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Use cupcakes to create booties

Another classic symbol for babies is the baby bootie.
The 10-in. bootie cake features booties made from cupcakes; each bootie requires 1 1/2 cupcakes.
For fewer crumbs, bake the cupcakes in greased tins instead of using cupcake liners.
If needed, trim the edges of the cupcakes with scissors.For a pair of booties. you will need three cupcakes.
1.) Cut one cupcake in half vertically Slice a small layer off the top of the other two cup cakes, and torn them upside down. Slice a small piece off one side of both cupcakes. 2.) Use a small, sharp knife to cut a portion out of the top middle of the cupcakes to create the interior of the booties. Use icing to position the half cupcake next to the whole cupcake, forming the toe of the bootie. 3.) Ice the interior of the bootie with white icing. Use a small star tip No. 14 or 16 to pipe zigzag strokes that cover the sides of the bootie, creating a knitted appearance. 4.) Finish the booties by piping bows and a small flower or animal on the toes. Position the booties on a 1O-in. round cake for a wonderful baby shower cake.
I can't see the picture well at all for the sides. From an old Cake Decorating magazine. I don't remember which or when.