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Copyright laws

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#1 Designs on napkins and plates are often copyrighted so you can not match designs on cake.

#2 To reprint professional photos you must have photographers permission.

#3 Do not reproduce licensed images.You may only use products from suppliers who have contracts with licensing company.ALL LICENSORS HAVE ATTORNEYS LOOKING FOR COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT AND THEY DO PROSECUTE. The companies often use people to set up bakeries. If a customer is desperate to have you recreate a certain image you could be in trouble.

#4 Both decorator and bakery are liable for infringement.

#5 Cake kits with decorating cards means you can make few changes.You can change size of cake and write a message.YOU CANNOT CHANGE ICING COLORS OR THE BACKGROUND DESIGN. If it shows a red border on the decorating card you must use a red border.

PANS: You may NEVER produce the shaped cakes for MONEY if they are a copyrighted character. The copyrighted shaped pans are meant for personal use only. Sesame Street, Mickey Mouse, etc. are owned copyrights and may not be sold for profit in anyway. Any generic shaped pan is not illegal and you may sell those shaped cakes...such as a 'dog', 'horse' etc.