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1984 Yearbook
We served cake and ice cream for this birthday party. Simplicity ruled the day, with star and lattice cones, spatula scoops and piped faces that made this an irresistible treat.

Featured Ideas
Circle of Friends Cake

Step 1
Ice 2-layer cake smooth. Using Cake Dividing set, with toothpick, dot mark cake into twelfths. At dots, mark alternating 4" high cones (on cake sides), 3" high hats (on cake top). On cake sides, between cones, mark face and ties with tip 4 strings. Add tip 4 dot eyes and nose.
Step 2
Fill-in cones with tip 4 side-by-side strings. Cover hat with tip 20 stars. Fill-in tongue and tie with tip 4 icing (smooth with dampened art brush). With toothpick, mark diagonal criss-cross designs on cones. Cover marks with tip 4 strings.
Step 3
Pipe tip 16 stripe hair. With spatula, mound icing on cake top and swirl to resemble ice cream scoops. Pipe tip 30 rosette pompon candle rings for hats. Print tip 4 message. Edge cake base with tip 20 star border. Push candles into holders and position in rosettes on cake top.