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Custom Cake Stencils
We can produce home use, commercial and industrial stencils for logos, signage, lettering, and marking in any size for a variety of uses. Words, sayings, quotations... now you can personalize your cake with custom lettering. With a stencil, you can choose just the right color to match your theme - plus, you can use it over and over again! Stencils are priced based on design and thickness. We will email you pricing and once you order, we will provide you with a final email proof for approval before cutting. Once you approve the proof, we add bridges (so the center of the letters like o,p,e, etc don't fall out) and cut the stencil. Starting price $25.00. Allow 2-6 weeks for delivery after approved proof has been received. A retainer fee is required for any price quote.

*Pay Retainer and Redeem Retainer fee*
PAYING RETAINER FEE FOR SPECIAL DESIGNED QUOTES: A non-refundable retainer fee of $15.00 is required in advance for any price quotes on first time or changed artwork. Email exact artwork and details to including Invoice Number as reference. This fee may be applied towards the purchase should you so decide to order.


REDEEM PAID RETAINER FEE: I have paid the retainer fee for my pre-order and emailed my artwork. I am ready to place my order now. A deduction of $15.00 will be shown in the shopping cart toward the purchase. This offer must be included with your purchase or your Retainer Fee will be forfeited. Available for one time use only.



1. Choose a font - Here are our most popular fonts. If you have something else in mind, search the web. Many free fonts are available online and can be found by searching for free fonts. Just let us know where to download the font, then we can take it from there. We will even purchase a font for you if you can't find what you want for free.

2. Determine the size of the area where you are going to stencil the lettering. This is important! Remember, lowercase letters, such as p and y, drop below the baseline thus increasing the overall height of the lettering. We can also scale the lettering width to keep the height, yet fit within your dimensions. Just let us know your dimensions and we will supply a fax/email proof and price quote showing your lettering in the space.

3. Choose Stencil Shape - Available in round 2" to 24" or rectangle 2" to 36".
Round Food-Grade Stencils
Round template to create custom stencils
for cake/cookie tops.
Rectangle Food-Grade Stencils 
Upload a custom pattern 
or create lettering for the sides of cakes.

4. Choose Stencil mil thickness - Generally we use our 5 mil stencil plastic which gives you a nice, sharp paint edge.
Plastic 5 mil Stencil - These stencils are cut from our regular 5 mil plastic. This picture shows the flexibility of this plastic. It is durable, yet thinner than our 10mil plastic. This is good for stencils that will be used a few times, have fine detail or need to wrap tightly around an object.
Embossing 10 mil Plastic Stencil - These stencils are cut from a heavy, durable 10 mil plastic. This picture shows the flexibility of this plastic. Generally it is best used for stencils that are large (8"+ letters/logos) or that will get repeated use. Stencils cut from 10 mil plastic cost 20% more than 5 mil.

5. Provide your Design - email exact design to including name and Invoice Number from Retainer Fee payment. If using a copyright logo you must provide an Infringement Disclaimer before any quote or stencil will be made.

Customer has sole responsibility to comply with all trademark and copyright requirements for symbols and marks used in artwork for imprinting. Buyer acknowledges that he is the owner of the trademark, copyright, or patent or has the authority to give SUGARCRAFT, INC. and/or Manufacture permission to reproduce such trademark, copyright, or patent. If the design is reproduced by SUGARCRAFT, INC. and/or Manufacture to the specification of the buyer, it is understood that if the design infringes or is alleged to infringe upon any trademark, copyright or patent, the buyer shall indemnify and hold harmless SUGARCRAFT, INC. and/or Manufacture against all judgments, damages, fees and expenses sustained by SUGARCRAFT, INC. and/or Manufacture on account of such infringement.

Cancellation charges will be billed for any artwork performed on orders that are subsequently canceled.
We are not responsible for errors in customer furnished/approved artwork.

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    EMAIL Infringement Disclaimer with Invoice Number as Subject Title to:

    SNAIL MAIL Infringement Disclaimer to:

        Sugarcraft, Inc.
        c/o your Invoice Number
        3665 Dixie Hwy.
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