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Projects a picture onto the iced cake and you can air brush the lines & fill in color - or use a brush to draw the picture on and star fill-in with icing.
These projectors ARE NOT designed to put photos on cakes, only sketches as shown in "DIRECTIONS FOR USE"
To put photos on cakes, the new Printer using food coloring in the cartridges is used. Please go HERE to learn about that.
Upon arrival examine for damages/defects which may have occurred during transit.
Damage must be reported in writing within 24 hours or request will be VOID.
Refer to TOS Damaged/Defective Products for details.
Note: Projectors are dropped shipped to you from the manufacturer so that you'll have the full warranty.
U.S.A. Drop Ship UPS Ground 10-15 weekdays.
International Orders allow 4-6 weeks delivery; prices may be slightly higher for alternate voltage.
*Pre-Made - Stencils & Silk Screens, PAGE: click here, or make your own stencils using our Duralar and meltinf tool from this page also.
*DESIGN CARDS - BY SPECIAL ORDER - Buy 3 packs get the 4th FREE!
AIRBRUSH PAGE  Airbrushes go hand in hand with the projector!

Picture 1 shows how to use the projector to make pictures on cakes - shows some completed samples and the many uses.
Picture 2 shows pictures of six different choices of projectors available and prices.
Picture 3 shows information for size, options, and wattage guarantee, etc.
  • Replacement bulbs IN STOCK for KOPYKAKE®Projectors:
    • #L0001 - ECA Projector Light Bulb 250W $7.10
    • #L0002 - BAH Projector Light Bulb 300W $10.00 

Stop wasting your creative time- draw accurate sketches in MINUTES
When you use a projector your sketch will be accurate AND it will also only take you minutes to complete - not hours; leaving you more time for what you enjoy - decorating!

Chances are doing you own sketch from a photograph, enlarging it onto paper will be OK; but why leave it to chance?

Owning a Kopykake drawing projector suddenly enhances your artistic life. The very first time you use one you will immediately feel a greater confidence because the first image you draw will be exactly how you want it to be. So will the next and the next. Every time you use your projector you will create a successful drawing or sketch that will provide a strong base for your decorating.

Your confidence with outlining or airbrushing will grow as you know that all you do is simply trace your image and fill-in the color… In Minutes.

A real sense of freedom overcomes your work and your creativity will be set free.

Great Reasons to Own a Kopykake Projector:
. No more frustration of scaling and freehand drawing
. Create successful sketches the first time, every time
. Enlarge your photos or pictures in minutes, not hours
. Overcome Perspective, Proportion and Scaling problems with ease
. Set your creativity free - use subjects from different pictures for your composition


The Most Popular Model Among Artists

One of the most versatile and best selling drawing projectors ever produced; the 300XK offers outstanding value for money.

Enlarge your 4"x6" photos or pictures up to a massive 600%* (24"x36") in comfort by projecting them down onto the baseboard or table top. (*600% enlargement is gained with the Extension Tube accessory Item # 03042. Standard vertical enlargement is 300%).

For larger projections, simply take the projector off its stand and project against your easel mounted canvas or large enough to cover a wall. You can also reduce to 70% of the original copy. Accessory reduction lens kit (Item # RD300) allows reductions to 50% of the original copy.

A terrific tool for artists, decorative painters, architects, animators, T-Shirt artists, Wood Burners and cake decorators; the 300XK is very simple to use. Simply insert your original image (max 6"x6") size as required, focus with ease and outline your image in minutes.

Although obviously working better in dimly lit rooms, the 250w* color corrected photo lamp provides a clear image even in normal lighting conditions and the whisper quiet fan helps cool your artwork.

Choose table clamp mounted or baseboard at no extra cost.

* 220/240v configured projectors have 250w/250v bulb   #300XK

300XK-B $225.00

Project From Books Without Removing The Page

Precision made to cater to the most exacting demands of the professional illustrator as well as the Arts & Crafts enthusiast, our Kopyrite projector offers tremendous value for money too.

With its whisper quiet fan protecting your artwork, and the 300w color corrected photo lamp providing clear projections at any angle to enlarge or reduce your image to almost any size, the KOPYRITE deserves the label of versatile.

Project in comfort vertically down onto your table top (or baseboard) up to 400% or for larger images simply rotate the projector head on the stand to project horizontally large enough to fill a wall or up on to a ceiling. You can also reduce to 70% of the original copy.

KOPYRITE comes complete with adjustable stand, and is available in your choice of table clamp for mounting directly to your drawing board or table, or you can choose the optional 14” x 20” baseboard, at no extra cost. #KR100-B

#KR100-B KOPYRITE® $295.95

The Choice of Professional Artists & Illustrators

A one of a kind. A legend with no equal, the Kobra K5000 is one of the most powerful drawing projectors ever produced. It is designed for the professional artist and illustrator who needs the ability to project from a full page in normal lighting conditions.

Very simple to use and complete with two 300w* photo lamps and 3 element precision lens, the Kobra produces unrivaled sharp and clear projections up to 300% down onto your table top; even in normal lighting conditions.

Taking any artwork up to 8.5” x 11” (and even some 3D objects) it is ideal for those wishing to project from books or full page artwork. The projected image can be enlarged (to 300%) or reduced (to 50%) and traced easily and accurately while the whisper quiet fan protects your original artwork.

While Kobra can project horizontally (by removing the head from the stand and laying it on its side), it is not recommended as a mural or presentation projector.
* 220/240v projectors use 250w bulbs, not 300w - #K500

#K5000 KOBRA $519.75

Brighter, Sharper Projected Image
(so you don't have to work in the dark)

Our original opaque drawing projector produced for cake decorators is also a big hit with professional artists who don't want to work in a dark room.

It is precision made to cater to the most exciting demands of the professional as well as the beginner. With its whisper quiet fan and projecting at angle to enlarge or reduce to almost any size, the Kopykake K1000-G is a tough projector to beat.

The telescopic support mount is spring loaded so even an inexperienced artist can produce beautiful designs in just minutes.

Insert your original image (max 6"x6") and enlarge up to 400% vertically down onto your drawing surface. By simply rotating the head on the stand you can projector large enough to cover a wall and it will also reduce your original image to 70%. When projecting large images onto a wall, the projector obviously works better with minimum light in the room.

Although it works best in a dimly lit room you don't have to be in complete darkness for it to work! With 500w of illumination (provided by two 250w color corrected photo lamps) the K1000-G will project a bright image in normal lighting conditions and the micro-switch turns the lamps and fan off when copy door is opened.  #K1000

#K1000-G KOPYKAKE W/BASEBOARD $475.00 This one has 2 bulbs so the picture shows up in a well-lit room

Draw & Paint from Your 35mm Slides

The K-35 is a stand mounted projector which will enlarge a 35 mm slide onto almost any working surface, canvas, illustration board, water color, tile, etc. This unit is furnished with our Table Clamp.
K-35 sets up in seconds and the furnished stand clamps onto your drawing board or table so you can project up to 16" x 24" and sketch in comfort. With its 360 degree swivel head, your 35mm slide can be projected at any angle up to a massive 72" x 96" great for working at a canvas or on walls.
K-35 has a bright 20w long-life (12v) halogen lamp, which is rated at 1000 hours. Unit weighs only 2.2 kg. (5 lb..).
Dimensions - 6.25" x 3.25" x 2.5"

#K3500/K-35 $155.00

Best Value, Low Cost Professional Projector

Kwik-Draw is extraordinarily great value for money.
Don't mistake it for a cheap projector, this is a professional model at an affordable price.
It even out performs projectors that are twice the price!

Designed for the artist who works at an easel, the muralist, or the sign write, Kwik-Draw is very simple to use and produces clear images in normal lighting conditions. Although it works best in a dimly lit room you don't have to be in complete darkness for it to work!

Kwik-Draw takes any original artwork or copy up to 6" x 6", and will horizontally project clear, bright images large enough to fill a wall. Just project the image to the desired size, and trace easily and accurately.

All steel construction, completely portable, weighing just 7 lb.; Kwik-Draw even has rubber mounted feet, so it will not mark your table or desktop.

A 250* watt color corrected (to 3500 degrees K) photo lamp provides true color projections and the whisper quiet fan helps cool your artwork. (220v model uses a 275 watt P1/1 photo lamp).

Kwik-Draw pictured here with Projector Platform accessory (Item # PF100) which attaches to a camera tripod for easy positioning and projections.

Note: If considering the Kwik-Draw KD200 projector, we always recommend that you look at the 300XK which is essentially the Kwik-Draw on a stand and can project down onto a drawing board AND horizontally onto a wall like the Kwik-Draw. The 300XK is more versatile and more popular.
Some customers choose the Kwik-Draw and later want to get a stand for it, unfortunately a stand is not available, that's why we suggest the 300XK.
* 220/240v configured projectors have 250w/250v bulb

#KD200 KWIK-DRAW $161.55

Some items on this page may need to be special ordered and may take up to 10 days longer.
Prices are subject to change without notice, (c) Sugarcraft, Inc.