton
2.5 oz. $1.99
12 oz. $5.95
5 lb. $32.00

Awareness Ribbon with 
Gold Insert Candy Box
6 inch, use chocolate mold 90-9096
$2.62 each
40/ $84.00

Cupcake Sleeve
Ice cupcakes tip 4B
then add sprinkles (sold separately). 
12/ $7.59

Pink Ribbon Dec-Ons
a sugar shaped edible decoration
1 1/2 inch #45154 
15 piece $3.39
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***More Candy molds***
Ribbon Candy Molds
Candy molds: CLEAR plastic sheets approx. 7-1/2 x 9-1/2 inch and are re-usable. Molds will not tolerate temperatures above 100-165 degrees F. Our chocolate molds may be used for Cream Cheese, Cookies, Butter, Gelatin Wigglers, Fondant, Gum Paste, Edible Play Dough, Sugar, Cinnamon, Plaster, Cement, Modeling Clays, Candles, Soaps, Sidewalk Chalk, Play dough, Jell-O, etc.

Yellow Ribbon
3 1/4 X 2 x 3/8 Weight: 0.8 #M-103
$1.99 Qty

Ribbon sucker
#M-134, 3 X 2 X 9/16 Weight: 0.6 
$1.99 Qty

2 X 2 x 9/16
$1.99 Qty

Awareness Ribbon
1-5/8 inch 12 cavity 
$1.99 Qty

Awareness Ribbon 
3-1/2 inch 4 cavity 
$1.99 Qty

Awareness Ribbon sucker
3-1/2 inch 3 cavity 
$1.99 Qty

Awareness Ribbon 
4 cavity #0233 

Awareness Ribbon
6" #90-9096
Use with box 87-58

Fits mold 90-9096 at left

Awareness Ribbon Lollipop 
5 cavity
$1.99 Qty
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